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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jimmy Rollins WAS Right!!!

Fly! Phillies! Fly!
On the Road to Victory! (swing-swing-swing!)
Cry! New York! Cry!
You Will Choke on Your Last 3! (waa-waa-waa!)
We Scored High,...
You Scored Low,...
Watch the Phils,...
Go to The Show!
Fly! Phillies! Fly!
On the Road to Victory!

Phil-lies! Phil-lies! Phil-lies!

Hey, LoDuca,..who's dancing now???



Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reality Check for Liberals and Other Such Losers

Pic Courtesy of JG at Now for Something Different!


Andy Rooney Said WHAT???

HT to MaddMedic:

Surprised CBS let him get away with this even though he's right.
Right on, Andy Rooney!

Andy Rooney said on '60 Minutes' a few weeks back:

I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers.

The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America.
Try to have things like the United Caucasian College Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entertainment Television, or Miss White America; and see what happens... Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door.

Guns do not make you a killer. I think killing makes you a killer. You can kill someone with a baseball bat or a car, but no one is trying to ban you from driving to the ball game.
I believe they are called the Boy Scouts for a reason; that is why there are no girls allowed. Girls belong in the Girl Scouts!

I have the right 'NOT' to be tolerant of others because they are different, weird, or tick me off.

When 70% of the people who get arrested are black, in cities where 70% of the population is black, that is not racial profiling; it is the Law of Probability.

I believe that if you are selling me a milkshake, a pack of cigarettes, a newspaper or a hotel room, you must do it in English! As a matter of fact, if you want to be an American citizen, you should have to speak English!

My father and grandfather didn't die in vain so you can leave the countries you were born in to come over and disrespect ours.

I think the police should have every right to shoot your sorry ass if you threaten them after they tell you to stop. If you can't understand the word 'freeze' or 'stop' in English, see the above lines.

I don't think just because you were not born in this country, you are qualified for any special loan programs, government sponsored bank loans or tax breaks, etc., so you can open a hotel, cof fee shop, trinket store, or any other business.

We did not go to the aid of certain foreign countries and risk our lives in wars to defend their freedoms, so that decades later they could come over here and tell us our constitution is a living document; and open to their interpretations.

I don't hate the rich I don't pity the poor.

I know pro wrestling is fake, but so are movies and television.
That doesn't stop you from watching them.

I think Bill Gates has every right to keep every penny he made and continue to make more. If it ticks you off, go and invent the next operating system that's better, and put your name on the building.

It doesn't take a whole village to raise a child right, but it does take a parent to stand up to the kid; and smack their little behinds when necessary, and say 'NO!'

I think tattoos and piercing are fine if you want them, but please don't pretend they are a political statement. And, please, stay home until that new lip ring heals. I don't want to look at your ugly infected mouth as you serve me French fries!

I am sick of 'Political Correctness.' I know a lot of black people, and not a single one of them was born in Africa ; so how can they be 'African-Americans'? Besides, Africa is a continent. I don't go around saying I am a European-American because my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather was from Europe . I am proud to be from America and nowhere else.

And if you don't like my point of view, tough...


It is said that 86% of Americans believe in God. Therefore I have a very hard time understanding why there is such a problem in having 'In God We Trust' on our money and having 'God' in the Pledge of Allegiance. Why don't we just tell the 14% to Shut Up, lay down and BE QUIET!!!

The TrekMedic ponders:

Somewhere, the MSM and NPR crowd are concocting a story saying Andy Rooney has Alzheimer's or was drunk when he said all this.

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Too Bad the Burmese Don't Have Nukes or Islamofascists,...

YANGON, Myanmar — Security forces fired automatic weapons into thousands of pro-democracy protesters for a second day Thursday, and the military government said nine people were killed and 11 wounded.

Tens of thousands defied the ruling military junta's crackdown with a 10th straight day of demonstrations. Security forces also raided several monasteries overnight, beating monks and arresting more than 100, according to a monk at one monastery.

The protests were the stiffest challenge to the generals in two decades, a crisis that began Aug. 19 with protests over a fuel price hike and has drawn increasing international pressure on the isolated regime.

Ye Htut, a government spokesman, said the riot police clashed with anti-government protesters in the country's largest city Yangon, killing nine and injuring 11 people. Thirty-one government troops were also injured, he said.

Among the dead was Kenji Nagai, 50, a journalist covering the protests in Yangon for Japanese video news agency APF News. He was confirmed dead after his father and company representative identified him in a photo, a Japanese Embassy official in Myanmar told The Associated Press by telephone.

Nagai, who had been covering the protests since Tuesday, was one of several people found dead Thursday, according to Japanese Foreign Ministry officials, citing Myanmar officials.

Witnesses told the AP that five men were arrested and severely beaten after soldiers fired into a crowd near a bridge across the Pazundaung River on the east side of downtown Yangon.

In other parts of the city, some protesters shouted "Give us freedom, give us freedom!" at soldiers. Thousands ran through the streets after warning shots were fired into crowds that had swollen to 70,000. Bloody sandals were left lying in the road.

The monks have spearheaded the largest challenge to the military junta in the isolated Southeast Asian nation since a failed uprising in 1988. In that crisis, soldiers shot into crowds of peaceful demonstrators, killing some 3,000 people.

The crisis has drawn increasing international pressure on the regime, especially from its chief economic and diplomatic ally, China.

"China hopes that all parties in Myanmar exercise restraint and properly handle the current issue so as to ensure the situation there does not escalate and get complicated," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said Thursday at a twice-weekly media briefing.

The United States called on Myanmar's military leaders to open a dialogue with peaceful protesters and urged China to do what it can to prevent further bloodshed.

"We all need to agree on the fact that the Burmese government has got to stop thinking that this can be solved by police and military, and start thinking about the need for genuine reconciliation with the broad spectrum of political activists in the country," said U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill in Beijing.

Myanmar's state-run newspaper blamed "saboteurs inside and outside the nation" for causing the protests in Yangon, and said the demonstrations were much smaller than the media are reporting.

"Saboteurs from inside and outside the nation and some foreign radio stations, who are jealous of national peace and development, have been making instigative acts through lies to cause internal instability and civil commotion," The New Light of Myanmar, which serves as a mouthpiece for the military government said Thursday.

Also Thursday, security forces arrested Myint Thein, the spokesman for opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi's political party, family members said.

Images of the protests have been transmitted by dissidents using cell phones and the Internet, focusing attention on the escalating faceoff.

The TrekMedic seethes:

Hey, Mister UN President (Bang-a-gong,...Barks-at-moon,..whatever): how high is the body count going to get before you take your thumb out of your ass and DO SOMETHING about this???

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Ann Coulter - ALWAYS Relevant,...ALWAYS

HT to ALa at Blonde Sagacity for this gem:

"Democrats should run Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for president. He's more coherent than Dennis Kucinich, he dresses like their base, he's more macho than John Edwards, and he's willing to show up at a forum where he might get one hostile question -- unlike the current Democratic candidates for president who won't debate on Fox News Channel. He's not married to an impeached president, and the name "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad" is surely no more frightening than "B. Hussein Obama." (Read the entire article)

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Screw You,..I LIKE Blue,....!!!


So,..this commie-loving, loser/scumbag/asshole, Clinton blow-job giver:

Made Fun of Da Iggles new uniforms:

Decrying that they looked "like they were designed by the Great Gazoo:"

Hey, numbnuts,..look again! Gazoo was green, you poorly-informed MSM-George Soros mouthpiece who hasn't had an original thought since you cheated your way through high school!!!



Who Says Pagaent Winners Aren't Smart?

At least,..not when talking about maps of Iraq,...

Miss USA Rachel Smith wants to be a reporter, but she doesn't want to "end up like Katie Couric."

"I always wanted to be a reporter — maybe some TV. Who knows? Some serious news — but some modeling, too," she said at the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network event last week, according to the New York Daily News.

"I just don't want to end up like Katie Couric. I want people to take me seriously."

Click here for the Daily News report

(Couric's rep later responded: "If she continues to offer such profound insight, she will not have to worry about anyone taking her seriously.") (TM - Me-ee-ow! Hiss-ss-ss! The only thing serious about Kommie Katie is her $15 million salary)

Miss Smith also told the News that she is not a party girl ... but she admits to celebrating by herself the night she won her title.

"I was wearing, like, a hot pink Rocawear sweatsuit and paraded around my room at the Waldorf, just dancing with my crown!" she said.


E-A-G-L-E-S (The Blue Period)

Fly! Eagles! Fly!
On the Road to Vic-tor-y!
Cry! Lions! Cry!
Got Bitch-Slapped on Fox TV!
We Scored High
Yes, Quite a Few....
Can We Keep
Those Jerseys Blue?
Fly! Eagles! Fly!
On the Road to Vic-Tor-Y!




Saturday, September 22, 2007

Separated at Birth??

The TrekMedic publishes it, you decide,.....


A Few Thoughts on the Jena 6 Travesty,....

As the Jena 6 debacle continues to gain strength (much like a hurricane, it thrives on hot air), the TrekMedic has a few thoughts on this whole mess:

For a school to have a "White Tree" is just plain stupid,...

For the same school to chop it down compounds the stupidity,...

To have students hang nooses from said tree is grossly immature,...

For Louisiana NOT to have a law against that speaks volumes about is leadership (remember, this is a state government that let people drown while waiting for the Federal government to come bail them out after Katrina)

However, for six teenagers to beat another teenager unconscious is STILL a crime. Al Sharpton can cry all he wants about it, but assault is assault.

That the victim was beaten unconscious, but later released from the hospital to attend a school function. It doesn't diminish the severity of his injuries but it speaks volumes about Louisiana's health care system! Someone needs to bring it closer to late-20th Century standards (snark).

And like a similar case, the Mumia Abu Jamal case here in Philadelphia, the further away you are from the story, the further away you are from the truth. And that includes local MSM newspaper columnists, as well.

Repeat a lie often enough and it become the truth!



Thursday, September 20, 2007

BALLS - Or,..What Most Dems Lack!

WASHINGTON — The Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a measure condemning MoveOn.org for a newspaper ad it ran last week attacking Gen. David Petraeus. The move came as President Bush accused Democrats of cowering to the liberal political action group.

The measure passed in a 72-25 vote, with none of the Democratic presidential candidates supporting it. Sponsored by Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn, never one to shy away from forcing Democrats to go on record on politically sticky issues, the amendment to the defense authorization bill did win the backing of 23 Democrats.

Click here to see how your senators voted.

Sens. Joe Biden and Barack Obama were absent from the vote, though Obama had voted 20 minutes earlier on a Democratic effort to circumvent the amendment. Sens. Hillary Clinton and Chris Dodd voted against the measure. (TM - Meow!)

The amendment did not specifically name MoveOn.org, but expressed "the sense of the Senate that General David H. Petraeus, commanding general, Multi-National Force-Iraq, deserves the full support of the Senate and strongly condemn(s) personal attacks on the honor and integrity of General Petraeus and all members of the United States Armed Forces."

But supporters made clear the measure was about MoveOn, and was aimed at giving senators "a chance to distance themselves from the notion that some group has them on a leash, like a puppet on a string."

"Who would have ever expected anybody to go after a general in the field at a time of war, launch a smear campaign against a man we've entrusted with our mission in Iraq?" Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell asked on the Senate floor. "Any group that does this sort of thing ought to be condemned. Let's take sides. General Petraeus or MoveOn.org. Which one are we going to believe? Which one are we going to condemn?"

Partisans also took the opportunity to slam Clinton and Obama for not voting on the amendment.

"Senators Clinton and Obama need to decide whether they’re running for America, or running for MoveOn.org. If Clinton and Obama cannot bring themselves to take a stand against a vicious attack on the man leading our forces in Iraq, why should American voters believe they are capable of demonstrating the leadership we need in a commander in chief?” said Republican National Committee chairman Mike Duncan.

"Hillary Clinton had a choice. She could stand with our troop commander in Iraq, or she could stand with the libelous left wing of her party. She chose the latter. The idea that she would be a credible commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces requires the willing suspension of disbelief," said Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

In response to Senate passage of the amendment, MoveOn officials said the group was going to buy TV ad time to attack McConnell, R-Ky., and other senators who voted against a measure offered a day earlier by Democratic Sen. Jim Webb to require troops to have equal down time at home as they have deployed in war zones. The measure failed.

"No wonder public approval of Congress is tanking. They’re so out of touch with reality that they can find time to condemn an ad but they can't do what most Americans want — vote to end this war," said Eli Pariser, executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action.

Over in the House, one Republican leader asked when that chamber will take up similar legislation. Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said he had no intention of bringing up the GOP's resolution.

"Denouncing this unconscionable assault on Gen. Petraeus integrity in a bipartisan manner would signal to the American people that these tactics have no place in our political discourse. True leadership means standing up for whats right — now is the time for Democrats in the House to demonstrate the capacity for that leadership," Rep. Roy Blunt, R-Mo, responded in a statement.

The Senate vote followed a statement by Bush during a press conference at the White House in which he argued that Democrats are more concerned about riling MoveOn than about riling the U.S. military.

"I was disappointed that not more leaders in the Democrat party spoke out strongly against that kind of ad, and that leads me to come to this kind of conclusion: That most Democrats are afraid of irritating a left-wing group like MoveOn.org — are more afraid of irritating them — than they are of irritating the United States military. That was a sorry deal," the president said.

"And (it's) one thing to attack me. It's another thing to attack somebody like Gen. Petraeus," Bush said.

Pariser responded to the president, saying Bush lied about the cause for war in Iraq.

"What's disgusting is that the president has more interest in political attacks than developing an exit strategy to get our troops out of Iraq and end this awful war," Pariser said. "The president has no credibility on Iraq: he lied repeatedly to the American people to get us into the war. ... Right now, there are about 168,000 American soldiers in Iraq, caught in the crossfire of that country's unwinnable civil war, and the president has betrayed their trust and the trust of the American people."

FOX News' Molly Hooper contributed to this report.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Racism! Racism!

Stick a fork in Obama, he's done now,....

Jesse Jackson reportedly ripped presidential candidate Barack Obama for "acting like he's white," according to The State newspaper in South Carolina, but the civil rights leader says he doesn't recall making any such comment.

Jackson, who endorsed Obama for president in March, reportedly blasted the Illinois senator for failing to bring attention to the case of six black kids arrested on attempted murder charges in Jena, La.

He later told the newspaper that he did not remember making the remark, but State reporter Roddie Burris told FOX News that Jackson's "acting like he's white" comment came during a 45-minute, one-on-one interview Tuesday after an hour-long speech at Benedict College in Columbia, S.C. Burris said he stands by his report.

Click here to read The State article.

On Wednesday, Jackson didn't refute that he made the comment to Burris, but warned that any efforts to drive a wedge between him and Obama will fail.

The TrekMedic ponders,....

Hey, Jesse,...wasn't Imus "acting black" when he called the Rutgers girls "nappy-headed hos?"

Can't have it both ways, not even in Hymietown!


DoubleStandarddradnatSelbuoD in The Media?

First, this gem from Jay at Stop the ACLU:

Former CBS news anchor Dan Rather filed a $70 million lawsuit Wednesday against the network, former corporate parent Viacom Inc., and three of his former bosses.
Rather’s complaint stems from “CBS’ intentional mishandling” of the aftermath of a discredited story about President George W. Bush’s time in the Texas Air National Guard.

The lawsuit, filed in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, also names CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves, Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone, and Andrew Heyward, former president of CBS News.

Rather is seeking $20 million in compensatory damages and $50 million in punitive damages.

Fox News is also covering this story with great detail:

Dan Rather Files $70 Million Lawsuit Against CBS, Parent Company Viacom

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

NEW YORK — Dan Rather filed a $70 million lawsuit against CBS and his former bosses Wednesday, claiming they made him a "scapegoat" for a discredited story about President Bush's military service during the Vietnam War.

The 75-year-old Rather, whose final months were clouded by controversy over the story, said the actions of the defendants damaged his reputation and cost him significant financial loss.

The lawsuit, filed in state Supreme Court in Manhattan, claims the network intentionally botched the aftermath of the story about Bush's time in the Texas Air National Guard and had Rather take the fall to "pacify" the White House. He was removed from his job at "CBS Evening News" in March 2005.

Besides CBS Corp., the suit names former CBS parent company Viacom Inc., CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves, Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone, and Andrew Heyward, former president of CBS News. The suit seeks $20 million in compensatory damages and $50 million in punitive damages.

"These complaints are old news, and this lawsuit is without merit," said CBS spokesman Dana McClintock. Viacom had no comment.

Rather narrated a September 2004 report saying that Bush had disobeyed orders and shirked some of his duties during his National Guard service and that a commander felt pressured to sugarcoat Bush's record.

In his lawsuit, Rather maintains that the story was true, but that if any aspect of the broadcast wasn't accurate, he was not responsible for the errors.

The story relied on four documents, supposedly written by Bush's commander in the Texas Air National Guard, the late Lt. Col. Jerry Killian. Critics questioned the documents' authenticity and suggested they were forged.

A CBS review determined the story was neither fair nor accurate. CBS fired the story's producer and asked for the resignation of three executives because it could not authenticate documents used in the story, and Rather was forced out of the anchor chair he had occupied for 24 years.

Rather's lawsuit says he was forced to apologize, although "as defendants well knew, even if any aspect of the broadcast had not been accurate, which has never been established, Mr. Rather was not responsible for any such errors."

By making Rather apologize publicly, "CBS intentionally caused the public and the media to attribute CBS' alleged bungling of the episode to Mr. Rather," the lawsuit claimed. As a result, some news media called the event "Rathergate."

He also claimed that after removing him as anchor of the "CBS Evening News," the network gave him fewer and less important assignments and little airtime on "60 Minutes" and "60 Minutes II."

At the time, Rather was making $6 million a year, the lawsuit says.

Rather claimed in the suit that his departure was ultimately caused by Viacom Chairman Redstone, who found it best for the company to curry favor with the Bush administration by damaging Rather. An "enraged" Redstone said the newsman and anyone associated with him had to go, according to the lawsuit.


Issued in January 2005, the 224-page report portrayed Rather as "pushed to the limit" with other stories at the time of the "60 Minutes Wednesday" report. He relied on a trusted producer and didn't check the story for accuracy or, apparently, even see it before he introduced it on the program, the panel said.

CBS rushed the story on the air and then blindly defended it when holes became apparent, said the panel, which was unable to say conclusively whether memos disparaging Bush's service were real or fake.

The fired CBS News producer, Mary Mapes, later wrote that the panel's examination of the story "read more like a prosecutorial brief than an independent investigation." Her book surrounding the controversy was published in 2005.


He always considered himself a reporter first, and the habit of news anchors to travel to the scene of big stories is largely his legacy. His interview with Saddam Hussein in 2003 was the last given by the Iraqi leader before he was toppled.

With his intense on-air demeanor, Rather also had his detractors, and his broadcast was a distant third in the evening news ratings when he stepped down. CBS News' ratings rebounded under short-term successor Bob Schieffer, but they have plummeted under Katie Couric, who took over the broadcast in September 2006.

Rather has moved on to a weekly news show on cable's HDNet channel, "Dan Rather Reports," but the effort has garnered little attention. When the show launched, it was available in only 4 million homes, a small fraction of his potential audience while at CBS.

The TrekMedic has a moment of schadenfreude over this:

Poor, poor Dan. $6 million a year shot to hell trying to push his own leftist agenda. Talk about eating your young! Dammit, Dan, you're a Marine! Suck it up and move on (dot-org),...

Why, gentle readers, is this labeled a "Double Standard?"

Guess a lot of people missed all the hullabaloo last week over this more newsworthy report:

NEW YORK — A Rutgers University basketball player on Tuesday withdrew a slander and defamation lawsuit she had filed against Don Imus and CBS Radio, among others, after the shock jock called the team "nappy headed hos."

Kia Vaughn had contended in the lawsuit filed in August in New York state Supreme Court that the comments made by Imus had damaged her reputation. The lawsuit also named various media outlets that broadcast Imus' show.

Marti McKenzie, a spokeswoman for Vaughn's attorney, Richard Ancowitz, said in a statement that Vaughn had chosen to focus on her education at New Jersey's Rutgers University as a journalism major and as an athlete with the basketball team.

"Her strong commitments to both have influenced her decision to withdraw the lawsuit at this time," the statement said.

A lawyer for Imus, Martin Garbus, said his client had paid no money to Vaughn. CBS Radio did not immediately return a message requesting comment.

Surely, the release from lawsuit of a much-maligned entertainer who was thrown under a Jesse Jackson-driven bus would have garnered loads of attention, right?


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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bitch, Slapped (By Rudy)

HT to Marie's Two Cents for this one:

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While the TrekMedic had a witty ditty for today, he has been trumped by fellow medic and poker player, John L of Llanerch Fire Company:

Cry, Eagles cry,
on the road to more defeat
Whine, Eagles, whine,
they are not the league’s elite
Make ‘em sob,
Make ‘em sigh
With playoff hopes that die
Cry, eagles cry,
on the road to more defeat




Sunday, September 16, 2007

METS = "My Entire Team Sucks"

NEW YORK -- Here they go again.

Leave it to the Phillies to storm back into the National League East race when a few days earlier, the Wild Card appeared the only way for them to reach the postseason.

Philadelphia ignored what was a 6 1/2-game deficit entering the weekend and fashioned a three-game sweep of the Mets with a 10-6 win at Shea Stadium, shaving three games off New York's lead in the process.

Sunday's win was largely given to the Phillies, as the Mets committed a season-high six errors, contributing to four unearned runs and forfeiting all momentum.

With two outs and the bases loaded in the second inning, Jose Reyes committed two errors on the same play when he first booted Jimmy Rollins' grounder, and then threw wild to second, allowing a second run to score. A Moises Alou dropped ball in the fourth led to another run.

The award for the biggest gaffe goes to Luis Castillo, whose error in the sixth changed everything.

New York had tied the game at 5 on Carlos Beltran's three-run home run in the bottom of the fifth, and Guillermo Mota walked Pat Burrell to start the sixth. A potential double-play grounder bad-hopped Castillo, and the second baseman made it worse by throwing low to Reyes at shortstop.

The miscue bit the Mets when Aaron Rowand and Jayson Werth walked, with Werth forcing in a run. Greg Dobbs then smacked a pinch-hit grand slam, putting the game out of reach.

The Phillies ran their winning streak against the Mets to eight.

The TrekMedic adds:

It seems back in March, on a warm Florida day, one Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies declared that they were the team to beat this year.

Personally, pounding on the Mutts over again is just practice for the playoffs.


Next Stop, Tehran?

It was just after midnight when the 69th Squadron of Israeli F-15Is crossed the Syrian coast-line. On the ground, Syria’s formidable air defences went dead. An audacious raid on a Syrian target 50 miles from the Iraqi border was under way.

Click here for more from the Times of London.

At a rendezvous point on the ground, a Shaldag air force commando team was waiting to direct their laser beams at the target for the approaching jets. The team had arrived a day earlier, taking up position near a large underground depot. Soon the bunkers were in flames.

Ten days after the jets reached home, their mission was the focus of intense speculation this weekend amid claims that Israel believed it had destroyed a cache of nuclear materials from North Korea.

The Israeli government was not saying. “The security sources and IDF [Israeli Defence Forces] soldiers are demonstrating unusual courage,” said Ehud Olmert, the prime minister. “We naturally cannot always show the public our cards.”

The Syrians were also keeping mum. “I cannot reveal the details,” said Farouk al-Sharaa, the vice-president. “All I can say is the military and political echelon is looking into a series of responses as we speak. Results are forthcoming.” The official story that the target comprised weapons destined for Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shiite group, appeared to be crumbling in the face of widespread scepticism.

Andrew Semmel, a senior US State Department official, said Syria might have obtained nuclear equipment from “secret suppliers”, and added that there were a “number of foreign technicians” in the country.

Asked if they could be North Korean, he replied: “There are North Korean people there. There’s no question about that.” He said a network run by AQ Khan, the disgraced creator of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, could be involved.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Gathering of Eagles

HT to Doug Gibbs at Political Pistachio:

ANSWER, which in my opinion has the wrong answer, will be marching on Washington D.C. today in a massive anti-war/anti-military/anti-patriotism/anti-America march. They will be waving their black and yellow banners (rather than the red, white and blue of the Star Spangled Banner), and flags of other countries (more often than not the flags of nations the terrorists use as breeding grounds and training locations, as well as those of nations that openly sponsor Islamic Terror).

The Gathering of Eagles will be there to meet them head-on.

The Gathering of Eagles was formed to protect our monuments and memorials. Last January anti-military/anti-American morons from the far left (representing groups like ANSWER) urinated on the memorials in Washington D.C. and spray painted the steps of the Capitol. Last week vandals damaged the Vietnam War Memorial. This will not be tolerated, and the Eagles will be there to make sure these anti-American jerks won't cause more damage as they whine and cry their way through D.C. on their treasonous route.

Unfortunately, they will, as they have in the past, do despicable things like disrespect the American Flag and burn effigies of American Soldiers, but there will be an answer to ANSWER, and they are the Gathering of Eagles.

Kit Lange of Euphoric Reality will be one of those Eagles. She, with tens of thousands of others, will protect our memorials, and stand up for our troops, today in Washington D.C.

Then, she will call live into Political Pistachio Radio today at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific to tell us about the events. A few other Eagles may be calling in as well, such as Paul Couturier (Iraq War Veteran and host of Indepedently Correct Radio), and Justin of Right on the Right. Tune in, you won't want to miss this.

And we may even get to hear some of the rantings of a member or two of ANSWER - wouldn't that be good for a laugh.

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Dumb-O-Crats Play Dirty Pool Again

HT to Isophorone for this gem:


Live By “Macaca,” Die By “NAMBLA”
Top Virginia Democratic Strategist Linked To Pedophile Web Site

Richmond, Virginia. (August 25, 2007) – The Old Dominion Blog Alliance (“ODBA”), an organization of approximately 25 conservative Virginia bloggers founded on December 9, 2005, discovered on August 21 that someone registered the domain name of “olddominionblogalliance.com” on August 16 via GoDaddy.com’s Domains by Proxy service in order to conceal their identity. The domain was then set to forward to the web site for the North American Man-Boy Love Association ("NAMBLA"), an organization that promotes illegal activity between adults and children, including pedophilia.

Following this disclosure, the parties behind it were subsequently discovered to be Joe Stanley of Yellow Dog Strategy, a Democratic consultant who manufactured last year’s “macaca” gaffe by U.S. Sen. George Allen into an ex post facto racial slur and produced the controversial anti-Harris Miller mailing, and Ben Tribbett who runs the Northern Virginian blog “Not Larry Sabato.”

Evidence in hand and a confession by Mr. Stanley show that he was the one who purchased the domain name and then set it to forward to the NAMBLA web site. Mr. Tribbett, who is close to Mr. Stanley, proceeded to peddle the story to another blog and then feigned outrage at this action apparently in order to further raise the story’s visibility while maintaining deniability over it. Mr. Stanley undertook this action just two days after members of the ODBA began a concerted effort against state Sen. Roscoe Reynolds (D-20th Dist.), a candidate for whom Mr. Stanley has done work and who is locked in a tight reelection battle with Republican Jeff Evans. Sen. Reynolds advertises on “Not Larry Sabato.”

“Child sexual abuse is not a joke and certainly not a political tactic to be used in order to silence your political enemies,” said Kathryn Wilton of the blog CatHouse Chat, a member of the ODBA, the wife of a Navy veteran and mother. “Pedophilia is a morally repugnant behavior and how Mr. Stanley or Mr. Tribbett could think this is humorous or fair game politically is beyond my comprehension.”

“Senator Reynolds needs to go on the record whether or not he agrees with these abhorrent tactics used on his behalf,” added Greg Letiecq of Black Velvet Bruce Li, one of the most widely read blogs in Virginia. “Joe Stanley did this to benefit him. Reynolds must either expressly condone or renounce these tactics used for his gain.”

Members of the ODBA are currently considering whether to bring any civil legal claims stemming from this defamatory act perpetrated upon them. Should a case be brought and damages awarded, any proceeds will be donated to organizations that fight child abuse.

Please click the initial Isophorone link and read the entire story,.....

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Laura Ingraham is Right!

Laura's new book, "Power to the People" can be purchased at Amazon.com.

(That plug for her book was offered at a conservative discount rate!)

Laura has been on various morning talk shows, plugging away her new book. On both the Today show and FNC's Fox and Friends, she took the producers to task over the non-stop titillation from Hollyweird that seems to dominate our 24-hr news world.

And you know what? She's right! Especially with Fox and Friends. While The Today Show may run the exploits of Paris, Britney and Lindsey Lohan all day long, Fox could take advantage by broadcasting REAL news stories - the types of stories about our successes in Iraq and Afghanistan! The stories of what REALLY goes on along our Southern border! The stories the MSM tries to hide while filling the dead air of their lies with never-ending tales of the vapid and vacuous celebra-wannabes! And the Tinseltown-addicted losers who actually watch are placated, fat and happy. Hell, they'd vote for Adolph Hitler if SeeBS quoted a non-existent poll saying people preferred him to Bush 2-to-1!

So, please Fox - just say "no" to bleach-blonde bimbos and say yes to REAL news!



Thursday, September 13, 2007

Democrats,..They Make You Wanna Puke Sometimes!

HT to Captain America. Read the whole post

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Nothing else should need to be said,.......


Monday, September 10, 2007

Do You Know the Muffin' Man?

Cry! Eagles! Cry!
Fumbled Away a Victory!
Why? Eagles? Why?
Did You Get No Victory?
Old Guy Favre,...
He's Looking Slow,..
Special Teams,...
Bring Back Reno!
Try! Eagles! Try!
Beat the Skins for Vic-Tor-Y!




Sunday, September 09, 2007

Video Rewind

Make Sunday a Fun Day:

First, Jenn the conservative chic (and new blogroll member) offers this gem:

Next, 186k per second brings us more proof of the obviously slant the MSM has towards the Dumb-o-cratic party:

We bring you "Osama bin Olbermann"

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Say It Ain't So, Joe!

Say it ain't so, G.I. Joe.

The popular all-American comic-book military man and action figure dating back to the 1940s is undergoing a significant transformation for the Paramount Pictures-distributed "G.I. Joe" film, which begins production in February and is scheduled for release in summer 2009.

No longer will G.I. Joe be a U.S. Special Forces soldier, the "Real American Hero" who, in his glory days, single-handedly won World War II.

In the politically correct new millennium, G.I. Joe bears no resemblance to the original.

Paramount has confirmed that in the movie, the name G.I. Joe will become an acronym for "Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity" — an international, coed task force charged with defeating bad guys. It will no longer stand for government issued, as in issued by the American government.

The studio won't elaborate, saying filming hasn't begun and details are still in the works, but the behind-the-scenes rumblings are that the producers have decided to change the nature of G.I. Joe in order to appeal to a wider, more international audience.

The word is that in the current political climate, they're afraid that a heroic U.S. soldier won't fly. (TM = Hollywood = PUSSIES! I'd say "Fags," but we know how thenthsative they are!)

Joe's transformation, however, isn't sitting well with diehard fans and military types.

"I find it outrageous that they'd want to drop everything American" from the character, said conservative blogger Warner Todd Huston, who wrote about the rumors this week on Newsbusters.org and his own blog. "That's nuts."

Retired Army Col. David W. Hunt, a FOX News military and terrorism analyst, called the scheme to make a whole new Joe "a shame."

"G.I. Joe is a U.S. guy," Hunt said. "What are we going to call it — Global Joe? International Joe? It's kind of stupid. It's ridiculous that they're doing that."

Paramount wouldn't say whether an American would be part of the new "global entity," nor would it offer specifics about the storyline or the characters.

"It is too early to tell about plots. We just don't know that," Jessica Rovins, a marketing executive at Paramount, told FOXNews.com.

But she did confirm the accuracy of an article that ran in the film trade publication Variety, which reported last week that G.I. Joe the soldier is being transformed into G.I.J.O.E. the task force.

A Navy spokeswoman said the studio and film's writers have already approached people at the Pentagon for input.

"They had talked about what would be the best way forward, but without seeing a treatment we don’t know yet which way it’s going to go," Lt. Stephanie Murdock, a project officer in the Navy Office of Information West, told FOXNews.com. "We're definitely open to assisting them when they get around to asking us."

But with no script in hand, she said, it's hard to gauge how the military feels about the characterization of G.I. Joe.

The comic-book character and toy line have already undergone an evolution of sorts since Joe first won the hearts of American little boys — and some little girls — beginning in 1942 with the comic strip and in the early 1960s with the action figure.

In the 1940s, he debuted as a comic-book hero in a strip that ran in U.S. military magazines during World War II.

In the 1960s, G.I. Joe was a burly U.S. Special Forces soldier, the "Real American Hero" of both comic book and action figure fame. The doll had various versions and counterparts of different races and ethnicities, but he was clearly an American male soldier.

In the post-Vietnam War era in the 1970s, Hasbro decided to downplay G.I. Joe's military theme by renaming the line "The Adventures of G.I. Joe" and recasting Joe as the leader of an adventure team charged with espionage missions and fighting evil.

But in the 1980s, the toy company Hasbro made G.I. Joe more of a superhero and added a host of other action figures, expanding the line to include characters that made up a team of international operatives.

Now some critics say the globalization of G.I. Joe has gone too far.

"G.I. Joe is not an international hero. That's crap," said Col. Hunt. "They don't have to water it down. That doesn't make sense."

For blogger Huston, who played with G.I. Joe as a boy, transforming the entire character into an amorphous task force in the movie feels like a hit to his childhood memories.

"I certainly understand that it's for international audiences, but these things are American icons," he said. "Why even pretend it's G.I. Joe then? I am a little bit upset about the whole thing."

Huston believes it's the latest example of Hollywood's hostility toward all things American, and he said he probably won't go to see the film if the existing plans are executed.

"It's the last spit in the face of our military," Huston said. "The doll was G.I. Joe, the government-issued guy who was a hero and American. It was celebrating this one heroic soldier. They want to take even that away."

But in order to be a true success these days, a film has to play well to foreign markets as well as stateside in everything from box-office to DVD sales.

For some citizens of other countries — where sentiments against the Iraq war and the American government are strong — a U.S. soldier might not be the easiest character to get viewers to identify with.

Paramount's Rob Moore, a high-level marketing executive, recently told AdAge.com that it was too soon to know what the global response would be to the film.

"Until there's a [locked] script, I don't think you can really comment on what the international reaction will be," he said. "There are parts of the world where [the negative perception of the American government] is an issue, like Western Europe, and parts where it isn't, like the U.K., Australia and Asia."

Hasbro, the maker of the G.I. Joe action figure line, declined to comment about what's in store for its line of G.I. Joe toys and action figures.

But the toy company's chief operating officer, Brian Goldner, has previously spoken to the media about plans for the movie and brand.

"There are always challenges ... G.I. Joe is not just a brand that represents the military, it also represents great characters," he told AdAge.com. "We'll weigh our options. Clearly we do a lot of work on consumer insight."

The film will be directed by Stephen Sommers, produced by Di Bonaventura Films — which just did the highly successful "Transformers" movie — and written by Stuart Beattie and Skip Woods.

The TrekMedic groans between retching:

First Bugs Bunny gets a liberal makeover, now GI Joe? What next? The Three Stooges as a trio of white, black and Hispanic liberals who piss on American flags and knock down creches and menorahs at CHRISTmas and Hanukkah?? All our heroes are gone, my friends,...all gone.


Friday, September 07, 2007

TrekRadio Update

This week's Trek Radio honors the late Luciano Pavarotti with one of his greatest arias - "Nessun Dorma"

Next week will have the usual off-beat selections.


17 Ways to Be a Good Liberal

HT to ALa at Blonde Sagacity for this gem:

1. You have to be against capital punishment, but support abortion on demand.
2. You have to believe that businesses create oppression and governments create prosperity.
3. You have to believe that guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens are more of a threat than nuclear weapons technology in the hands of Iran or Chinese and North Korean communists.
4. You have to believe that there was no art before federal funding.
5. You have to believe that global temperatures are less affected by cyclical changes in the earth's climate and more affected by soccer moms driving SUV'S.
6. You have to believe that gender roles are artificial, but being homosexual is natural.
7. You have to believe that the AIDS virus is spread by a lack of federal funding.
8. You have to believe that the same teacher who can't teach 4th-graders how to read is somehow qualified to teach those same kids about sex.
9. You have to believe that hunters don't care about nature, but PETA activists do.
10. You have to believe that self-esteem is more important than actually doing something to earn it.
11. You have to believe the NRA is bad because it supports certain parts of the Constitution, while the ACLU is good because it supports certain parts of the Constitution.
12. You have to believe that taxes are too low, but ATM fees are too high.
13. You have to believe that Margaret Sanger and Gloria Steinem are more important to American history than Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, or Abraham Lincoln.
14. You have to believe that standardized tests are racist, but racial quotas and set-asides are not.
15. You have to believe that the only reason socialism hasn't worked anywhere it's been tried is because the right people haven't been in charge.
16. You have to believe that homosexual parades displaying drag queens and transvestites should be constitutionally protected, and manger scenes at Christmas should be illegal.
17. You have to believe that this message is a part of a vast, right-wing conspiracy.


Hey, Nancy,..How About a New Pair of "Hsu" s??

From the party that was supposed to clean up corruption in DC after the last election,...

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Disgraced Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu remained in custody Friday at a Colorado hospital after his arrest days after he failed to show up for a court appearance related to a felony theft conviction.

FBI agents took Hsu into custody late Thursday at St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction, Colo., said FBI spokesman Joseph Schadler.

Hsu was listed in fair condition, hospital vice president Dan Prinster said in a telephone interview. He declined to provide details of Hsu's ailment, other than to say that Hsu "was delirious (when he arrived) and had identification."

FBI agents arrived at the hospital about 9 p.m. EDT Thursday, Prinster said, adding he didn't know how authorities learned of Hsu's whereabouts. "All I know is I got a call," he said.

Hsu was traveling on an Amtrak train Thursday when he became ill. An ambulance was called when the train stopped in Grand Junction and he was taken to St. Mary's.

Mesa County Sheriff's Officer Heather Benjamin said that under normal procedure, Hsu would be booked into the local jail when he is released from the hospital.

Hsu had been scheduled to appear in court Wednesday to turn over his passport and ask a judge to cut in half the $2 million bail he posted last week when he turned himself in after spending 15 years on the lam from a felony theft conviction.

Instead, Hsu failed to show up at the bail reduction hearing and a judge issued a new arrest warrant for him.

California Attorney General spokesman Gareth Lacy said Hsu's lawyers told prosecutors Hsu arrived by charter jet at the Oakland, Calif., airport about 5:30 a.m. Wednesday local time and then wasn't heard from again.

When it became apparent that Hsu had fled the state, California authorities sought the assistance of the FBI, whose agents arrested him Thursday night on charges of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, Schadler said.

Once he is returned to state custody, the federal charges will be dismissed, Schadler said.

A string of Democratic politicians have announced plans in the past week to return or donate to charity Hsu's election contributions. The latest was Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who said Thursday he plans to donate to charity nearly $40,000 in contributions.

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has said she plans to give to charity the $23,000 in donations she received from Hsu for her presidential and senatorial campaigns and to her political action committee, HillPac.

Captain America, blogging along the same lines, has this interesting take on the whole situation.

But then what do you expect from a party that supports "Cold Cash Jefferson"? The sheer number of politicians implicated is staggering. This goes to the mentality of the party apparatus. No one stood up here and said "This is wrong". Maybe the Democratic Party should fall under a RICO investigation. They are clearly running a corrupt organization as we have seen in Philadelphia with the dozens of convictions surrounding the present administration. This case is still breaking. Stand by for further details.

Hmmm,..maybe Dumb-o-cratic know-it-alls like Akkam's Razor and Phillybits can try to wriggle their way out of this mess!

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Judging a Book by Its Cover,....

Ummmm,...shouldn't his book have been called "Receiving" and let Monica have this title??


Thursday, September 06, 2007

In WHOM Do You Trust??

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins,....

God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens,...

God: The Failed Hypothesis by Victor J. Stenger,....

Atheist Universe by David Mills,....

Several of these books currently hold high positions on the New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers list.

The current rise of this popular interest in atheism has given many cause for concern.

Is it simply a backlash from middle America against the Moral Majority and the dominant wing of the Republican Party?

Or something more sinister,...?

The TrekMedic thinks the latter:

Gentle readers, we all acknowledge that the Democratic Party is slowly being hijacked by a subversive element hell-bent upon installing their Utopian version of socialism in the United States.

  • Hillary Clinton and her ilk have, for more than a decade, been trying to pass legislature enacting a socialized healthcare plan modeled on Europe's cradle-to-grave systems.
  • Democrats have repeatedly tried to tax large businesses for simply being successful. This tax burden, it would be hoped, would bankrupt many large industries and force the government to assume control over them.
  • The ACLU has repeatedly fought to muzzle religious expression in both public and private venues.
Now,...remembering Marx's assertion that religion was "the opiate of the masses," the next big push to socialize our society is upon us. Liberal newspapers find ways to ridicule established religions in our country! It is only because of the fear of a fatwa or another 9/11 that Islam gets a free pass!

Make no mistake, right-minded citizens: this is only a taste of what's in store for the United States if we elect the likes of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama next year!



WARNING! NEVER Kick a Marine in the Ass!

Another classic gem from TheFed:

Dan Rather, Katie Couric, and a tough Marine Sergeant were all captured by
terrorists in Iraq. The leader of the terrorists told them that he would grant
them each one last request before they were beheaded.

Dan Rather said, "Well, I'm a Texan; so I'd like one last bowlful of hot spicy
chili." The leader nodded to an underling who left and returned with the chili.
Rather ate it all and said, "Now I can die content."

Katie Couric said, "I'm a reporter to the end. I want to take out my tape
recorder and describe the scene here and what's about to happen. Maybe someday
someone will hear it and know that I was on the job till the end." The leader
directed an aide to hand over the tape recorder and Couric dictated some
comments. She then said, "Now I can die happy."

The leader turned and said, "And now, Mr. Marine tough guy, what is your final
wish?" "Kick me in the ass," said the Marine.

"What?" asked the leader? "Will you mock us in your last hour?"

"No, I'm not kidding. I want you to kick me in the ass," insisted the Marine.

So the leader shoved him into the open, and kicked him in the ass.

The Marine went sprawling, but rolled to his knees, pulled a 9 mm pistol from
under his flack jacket, and shot the leader dead. In the resulting confusion, he
jumped to his knapsack, pulled out his M4 carbine and sprayed the terrorists
with gunfire. In a flash, all of them were either dead or fleeing for their

As the marine was untying Rather and Couric, they asked him, "Why didn't you
just shoot them in the beginning? Why did you ask them to kick you in the ass

What," replied the Marine, "and have you two assholes report that I was the


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Darwin - Still Right After All These Years,...

ONTARIO, Calif. — An 8-month-old boy has died after his mother told police she accidentally cleaned his nose with a cotton swab used earlier to clean a methamphetamine pipe.

Samuel Reta of Ontario was declared dead Friday at Loma Linda University Medical Center, according to the San Bernardino County Coroner's office.

Reta had been in a coma since police responding to a child-not-breathing emergency call early Thursday found him in full cardiac arrest. The baby also has a fractured skull, broken arm and pneumonia, police said.

Elizabeth Reta, 27, was arrested Thursday and booked for investigation of felony child abuse.



WASHINGTON - Ken Burns' PBS documentary The War, which has weathered complaints from Latinos about their World War II contributions' being underrepresented, is now prompting responses from another group: managers of public TV stations.

The stations are concerned that four words of profanity in the 14 1/2-hour documentary that starts Sept. 23 could subject them to hefty indecency fines from the Federal Communications Commission.

Their worries have prompted PBS to take the unprecedented step of distributing two versions of The War for broadcast: Burns' original film and an FCC-friendly version from which the profanity has been removed. (Local PBS station WHYY TV12 did not respond to an e-mail query about which version will air here.)

The profanity could subject a station to a $325,000 indecency fine if broadcast between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

In two instances, the words are spoken by former American soldiers as they describe the meaning of the common military euphemisms "snafu" and "fubar," as well as some combat experiences. The other two words refer to a body part and excrement.

In the edited version, the soundtrack briefly goes silent when the profanities are uttered.

In an interview, Burns called the soldiers' comments "four incredibly appropriate words." He added, "It's what soldiers in battle say, and not just during World War II."

But Burns said he agreed with PBS's decision to distribute two versions of the film, given the stations' "understandable anxiety."

The issue is more than just an artistic or historical question for Burns. His company, Florentine Films, has agreed to insure public TV stations for their legal costs in the event the FCC opens an indecency proceeding against any of them for airing The War.

With 348 public stations likely to show the much-anticipated film, the company's financial risk could be enormous.

Recent FCC indecency decisions have left Burns and others in public television guessing about how the agency might rule. In perhaps the most relevant case, the FCC ruled in 2002 that Steven Spielberg's gritty World War II film Saving Private Ryan was not indecent when it aired on ABC stations.

The FCC declared that the film's language was not "pandering, titillating or vulgar," given the depiction of intense combat.

Last year, though, the FCC levied a $15,000 fine against KCSM, a small public station in San Mateo, Calif., for airing an episode of The Blues that contained repeated profanities. The FCC ruled that the language in the Martin Scorsese-directed documentary about blues musicians was gratuitous.

An FCC spokesman said the agency didn't prejudge any broadcast and declined further comment.

The TrekMedic utters (without fear from the FCC):

First off,..war is hell! People don't whisper "Oh, golly gosh, darn! My leg just blow off!" Its no different than the people who exclaimed "Oh, Shit!" when the WTC were hit on 9/11. Given that the source of this article is the WaPO and involves the PCBS (Politically-Correct Broadcasting Service),..the TrekMedic exclaims:

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It Won't Stop at "300" Illegals

HT to Wyatt for this gem: