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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chuck Norris Outs Right-Minded Celebs

Break out one hand and count them all,...

As I was being interviewed recently at my Texas ranch by Geraldo Rivera, I thought back over my four decades in acting and how the pool of conservative "tough guys" seems to be drying up in Hollywood. Or are liberal waters just getting too hot for conservatives?

Then I recalled that The Washington Times recently reported, "A group of politically conservative and centrist Hollywood figures (up to 600 at once) organized by actor Gary Sinise and others has been meeting quietly in restaurants and private homes, forming a loose-knit network of entertainers who share common beliefs like supporting U.S. troops and traditional American values." But the article also noted that the secret is out on these clandestine meetings, as conservatives progressively are becoming more and more emboldened.

In a so-called age of tolerance, it amazes me just how intolerant some people are of those who stand for traditional values. For example, if I stand against California's memorializing of Harvey Milk Day or stand for California's Proposition 8, which would create an amendment to the California Constitution to safeguard heterosexual purity in marriage (which I do support and encourage Gov. Schwarzenegger and all Californians to do the same), I'm considered by many to be intolerant and a bigot. But if another actor takes just the opposite positions on those measures, he is considered to be compassionate and a liberator. Or when a liberal candidate, such as Hillary Clinton, runs for president, her candidacy is considered a fulfillment of civil rights and women's suffrage. But when a conservative candidate, such as Sarah Palin, runs for vice president, she's considered a radical right-wing extremist who could usurp the Capitol by toting rifles at her side.

This is America, and we should respect the fact that we will have strong, diverse opinions, and we must allow one another the freedom of speech to air such opines, not suppress them through peer pressure of any type like children. I have many acting friends and many friends in politics. I vehemently disagree with some of them, and that is my American right, as it is theirs. We must agree to disagree agreeably, without blogging about or denigrating someone's life and character before the nation and rest of the world. We must do better at keeping the focus on the fact that we are Americans first; we are not just conservatives and liberals.

If we are going to move our country forward, if it is going to survive and flourish for the next generation, then we have to drop the partisan rancor and pick up a unified patriotism -- not the patriotism of the past eight years or even the past 18 years, but the patriotism of unified spirit and passion shown by early Americans. What was important to them, what they fought for, was not the left or the right, but being American and being free. We've got to get back to that form of patriotism -- one that is based upon the Constitution, not congressional corruption, and elects people for their character, not their charisma. These are the type of citizens and leaders who don't go deeper into debt to bail out debt. These are the type of citizens and leaders who will say enough is enough. Like Ron Paul, who, after drawing similarities between the $700 billion bailout and the Great Depression, said, "The only thing we learn from history, I am afraid, is that we do not learn from history." (Getting to the heart of America's Founders' beliefs -- their patriotism and answers to our problems -- is also at the heart of why I wrote my latest New York Times best-seller, "Black Belt Patriotism.")

I admire those in the recent past who were able to represent a respectful conservatism in the liberal-leaning show business industry -- men such as Charlton Heston, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and Ronald Reagan. And I'm grateful for others today who also have stood for conservative values -- incredible actors such as Jim Caviezel, Mel Gibson, Jon Voight and others. These are the type of men who will go against the grain of the Hollywood status quo. These are the type of men who get the fact that entertainment isn't about playing party politics. These are the type of men who demonstrate what my hero and stalwart conservative, John Wayne, once said: "Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway."

Despite Tinseltown's liberal leanings, there is a lot of good that conservatives are doing in the film industry -- not only for American entertainment but also for activism. That is why I recommend movies such as Sherwood Pictures' "Fireproof," David Zucker's "An American Carol" and the millennial social cry to expose and stop the global and even American slave trade, "Call + Response."

Underground or aboveground, we're all "created equal … endowed by (our) Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." On Main Street or Wall Street, in the movie business or the political arena, maybe there's much more overlap in life than we think; maybe we've got a lot more in common than we really know. We're Americans.

(Note From Chuck: My wife, Gena, and I send our heartfelt condolences to the family and close friends of Paul Newman. Newman was absolutely one of Hollywood's finest, not only as an actor but also as a gentleman and humanitarian. Another legendary actor, who inspired us all, has ridden off into the sunset, but he never will be forgotten.)

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Trouble On the Horizon,....and Quivers for McCain's Arsenal

Let's see the MSM turn a blind eye to this WMD report:

As Somali pirates brazenly maintain their standoff with American warships off the coast of Africa, the cargo aboard one Iranian ship they commandeered is raising concerns that it may contain materials that can be used for chemical or biological weapons.

Some local officials suspect that instead of finding riches, the pirates encountered deadly chemical agents aboard the Iranian vessel.

On Aug. 21, the pirates, armed with AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades, stole onto the decks of the merchant vessel Iran Deyanat.

They ransacked the ship and searched the containers. But in the days following the hijacking, a number of them fell ill and died, suffering skin burns and hair loss, according to reports.

The pirates were sickened because of their contact with the seized cargo, according to Hassan Osman, the Somali minister of Minerals and Oil, who met with the pirates to facilitate negotiations.

"That ship is unusual," Osman told the Long War Journal, an online news source that covers the War on Terror. "It is not carrying a normal shipment."

The pirates reportedly were in talks to sell the ship back to Iran, but the deal fell through when the pirates were poisoned by the cargo, according to Andrew Mwangura, director of the Kenya-based East African Seafarers' Assistance Program.
"Yes, some of them have died," he told the Long War Journal. "Our sources say [the ship] contains chemicals, dangerous chemicals."

Iran has called the allegations a "sheer lie," and said that the ship "had no dangerous consignment on board," according to Iranian news source Press TV. Iran says the merchant vessel was shipping iron ore from a port in China to Amsterdam.

The ship's contents are still unclear, but the reported deaths and skin abrasions have raised concerns that it could be more than meets the eye.

The massive shipping company that controls the vessel, the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line (IRISL), was recently designated by the U.S. Department of the Treasury over nuclear proliferation concerns. IRISL, which is accused of falsifying documents to facilitate the shipment of weapons and chemicals for use in Iran's missile program, is blocked from moving money through U.S. banks as well as from carrying food and medical supplies as part of U.S. trade sanctions against Iran.

"IRISL's actions are part of a broader pattern of deception and fabrication that Iran uses to advance its nuclear and missile programs," said Stuart Levey, Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.

The U.S. government has made no accusation against IRISL regarding the Iran Denayat; the State Department would not comment on reports of its suspicious cargo.

"I don't have any information on that case," said State Department spokesman Curtis Cooper. "We're aware that there are currently 12 other hijacked ships off the Somali coast. This is obviously something that is disturbing."

Experts on Somalia are dubious of claims made by the country's provisional government, whose president, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, reportedly has family ties to the pirates.

"I'm not saying it's impossible that this has happened, but I'd take anything they say with a great deal of salt," said J. Peter Pham, director of the Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs at James Madison University. "They have made fanciful claims before in the hopes of attracting U.S. and other international attention."

Pham said that the 14 provisional governments that have ruled Somalia since 1991 have all relied on foreign aid for support and profit and could be trying to attract attention by inflating the current crisis.

"Would it be beyond them to raise the specter of WMDs in order to attract resources and international assistance? The only source of revenue for this government is foreign aid," he told FOXNews.com.

Chemical experts say the reports sound inconsistent with chemical poisoning, but may reflect the effects of exposure to radiation.

"It's baffling," said Jonathan Tucker, a senior fellow at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies. "I'm not aware of any chemical agent that produces loss of hair within a few days. That's more suggestive of high levels of radioactive waste."

Tucker, a chemical and biological weapons expert, said that Chinese companies have been implicated in selling Iran so-called dual-use chemicals, legal ingredients that can be processed into chemical weapons.

The U.S. government says that Iran maintains facilities to process those chemicals as part of a chemical and biological weapons program. "Iran continues to seek dual-use technologies that could be used for biological warfare," said Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell in testimony before Congress in February.

But while Iran has purchased and shipped such chemicals in the past, it remains unclear whether the Iran Deyanat contains any illegal chemicals or harmful agents.

"A number of Chinese companies have been implicated in this illicit trade, but I've never heard of extremely toxic chemicals being shipped," Tucker told FOXNews.com. "It's very rare it's very unlikely that a country would ship manufactured weapons from one country to another."

Click here to read more on this story from the Long War Journal.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Battle of the Babes

So, last week, Wyatt posted NJ Hottie Anne Hathaway as one of his Babes of the 50 States:

She's OK,..but HERE'S a really hot brunette:



E-A-G,..yeah, whatever,...

Cry! Eagles! Cry!
Time Ran Out, No Victory
Growl! Da Bears! Growl!
Got Lucky on NBC!
We Scored Low,...
There was no Show,...
We Should be 4 and 0!
Try! Eagles! Try!
Next Week, A Victory!



Sunday, September 28, 2008

LA-LA-LA! No Media Bias! LA-LA-LA!

Aging stoner/loser bible Rolling Stone drops more mud on Sarah's bouffant:

It's utterly predictable that the aging-hippie magazine Rolling Stone would publish an article titled "Mad Dog Palin" with a cartoon of Alaska's governor as a female bulldog with spiky teeth. It's predictable their staff attack dog Matt Taibbi would find her "symphony of sneering remarks at the convention was like watching Gidget address the Reichstag." What may not be predictable in this Year of Obama is their arrogant Bill Maher-esque lack of faith in the idiotic American people. This is their version of Palin and her populace:

She’s a puffed-up dimwit with primitive religious beliefs who had to be educated as to the fact that the Constitution did not exactly envision government executives firing librarians. Judging from the importance progressive critics seem to attack to these revelations, you’d think these were actually negatives in modern American politics. But Americans like politicians who hate books and see the face of Jesus in every tree stump. They like them stupid and mean and ignorant of the rules. Which is why Palin has only seemed to grow in popularity as more and more of these revelations have come out.

Since the Sixties rag is utterly in the tank for Obama, readers also find this comparison:

So sure, Barack Obama might be every bit as much a slick piece of imagineering as Sarah Palin. The difference is in what the image represents. The Obama image represents tolerance, intelligence, education, patience with the notion of compromise and negotiation, and a willingness to stare ugly facts right in the face, all qualities we’re actually going to need in government if we’re going to get out of this huge mess we’re in.

Here’s what Sarah Palin represents: being a fat f—ing pig who pins "Country First" buttons on his man titties and chants "U-S-A! U-S-A!" at the top of his lungs while his kids live off credit cards and Saudis buy up all the mortages in Kansas.

Taibbi greeted enthusiasm for Palin at the convention in St. Paul as the unveiling of deep cynicism:

Here’s the thing about Americans. You can send their kids off by the thousands to get their balls blown off in foreign lands for no reason at all, saddle them with billions in debt year after congressional year while they spend their winters cheerfully watching game shows and football, pull the rug out from under their mortgages, and leave them living off their credit cards and their Wal-Mart salaries while you move their jobs to China and Bangalore.

And none of it matters, so long as you remember a few months before Election Day to offer them a two-bit caricature culled from some cutting-room-floor episode of Roseanne as part of your presidential ticket. And if she’s a good enough likeness of a loudmouthed Middle American archetype, as Sarah Palin is, John Q. Public will drop his giant sized bag of Doritos in gratitude, wipe the sizzlin’ picante dust from his lips and rush to the booth to vote for her. Not because it makes sense, or because it has a chance of improving his life or anyone else’s, but simply because it appeals to the low-humming narcissism that substitutes for his personality, because that image on TV reminds him of the mean brainless slob he sees in the mirror every morning.

Sarah Palin is a symbol of everything that is wrong with the modern United States. As a representative of our political system, she’s a new low in reptilian villainy, the ultimate cynical masterwork of puppeteers like Karl Rove. But more than that, she is a horrifying symbol of how little we ask for in return for the total surrender of our political power. Not only is Sarah Palin a fraud, she’s the tawdriest, most half-assed fraud imaginable, 20 floors below the lowest common denominator, a character too dumb even for daytime TV – and this country is going to eat her up, cheering every step of the way. All because most Americans no longer have the energy to do anything but lie back and allow ourselves to be jacked off by the calculating thieves who run this grasping consumer paradise we call a nation.

So much for the hippies mouthing "all you need is love / love is all you need." Would anyone gleefully walk into a ballot box and vote for a candidate who sprayed this kind of hate at them from the podium of a public speech? How exactly does Jann Wenner or the Obama enthusiasts at Rolling Stone think this will help Obama get elected? They must assume none of their opponents have enough literacy to read their rock and roll ravings.

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5 Moves to Building the Team to Beat

The Phillies didn't become "The Team to Beat" overnight.

Let's look at some of the moves that brought the Phillies to where they are today:

  1. Jim Thome - he's not with the team anymore, but he left behind a legacy to our burgeoning infield that hard work and a team mentality wins the day. 2 League MVPs have emerged since his time with us
  2. Ryan Howard - Thome's successor at first. How do you explain a player who hits .250, strikes out all too frequently, yet gets 50 HRs and a tremendous amount of RBIs?
  3. Jason Werth. OK...I'll say it too: Werth every penny. Almost makes you miss Aaron Rowand.
  4. Brad Lidge - "Lights Out," indeed. And proof that Ed Wade still has a great eye for talent down there in Houston (/snark).
  5. Jamie Moyer - ostensibly brought in to tutor fellow change-up lefty Cole Hamels (and now J. A. Happ), he's become the true ace of a schizophrenic starting staff.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Old. Guys. Rule!!!!!!!

PHILADELPHIA -- When Pat Burrell lofted a sacrifice fly own the right-field line in the fourth inning, scoring Chase Utley with run No. 1, the crowd stirred.

When Carlos Ruiz sent another sacrifice fly to right three batters later, the buzz grew louder. Jayson Werth's homer in the fifth produced a crescendo.

But when closer Brad Lidge sealed Saturday's 4-3 Phillies win over the Nationals and capture a second straight National League East title -- Philadelphia's first back-to-back division championships since taking three in a row in 1976-78 -- it was downright euphoric at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillies are going to the playoffs again.

Before the game, Jimmy Rollins grooved while singing along with Rick James' "Superfreak." Later, the lyrics "Celebrate good times" piped through large speakers.

A few hours later, the 45,177 fans at Citizens Bank joined the party.

Since the Mets declined to comply by winning earlier in the day, the Phillies sealed the division by beating the Nationals in Game 161. They clinched a day earlier than in 2007, when it went down to the final day.

White rally towels waved furiously as the game continued, punctuating a playoff atmosphere. After the game, the Phils doused themselves with champagne and shared the moment with fans.

For the second straight season, the Phillies chased down the Mets in the NL East. The Phils trailed by a season-high 3 1/2 games on Sept. 11, but rallied to claim first place for good on Sept. 20. In its best month, Philadelphia went 16-8 with one game remaining.

The Phillies await either the Dodgers or Brewers in the NL Division Series, which begins Wednesday at Citizens Bank Park. Cole Hamels likely won't pitch on Sunday and will be rested for Game 1.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

From the "You Can't Make This S**t Up" Files

Obviously, his hand was in the way of her face, right?

Click here. Try not to scream,..or laugh, depending on your point-of-view!

Either way, it's not "Goode" news for our city government!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Isn't This Like Firefighters Without Water?

HT to PowerBlog!

From the story: Six of 17 Virginia State Police Chaplains have resigned over a request they not reference Jesus Christ at public events.

Instead, they've been instructed by the Superintendent to offer non-denominational prayers, a decision made following a recent ruling by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Chaplains are trained in ministry and counsel employees and their families. Troopers volunteer for the program which began nearly 30 years ago. The policy does not apply to private services like funerals.

In a statement Wednesday, Grayson County Delegate Bill Carrico called on the Superintendent to abandon, "this attack on Christianity."

Delegate Morgan Griffith says, to "require those troopers to disregard their own faith while serving violates their First Amendment rights and prevents them from serving effectively as chaplains. These men had little choice but to resign." Read more…

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A Palin Classic

HT to AlexC at PAWaterCooler for this gem:

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Racist Playing the Race Card?

Democrats who play the race card? Mais Non!

(CNN) – Rep. Alcee Hastings told an audience of Jewish Democrats Wednesday that they should be wary of Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin because “anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks.”

“If Sarah Palin isn’t enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention,” Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida said at a panel about the shared agenda of Jewish and African-American Democrats Wednesday. Hastings, who is African-American, was explaining what he intended to tell his Jewish constituents about the presidential race. “Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through,” Hastings added as the room erupted in laughter and applause.

After telling attendees that the most important thing Jewish and African-American Democrats could do to support one another was to get Sen. Barack Obama elected president, Hastings had one more message: “For those of you like me that supported Sen. Hillary Clinton, she lost! Get over it!”

Hastings was joined on the panel by Rep. Steven Cohen of Tennessee, who is Jewish and represents a majority African-American district; Rep. Artur Davis of Alabama, who is African-American and whose district includes many of the significant sites in the 1960’s civil rights movement; and Georgetown Law Prof. Peter Edelman, who was a legislative assistant to Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.

Cohen, who recently remarked that Jesus Christ was a community organizer, took his comments about the founder of the Christian faith further Wednesday. “A lot of what Jesus talks about is wonderful,” Cohen said. “Talks about helping people and lifting them up and caring about people who are sick and all those things. He’s a great Democrat.”

The panel was part of the National Jewish Democratic Council’s annual conference. The Jewish Democratic group recently voiced criticism of Palin’s invitation to an anti-Iran rally timed to coincide with Mahmoud Ahmedinajad’s visit to New York for the United Nations General Assembly. Palin’s invitation was withdrawn by the rally’s organizers after Hillary Clinton announced that she would no longer be attending the event.

The support of Jewish voters is shaping up to be a highly sought after prize in the general election match-up between Sen. Obama and Sen. John McCain. Jews have historically favored Democrats by wide margins in recent presidential races. But, the McCain campaign is making a concerted effort to go after the loyal Democratic constituency and Obama has been plagued by false Internet rumors that he is Muslim which have had particular salience in the Jewish community.

The TrekMedic notes:

If you click on the header link, read the comments attached to this slime! Of course, its CeeNoNews, so you can guess which way they steer the conversation. Color me shocked!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who's the Bigger Terrorist? Ahmadinejad, Palin, or the Democratic Party?

In all the furor over Hillary's fear of facing her worst enemy - a strong, popular woman - several things have come to light:

FOX News contributor and National Public Radio correspondent Juan Williams said Clinton, whose presidential aspirations are far from over, wants to campaign for Obama but does not want to challenge Palin because it would hurt her standing with white, working-class women.

From Waste of my Oxygen:

Clinton Furious Palin To Be At Protest, Not Furious Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Will Be At UN

In the tradition of Liberal politics, Hillary bails on Pro-Israeli demonstration at the UN against Iran. The reasoning is that Sarah Palin was also invited.

Clinton aides are “FURIOUS” that Palin was going to be there. This is a demonstration against a potential threat the world security and a country looking to destroy Israel, but they are furious that Sarah Palin, the Vice Presidential nominee of the United States will be in attendance. They are not furious that a terrorist like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who held Americans hostage in the 1970s will be present in the UN. Wow.

Also they claim they were not advised this was a bipartisan event. So Hillary who is representing Obama in this is showing the true colors of the Obama campaign… Divisiveness… Not Unity, unless of course you are a liberal.

This should be a bitartisan event, it should be a show of unity of all Americans against this terrorist. Hillary you are a discgrace to your Senate position in NY for playing a childish game like this.


Sarah Palin has been UN-invited to the rally against Ahmadinejad. The Jewish groups are claiming that it is because they do not want the media frenzy of having major politicians there… What a load of shit. That is exactly what this rally should have. The Media should be all over it, how they get there does not matter.

This invitation should be reopened and extended back to the Obama camp. If the Obama camp does not want to participate, it will show their silly politics as usual.

This is without doubt a decision that was made because Hillary pulled out and is nothing more than a political posturing move by Obama.

The Jews in this country still do not realize it is the conservative base that has supported Israel all along and will continue to support Israel. The liberals only want the Jewish votes…

And From WCBS-TV:

Sources: Intense Pressure Led To Palin UN Snub
CBS 2 HD Has Learned Democrats Threatened To Attack Jewish Groups' Tax Exempt Status Over VP Nominee Invite

NEW YORK (CBS) ― Hillary Clinton won't be speaking at Monday's anti-Iran rally at the United Nations -- and neither will Republican Sarah Palin or any other politicians for that matter.

The reason? A heated behind the scenes tug-of-war.

Sources tell CBS 2 HD that a decision to disinvite Palin from the high profile rally after Clinton pulled out in a huff came as the result of intense pressure from Democrats.

"This is insulting. This is embarrassing, especially to Gov. Palin, to me and I think it should be to every single New Yorker," Assemblyman Dov Hikind, D-Brooklyn, told CBS 2 HD.

Sources say the axes were out for Palin as soon as Sen. Clinton pulled out because she did not want to attend the same event as the Republican vice presidential candidate.

"I have never seen such raw emotion -- on both sides," said someone close to the situation.

The groups sponsoring the rally against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking at the UN were reportedly told, "it could jeopardize their tax exempt status" if they had Palin and not Clinton or Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden on hand.

So all politicians were disinvited, most prominently, Palin.

"It's an absolute shame that this has happened," Hikind said. "To threaten organizations … to threaten the Conference of Presidents that if you don't withdraw the invitation to Gov. Palin we're going to look into your tax exempt status … that's McCarthyism."

Another Jewish group tried to step into the breach by inviting Palin to a different protest a day earlier.

"I'm absolutely appalled at the behavior of the Democrats," said Bob Kunst of Defenders.net. "I'm a Democrat and for the first time in my life I'm going to vote Republican. I can't take it anymore."

As for Sen. Clinton, she brushed right past CBS 2 HD's Lou Young when he tried to ask her about the issue on Thursday night.

Lou Young: "Were the organizers of Monday's rally right to depoliticize it?"

Clinton walked past Young, said "Thank you all very much" and started hugging people.

Clinton's people tell CBS 2 HD she intends to make some statement of support for the protestors. She is also expected to attack Ahmadinejad's pro-nuke, anti-Israel stance.

The TrekMedic is disgusted:

Party politics and outright hatred are emboldening the leader of a terrorist state. Nice work, Dems. This is what we want for the next 8 years??

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Classless, Stupid, and Uncouth!

OK, gentle readers, we've tried (and TRIED) to get everyone from the DailyKrud to the Huff&Blow to keep this campaign classy.

However, the leftist media's obsession with "vagina gazing" (HT Skye) at Sarah Palin is leading to more and more vitriolic mud being slung at the right!

Case in point:

In Saturday Night Live’s second attempt to mock this year’s vice presidential race, a sketch lampooning The New York Times as out of touch has instead touched off a firestorm by casually throwing out a much more insidious inference — incest — between Todd Palin and his pregnant, teenage daughter, Bristol.

While SNL fans had widely anticipated the return of Tina Fey in an edgy yet endearing role as Sarah Palin, Saturday’s sketch has managed to reignite the furor sparked by claims early this month that the Republican vice presidential candidate is not the mother of her 5-month-old son, Trig.

The sketch, say supporters, was supposed to accentuate how disconnected The New York Times is from anything west of the Hudson River, particularly Alaska. But critics say that the sketch backfired by suggesting that Todd Palin committed incest.

In the sketch, New York Times reporters are sitting around an assignment meeting discussing what about Palin to investigate next.

One reporter asks: “What about the husband? You know he’s doing those daughters. I mean, come on. It’s Alaska.”

Guest host James Franco, who played the assignment editor, sets up the joke of proving a negative, saying, “He very well could be. Admittedly, there is no evidence of that, but on the other hand, there is no convincing evidence to the contrary. And these are just some of the lingering questions about Governor Palin.”

After three of the reporters agree to go to Alaska, one sues for sexual discrimination after being called “sweetie” by a school board member, one is killed by a polar bear and a final reporter wins a Pulitzer for “unproven, yet un-disproven incest in the Palin family” and then is killed by a polar bear driving a “snow machine.”

The final shot in the rambling joke is an image of a New York Times page, featuring headlines: “While No Direct Evidence of Incest in Palin Family Emerges, Counter Evidence Remains Agonizingly Elusive” and “In a Small Alaska Town, Doubts Still Linger.”

Conservative bloggers are infuriated over the incest joke, most particularly because it plays off claims earlier this month that 17-year-old Bristol Palin is the mother of Trig Palin.

Bristol Palin is five months pregnant and therefore could not be Trig’s mother, John McCain’s campaign noted earlier this month in efforts to diffuse widespread and unfounded gossip that surrounded Trig’s maternity.

Still, left-wing conspirators dissatisfied with that response, have argued that Trig Palin, who was born with Down syndrome, a much more frequent occurrence in women over 40, could have been the outcome of incest, which also increases the odds of the disability.

Now, some bloggers are urging protests of the show be sent to producer Lorne Michaels. The video was not posted on the SNL Web site.

Editor’s Note: When this story was originally published at 12:07 pm ET, the video was available on YouTube. It has since been removed and a notice posted that NBC Universal has issued a copyright claim. Many other SNL videos remain on YouTube. (Color me shocked - TM251)

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Fly! Eagles! Fly!
On the Road to Victory!
Cry! Steelers! Cry!
You Got Mugged on Channel 3!
The Linc Was Packed,..
Big Ben Got Sacked
Johnson's "D" Put On a Show,..
Fly! Eagles! Fly!
On the Road to Vic! Tor! Y!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Democrat's Defense? Play the Race Card!

HT to Alex C at PAWaterCooler for bringing this into the light:

Goode Tracking

An investigative reporter for Philadelphia’s Fox29 has potentially struck gold.

Cole has made a specialty of following city employees around on the sly, filming them doing things they don’t want made public.

Cole, following [City Councilman Wilson] Goode as he left Council’s chambers, said that he had videos of [chief Legislative aide Latrice] Bryant attending to personal business while she was logged in as working at her City Hall office. The videos include Goode and Bryant entering his home with a case of beer and Bryant leaving Goode’s house on another day at 11:30 a.m., “appearing as if she may have spent the night there.”

Goode, clearly frustrated, turned outside his office door and wagged his finger at Cole, saying: “Now you’re being disrespectful. Leave my office.”

Cole refused, so Goode went into his office and closed the door.

It had started as a troubled day for Goode and Bryant. Cole tried to interview her as she arrived for Council, wearing wrap-around shades indoors, but she grabbed the television-camera lens and gave it a shove. Goode cautioned Cole: “Don’t you ever disrespect a black woman like that again.”

Inside Council chambers, Bryant held up signs drawn with pen on loose-leaf paper. One had a cross through Fox 29, another said “Fox 29 are racist” and a third said “Jeff Cole K.K.K.”

Why does it always have to go racialist?

Far be it for me to question subject verb agreement and grammar, but is “Fox 29 are racist” even correct? I’d go with “Jeff Cole is racist” is better or “Fox 29 is racist.”

The truth of the matter is that neither Fox 29 nor Jeff Cole are racist, they just got too close for comfort to two African-American politicians who instead are going to make it a racial issue instead of a) ignoring it b) dealing with Fox29.

Best part? Now everyone knows, not just Fox 29 viewers.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

So,..Being Smart and Beautiful and Conservative is a Disability?

HT to AlexC from PAWaterCooler for this gem by mail:

Already under fire for his tax troubles, Manhattan Congressman Charles Rangel really put his foot in his mouth on Friday.

In a CBS 2 HD exclusive interview, Rep. Rangel called Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin "disabled."

The question was simple: Why are the Democrats so afraid of Palin and her popularity?

The answer was astonishing.

"You got to be kind to the disabled," Rangel said.

That's right. The chairman of the powerful House Ways & Means Committee called Palin disabled -- even when CBS 2 HD called him on it.

CBS 2 HD: "You got to be kind to the disabled?"

Rangel: "Yes."

CBS 2 HD: "She's disabled?"

Rangel: "There's no question about it politically. It's a nightmare to think that a person's foreign policy is based on their ability to look at Russia from where they live.

Republicans think Rangel's comments are insulting as well as shocking.

"Charlie Rangel's comments are clearly disgraceful," Rep. Peter King, R-Long Island, said. "This is just another liberal Democrat who can't accept an independent woman running for president."

King, who is co-chair of the McCain-Palin campaign in New York, watched Rangel's comments with CBS 2 HD. He was particularly upset because Palin's 4-month-old son, Trig, is disabled. He has Down's syndrome.

"We should be sensitive to her or any woman who has a child or family member who has any affliction at all," King said. "And so to use the word disabled in the context of a female candidate for vice president who has a child who is disabled really is wrong. Charlie owes her and the entire disabled community and apology."

Advocates for the disabled are also upset.

"It makes me feel as if he's trying to put her down, trying to say she's not good for the presidency or the vice presidency," said Michael Imperiale of Disabled In Action Of Metropolitan N.Y.

"A disabled president ran this country. He was disabled. His name was Roosevelt."

A spokesman for the McCain-Palin campaign also piled on, saying that this kind of rhetoric has no place in politics.

The TrekMedic simply thinks:

Hey, Charlie:

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

McCain Making NY Blush,...

Blush is a shade of red,....as opposed to the usual NY Blue:

HT to Isophrone:

Poll: McCain Winning the New York Jewish Vote

Hat tip: SWAC Girl

I was absolutely shocked to read an article in the New York Post that said that not only had John McCain cut Barack Obama’s lead in New York to five points, but also that McCain was actually polling with a majority of the Jewish vote.

Obama has had a reversal of fortunes among Jewish voters. His support has plummeted 35 points, from a lead of 50-37 to a 54-32 deficit in the new poll.

This must be the first time since before the Great Depression that a majority of the Jewish vote has gone Republican. My guess is that a combination of factors are at work:

1) The New Deal generation (whose who came of voting age in 1932) has pretty much died out

2) Security concerns for the U.S. and Israel greatly influence the vote, and Obama’s weaknesses in this area are hurting him badly

3) Tolerance of anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish bigotry within the Democratic Party is finally starting to have negative repercussions

4) The proportion of Orthodox Jewish voters has grown, and like morally conservative Christians, they are pro-life and favor the Republican candidates

5) Like many voters (particularly in high cost of living areas like New York), Jewish voters are concerned about the economy and particularly Obama’s plans to raise taxes on income, investments, and estates.

6) The scandals and mismanagement brought about on the local level by Democrats like Eliot Spitzer and Jon Corzine are also reflecting badly on the national Democrats.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency is reporting that Florida Democrats are seeing increasing resistance to Obama among the normally reliably Democratic Jewish elderly. Maybe this explains McCain's expanding lead in Florida as well.

So should the symbol for excited Jewish Republicans should be called the KVELLephant?

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Taxing is Patriotic??

Open mouth, insert foot, Joe!

WASHINGTON — Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden said Thursday that paying more in taxes is the patriotic thing to do for wealthier Americans. In a new TV ad that repeats widely debunked claims about the Democratic tax plan, the Republican campaign calls Obama’s tax increases “painful.”

Under the economic plan proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, people earning more than $250,000 a year would pay more in taxes while those earning less — the vast majority of American taxpayers — would receive a tax cut.

Although Republican John McCain claims that Obama would raise taxes, the independent Tax Policy Center and other groups conclude that four out of five U.S. households would receive tax cuts under Obama’s proposals.

“We want to take money and put it back in the pocket of middle-class people,” Biden said in an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Noting that wealthier Americans would indeed pay more, Biden said: “It’s time to be patriotic … time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut.”

McCain released a television ad Thursday charging that Obama would increase the size of the federal government amid an economic crisis. Contending that “a big government casts a big shadow on us all,” the ad features the image of a shadow slowly covering a sleeping baby as a narrator misstates the reach of the Obama tax proposal.

“Obama and his liberal congressional allies want a massive government, billions in spending increases, wasteful pork,” the ad says. “And we would pay — painful income taxes, skyrocketing taxes on life savings, electricity and home heating oil. Can your family afford that?”

The McCain campaign said the ad is set to run nationally.

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While the Obamessiah is busy pointing his finger at John McCain over the current finance mess and outlining his own plan, he seems to have forgotten a few things about what started the whole sub-prime mess:

It appears that D'Oh-bama's main sponsor, the NY Times, has been for years editorializing against the red-lining of mortgages - a method of discrimination against minorities by denying them mortgages at standard rates.

On racism:

Whether the disparity demonstrates rampant discrimination, either in the New York region or elsewhere in the nation, is a subject of heated debate among civil-rights advocates and bankers. But few deny that the 1990 data show a pattern of subtle ethnic and racial preferences that can only be corrected through changes in lending policies.

The disparity between lending costs for black and white homeowners is a serious matter, given the unhappy history of redlining. The federal government should find out once and for all where the racial disparities come from, even if it means forcing the lending lobby to release more kinds of data. Banks and other lenders should voluntarily rein in brokers who direct clients to unjustly expensive loans. Financial institutions should also make the mortgage process more transparent.

Then,...the flip-flop:

Subprime lending, which has grown at a rapid pace in recent years, has made it possible for many New Yorkers with modest incomes and poor credit histories to buy homes. At the same time, those loans have brought some borrowers to the brink of financial ruin or cost them their homes.

Some economists and analysts said examining subprime lending by geography and race could be misleading because of the many variables not represented in the data, including the lack of banking services in some minority communities and historical differences in wealth and income among racial and ethnic groups.

So, gentle readers, it was the NY Times 15+ years of braying for social engineering that stopped the practice of redlining, but created the market for sub-prime mortgages. And, oddly enough, Sarah Palin had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You Just Can't Make This S**t up,....

A Texas teen claims she is forbidden from wearing a rosary around her neck in school because the Catholic prayer beads are a gang symbol, MyFOXDFW.com reported.

Tabitha Ruiz was stopped by security guards at Seagoville High School in Dallas last week and told to take off the silver and ruby beaded rosary, a gift from her mother. On Monday, the same thing happened when she again came to the school wearing the beads.

"I went to school, walked through the metal detectors and they told me to take it off," the teen said. "I asked them why and they said because it's gang-related."

Ruiz and her mother, Taire Ferguson, said they had no idea that rosary beads were a gang symbol. Police, however, are well aware.

"Lately they’ve been seen wearing religious jewelry such as the rosary worn by gang members, so it is a factor," Sr. Cpl Kevin Janse of the Dallas Police Department told the FOX affiliate.

While rosaries are not specifically banned in area schools, a spokesman for the Dallas Independent School District said that whether or not they're allowed is at the principal’s discretion.

Ruiz and her mother have vowed to take the district to court if necessary.

Click here for more on this story from MyFOXDFW.com.

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Cry! Eagles! Cry!
Fumbled Away a Victory!
Die! Cowgirls! Die!
We Got Mugged in the Big D!
It Was a Fight,...
Went Toe-to-Toe,...
We've Got DeSean,..
Not That Fag TO!
Cry! Eagles! Cry!
Next Week, a Vic-tor-y!



Caption It!

No,..contrary to popular belief, this is not two-time Caption It! champ Maggie Mama!

Other caption contests can be found at the usual suspects:

Gone Rick Hotel
Cowboy Blob
Rodney Dill
Captain America


Monday, September 15, 2008

Palin: STILL not Panicking, but NYT in Complete Meltdown!

The NYT shows its usual level of fairness with not 1, but FOUR attack pieces on the VICE-PRESIDENTIAL candidate:

The New York Times is clearly in full meltdown mode concerning the popularity of Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, and is having a hard time covering up its obvious state of panic.

In its popular Sunday edition, the Gray Lady published four hit pieces about the Alaska Governor: a 3,100-word article prominently placed on the front page; two scathing columns by Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd, and; an article questioning Palin's husband's role in their state's government.

That's over 6,000 words about the vice presidential nominee, most of them quite hostile as evidenced by the following from Dowd's piece (emphasis added):

(TM - You can read it by clicking the link. I'm not giving Dowd any more press space than she deserves)

How pleasant. But there was more, for next up was Frank Rich who disgracefully made the case that Palin's experience or lack thereof is vital because John McCain "is too weak to serve as America’s chief executive"

(TM- Ditto)

Wow. Talk about hateful stuff.

Having nicely attacked Mrs. Palin -- lest we not forget the 3,100-word hit piece on Sarah prominently placed on the front page as previously analyzed by NewsBusters -- the Times set its sights on her husband.

(TM - Whatever,...)

Add it up, and the Times devoted over 6,000 words to attacking anything called Palin in Sunday's edition.

By contrast, the name Obama was scarcely visible. I guess his brand of change is something you can believe in only if not discussed too much.

As a result, the good folks at the Times must feel the only way Obama can win is if they tear down his opponent who, at this time anyway, they seem to feel is Palin and not McCain.

How telling.

On the flipside, the utter state of panic at the Times -- and in the media at large -- is so encompassing that it is making journalists go against their own best interests.

After all, every day a press member spends talking about Palin and NOT Obama is a victory for McCain. As such, the Arizona Senator and his campaign staff are loving every minute of this.

Keep it up, folks.

The TrekMedic adds:

A quote from Mike Huckabee:

"The reporting of the past few days have proven tackier than a costume change at a Madonna concert."

The former presidential hopeful used his speech at the RNC as an opportunity to slam Madonna, whose tour visual effects offended his party's nominee.

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I'm Sure Palin is Shaking in Her Shoes, Now!

Lindsay Lohan farts (isn't that the loud noise assholes make?) and Leftywood listens:

From her MySpace page:

“I really cannot bite my tongue anymore when it comes to Sarah Palin.

I couldn’t be more supportive of a woman in office, but let’s face it, it comes down to the person, and their beliefs, male or female.


Well hey, if she wants to drill for oil, she should DO IT IN HER OWN backyard. This really shows me her complete lack of real preparation to become the second most powerful person in this country. (Hey, Lindsay, maybe if you weren't snorting so much coke, you'd know where ANWR is located! Here's a clue: Palin is governor of this state.....tick,...tick,..tick,.. TM)


Is our country so divided that the Republicans best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe? (Media obsessed? Who changed Invesco Field into Mount Olympus? - TM)


Oh, and…Hint Hint Pali Pal- Don’t pose for anymore tabloid covers, you’re not a celebrity, you’re running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY! (Where do you start with this one? Pot, meet kettle? Ever hear of media bias? OMFG! - TM)

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

You Just Can't Make This S**t Up!

The IPC ruling appears to have undermined the credibility of its own classification system.

Malone was barred from the seven-a-side football tournament - for players with cerebral palsy - after officials had watched Malone play for 20 minutes. They said his condition does not meet minimal criteria.

Malone insisted last night he has been penalised for getting into peak physical shape.

At the Athens Paralympics, in 2004, Malone had to convince the IPC that he suffered from cerebral palsy in order to compete in the 800 metres.

Malone said: "I refuse to let a flawed process cast aspersions on the integrity of the achievements I have made. Cerebral palsy has shown to be a very trainable condition but if you stop training for any length of time, the symptoms will return. There's no cure for cerebral palsy."

Doubts over the classification system for football at these Games had already been raised.

Following his side's 12-1 defeat by Russia on Wednesday, Dutch coach Jan-Hein Evers said some members of the opposition were good enough to play professionally.

The Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association has admitted they do have concerns over the issue.

Alan Dickson, chairman on CP-ISRA, the governing body for CP sport, said: "We have had a recognised classification system in place for some time.

"As the sport moves on, you have to be prepared to move that on too. People are training more and that may have an effect on their functional ability."

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

NEVER Forget. NEVER Again.

RIP, Yamil Merino

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And the Rosie Award Goes To,....

Barry Obama, who helped to further alienate the women vote with this ditty (or is it Diddy?):

and this,..Obama's Parade of Jackasses:

Well,..the lipstick comment is a direct slap to Governor Palin's "lipstick pitbull" remark.

Now, the "wrapped fish" comment? It can be explained best by this commenter to ABC's News report:

Okay, the 'lipstick pig' remark can be explained away.

Please expalin the next comment after that one. "You can take an old fish wrap it in paper called 'change'. It still stinks..."

Women (and men) know that sexist pigs have referred to a part of a woman's anatomy as 'fishy'. Obama means "Palin = old fish... still stinks... fishy... stinky...!!!

What next... a lap cat???



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But THEY Don't Vote for OUR President,...

COLLEGE PARK, Md., Sept. 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --- All 22 countries
in a BBC World Service poll would prefer Democratic nominee Barack Obama
elected US president instead of his Republican rival John McCain. Obama is
preferred by a four-to-one margin on average across the 22,000 people

The margin in favor of Obama ranges from just 9 percent in India to 82
percent in Kenya. On average 49 percent prefer Obama to 12 percent
preferring McCain. Nearly four in ten do not take a position.

The poll also explored the expected impact of the US election. In 17 of
the 22 countries surveyed the most common view is that, if Barack Obama is
elected president, America's relations with the rest of the world are
likely to improve. If John McCain is elected, the most common view in 19
countries is that relations will stay about the same.

On average 46 percent think that US relations with the world would
improve with Obama, 22 percent that relations would stay the same, and 7
percent that they would worsen. However only 20 percent think relations
would improve under McCain. The largest number -- 37 percent -- think
relations under a McCain presidency would stay the same and 16 percent
think they would worsen.

Despite the preference for an Obama victory in all countries,
significant proportions in several said they do not favor either candidate,
favor both equally or do not know which would be preferable.

Americans also believe an Obama presidency would improve US relations
with the world more than a McCain presidency, with 46 percent of Americans
expecting relations to be improved with Obama's election and 30 percent
with McCain's.

The survey of 22,531 adults across 22 countries was conducted for the
BBC World Service by the international polling firm GlobeScan together with
the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) at the University of
Maryland. A parallel poll surveyed 1,000 US adult citizens. GlobeScan
coordinated fieldwork between July 8 and August 27, 2008.

GlobeScan Chairman Doug Miller comments, "Large numbers of people
around the world clearly like what Barack Obama represents."

"Given how negative America's international image is at present, it is
quite striking that only one in five think a McCain presidency would
improve on the Bush Administration's relations with the world."

For more information, visit http://www.WorldPublicOpinion.org.

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Monday, September 08, 2008

From the "Double Standards" Files,...

Yet more reasons NOT to watch eMpTyV anymore:

Two Words: Russell Brand.

Brand's running theme for the evening centered on the Jonas Brothers and their rings — until Sparks stepped on stage to have her say about his constant remarks.

"Not everyone wants to be a slut," Sparks spat back, the auditorium filling with applause. Sparks, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are also among the young stars who have vowed to remain chaste.

"...referred to George W. Bush as a "retarded cowboy fella" and took a shot at Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin and her pregnant daughter.

"The safe sex message is to use a condom or become a Republican," Brand said.

For the record, Rus isn't an American citizen and can't vote anyway ...

OK, feces-for-grey-matter: make up your mind - make fun of those who are chaste or those who are not-so-chaste. And Fox is right (as usual): Russell can't vote for our president. Then again, neither can the 30000 who showed up in Berlin to hear D'oh-bama declare "Ich Bin Ein Empty Suit!"

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Fly! Eagles! Fly!
On the Road to Vic-tor-y!
Cry! Ram-guys! Cry!
Got bitch-slapped on Fox TV!
You Scored Low,..
We Scored High!
That Kid DeSean,..
He's Quite a Guy!
Fly! Eagles! Fly!
On the Road to Vic-Tor-Y!



The Angry White Man Speaks!

The blue light of the television bathed living rooms all across the heartland of America last night, and laughter echoed across the plains, river bottoms, mountainsides, and yes, subdivisions and neighborhoods, as Sarah Palin introduced herself to America.

The Angry White Man — and Angry White Woman — are happy.

The same people that I wrote about in February — whose teeth grind together at the sound of Hillary Clinton’s voice — are whistling while they work today, knowing they finally have their kind of politician on a presidential ticket.

Sarah Palin, a gritty, small-town Alaska girl, rocked the Democrats back on their heels with her acceptance speech for the nomination as John McCain’s running mate. By doing so, she signed up for an extra-large dose of good old-fashioned liberal hate, slander and hypocrisy.

Here’s a woman we can hold up as a role model and, yes, a hero. She’s strong, opinionated, charming, successful, well-spoken and well-liked. She’s a tough former athlete (point guard on a state championship basketball team with a stress fracture in her ankle), an outdoorswoman, a dedicated mother, a person of faith and, just in case you haven’t noticed, a beauty pageant winner.

An active outdoorswoman, she’s a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and she hunts big game such as moose and caribou. She knows how to gut a moose, fillet salmon, run a sled-dog team and stick it out during a lifetime of cold Alaska winters.

She’s married to a man’s man, a guy who worked as a commercial fisherman and as a production supervisor in the oil fields, and who just happens to be a world champion snowmobile racer. He’s tall, good-looking, slim and trim, and a doting father to their five children. Speaking of children, she knew full well that their youngest son would be born with Down Syndrome, and considers him a gift from God. Her oldest son is an enlisted man on his way to Iraq.

As a politician, she’s been a city councilwoman, a mayor, the head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission and the governor of Alaska. She’s not afraid to challenge the status quo. She’s fought corruption in her own political party and has fired entrenched bureaucrats — heck, even the whole staff — without blinking an eye. She’s lowered taxes and has saved untold millions of taxpayer dollars. She enjoys an 80 percent approval rating. She’s in favor of energy production, limited government, line item vetoes and hates abortion.

So what’s not to like? Those Americans who actually make something or do something for a living — with job descriptions like “farmer,” “logger,” “nurse,” “mechanic,” “doctor” and “production supervisor” are in love with Sarah Palin. Those with job descriptions (if they have a job) such as “media consultant,” “systems analyst,” “community outreach development supervisor,” “blogger” or “diversity training enforcement supervisor” likely will hate her.

The blogosphere and the Internet is whirling in confusion today. Obama fans, media pundits and the snarky East Coast city dwellers and San Francisco gay rights and abortion advocates have gone into a froth in their best attempt to savage Sarah Palin and her family.

So here goes — it became a very long list of criticisms in a very short time. She’s religious, too religious. She actually prayed at public events. She injected national issues into local politics. Todd got a DUI in 1986. Her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, and they dragged the poor father of the baby onto a national stage. (Don’t forget that no one would know about the pregnancy if the girl had had an abortion.) She’s pro-life. She wants to drill. Todd’s a womanizer. She had an affair. She can’t take care of her children if she’s vice president. She’s too ambitious. She’s too inexperienced. For crying out loud, she’s just a heartbeat away from being leader of the free world and commander-in-chief of the armed forces! The pressure is too much for her. Just watch — she’s going to withdraw. And then there are heaps of moose jokes and small town jokes.

Keep it up, says the Angry White Man, and better yet, his Angry White Woman, as well as all the angry blacks, Latinos, Indians and just plain angry Americans. Please, I beg of you, just keep it up.

Sarah Palin’s family sounds like a normal American family, one that has had its challenges, successes, failures and joys. Is half of this crap true? Maybe, maybe not. Who cares? It just serves to make Sarah Palin more human to the average working American. All those city dwellers who are so disassociated from the world that they think meat begins as a shrink-wrapped package in the grocery store may never connect with Sarah Palin, who knows how to cut the throat of a downed moose to bleed out the carcass. Barack Obama, the guy who still can’t define what he did as a “community organizer,” and who, as a two-year junior Senator, looks woefully inexperienced for the job of commander in chief — is perfectly packaged for emotional urban sensibilities.

Any guy who has ever hunted whitetail deer has dreamed of hunting moose in Alaska. Anybody who has ever fished for bass or trout would jump at the chance to course the waters of Bristol Bay with Todd Palin in search of salmon. Any guy whose adrenaline goes up with the sound of racing engines will respect a guy who is a four-time world champion racer. The Palins are average Americans — working hard, making the world a better place, raising a good family, and going to church — just like the Angry White Man and his wife. The Palins are all that, with a little bit of hero status thrown in. The more they try to knock down Sarah and Todd Palin, the more the Palins’ stock goes up.

The Palins are just what the Angry White Man was looking for, and he and his wife are going to vote that way in November.

Gary Hubbell is a hunter, rancher and former hunting and fly-fishing guide. Gary works as a Colorado ranch real estate broker, www.aspenranchrealestate.com. His column appears periodically in the Aspen Times Weekly.

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Caption It! Winners

I delayed this one day because of Ofc. Nazario's death. The next Caption It! will be posted tomorrow.

Anyway, here's the list:

11 - Cowboy Blob - Brokeback Ice Floe
10 - NEPALibwatch - If this ice melts any further,...
9 - Jennifer - That's an oil well,...
8 - NEPALibwatch - Dinner and 3 fur coats
7 - NEPALibwatch - Animals Gone Wild
6 - RT - Huff and Puff
5 - Bill Shaw - Beautiful Body
4 - Bill Shaw - Puppy Love
3 - Bill Shaw - Groucho Marx - Closer
2 - Cowboy Blob - What happens in ANWR,..

And the winner is,...

Maggie Mama - Balto and Bolke try to comfort each other after learning their beloved Sarah would soon be living in a legislative jungle.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

All Good Hunters Are Efficient

In this week's News,Weak - Howard Fineman's piece "Beware the Barracuda" states "The moose hunter of the North, Palin is now the hunted one."

Fineman makes wine from the DNC's sour grapes: "Her stage skills are obvious, her charisma electric, her freshness an advantage. She delivered her barb-filled acceptance speech with what David Axelrod, Obama's campaign manager, told me was "snide efficiency." "

And in a true stroke of McCain genius, Fineman crystallizes what the Dumbs,..er, the Dems, fear most: "...as a woman and the mother of five, Palin is an opponent whom male rivals need to be careful about attacking." and "...her newfound celebrity has made even Obama look dull. The usual rule is that voters don't trust attacks from people they don't know, but Palin is turning the adage on its head."

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More Palin Bashing!

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A Republican lawmaker wants the Democrat overseeing an investigation into Gov. Sarah Palin's dismissal of her public safety commissioner removed because he seems intent on damaging her vice presidential candidacy.

Democratic state Sen. Hollis French "appears to be steering the direction of the investigation, its conclusion and its timing in a manner that will have maximum partisan political impact on the national and state elections," state Rep. John Coghill said in a letter dated Friday.

Coghill, from North Pole, is on the Alaska Legislature's Legislative Council, the body that appointed French to oversee the investigation. The letter was sent to the council chairman, Sen. Kim Elton, D-Juneau, whom Coghill asks to convene a meeting to discuss whether French should be replaced.

Coghill said the council instructed French, an Anchorage Democrat, to keep politics out of the investigation.

"He just failed that, in my view," Coghill told The Associated Press Saturday.

Elton did not immediately return a message left at his office.

In July, the council approved $100,000 for an investigation into whether Palin abused her power by firing Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. Monegan has said he felt pressure form Palin family and staff to dismiss a trooper, Mike Wooten, who went through a messy divorce with her sister before Palin's election as governor.

Coghill wrote in the letter that French was quoted in media reports that the results of the probe were going to be an "October surprise" that is "likely to be damaging to the administration." The comments lead Coghill to believe the investigation is lacking in fairness, neutrality and due process, he wrote.

Coghill said he was not approached by the McCain-Palin campaign to draft the letter, but that he called the campaign to "apprise" them of the letter.

"I'm on my own in this one," he said.

French said he said some things he probably shouldn't have, but noted that he is not in charge of gathering the facts and writing the report. Prosecutor Stephen Branchflower was hired to conduct the investigation and the integrity of the probe remains intact, he said.

"The reason we hired Steve Branchflower was to avoid this entire discussion. Sooner or later everybody gets accused of partisanship no matter what you're doing," French told the AP.

A recent decision to not subpoena the governor in the probe was evidence that the investigation was not politicized, French said.

On Friday, French said the Legislature will subpoena seven other witnesses and that the investigation on a fast track now that Palin is Republican John McCain's running mate.

The investigation previously was expected to end on Oct. 31, five days before the Nov. 4 election. The new target date for Branchflower to complete the report is Oct. 10.

Wooten divorced Palin's sister and served a five day suspension after the Palins filed a complaint against him for threatening Palin's father. The Palins also accused Wooten of using a Taser on his stepson, drinking in his patrol car and illegally shooting a moose.

Monegan was fired by Palin in July. She has strongly denied that Monegan's dismissal had anything to do with her former brother-in-law and has said she welcomes the investigation.

Coghill's efforts were initially reported by Newsweek.

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No Smoking in the Blogosphere!

Found this while image googling:


Another Philly PD LODD,....

A Philadelphia police officer died last night after her cruiser collided with a sport-utility vehicle - allegedly driven by a drunken teenager - in the Mantua section of West Philadelphia.

According to initial reports, the officer and her male partner were trapped in their vehicle after the two-vehicle crash, which happened about 9 p.m. at 39th and Wallace Streets.

The crash was so severe - the SUV hit the passenger's side of the police vehicle at a high rate of speed - that the side at the point of impact was completely crushed in. The two officers had to be cut out with a Jaws of Life device.

Both officers were transferred to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where one died of massive head trauma and the other was listed in critical condition.

The dead officer was identified by police as Isabel Nazario, an 18-year veteran of the force. Her partner's name was not released.

Complete details of the crash were not available early this morning, but initial reports were that the driver of the SUV was an unlicensed teenager who fled after the crash. That driver, described by one official as 16-year-old boy with a record, was arrested after a short foot pursuit.

He was taken to an undisclosed hospital with what was described as non-life-threatening injuries.

When the magnitude of the crash became clear, Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey, police brass and other high-ranking city officials made their way to HUP, and the families of the two officers were summoned.

Also at HUP early this morning was a host of news media waiting for the commissioner to brief reporters with details of what happened. No further information was available.

The Homicide Unit will investigate the accident because it involves the death of an officer in the line of duty.

Last night's death was the second this year involving an officer killed in the line of duty.

On May 3, Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski was killed in Port Richmond while trying to arrest three suspects who had held up a Bank of America branch at gunpoint.

A 12-year veteran and a married father of three, Liczbinski was gunned down days before what would have been his 40th birthday by a desperate suspect wielding a Chinese-made SKS carbine.

The TrekMedic mourns:

This is becoming an all-too-frequent posting. Please head over to Wyatt's page and offer your condolences.

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Only Stepford Wives OK with Oprah?

Palin snubbed by Oprah? Whatever happened to empowering women?

From Drudge:

OPRAH'S STATEMENT: "The item in today's Drudge Report is categorically untrue. There has been absolutely no discussion about having Sarah Palin on my show. At the beginning of this Presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates. I agree that Sarah Palin would be a fantastic interview, and I would love to have her on after the campaign is over."

Fri Sep 05 2008 08:55:46 ET

Oprah Winfrey may have introduced Democrat Barack Obama to the women of America -- but the talkshow queen is not rushing to embrace the first woman on a Republican presidential ticket!

Oprah's staff is sharply divided on the merits of booking Sarah Palin, sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

"Half of her staff really wants Sarah Palin on," an insider explains. "Oprah's website is getting tons of requests to put her on, but Oprah and a couple of her top people are adamantly against it because of Obama."

One executive close to Winfrey is warning any Palin ban could ignite a dramatic backlash!

It is not clear if Oprah has softened her position after watching Palin's historic convention speech.

Last year, Winfrey blocked an appearance by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, timed to a promotional tour of his autobiography.

Oprah and executive producer Sheri Salata, who has contributed thousands of dollars to Obama's campaign, refused requests for comment.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Damn You, Day by Day!

Because of today's cartoon, I can't get this damned song out of my head!

1977, huh? That's when the Sisters of Saint Joseph finally had enough of me!

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