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Saturday, October 30, 2004

This Week's Wrap - Part 2

OK,...I've calmed down since last night. Got a good night's sleep, despite the thunderstorms that rolled through here. Ate breakfast (pancake recipe will be posted at some other time). Dread Zeppelin is playing in the background.

For those who don't believe in karmic occurrences like "paybacks are a bitch," consider this:

One Faridah Ali and her entourage were convicted this week of fraud. Seems they took some federal education money and spent it on "ghost" teachers.

Am I happy that this is yet another black eye on the Street Administration? Yeah,...

Will it change how things are done in Philly? Probably not,...

But what gets me smiling is this: The "Muslim" school Faridah Ali ran was the former St. Thomas More HS. It was the school where my older brothers attended and I would have, too, had it not closed right before I graduated grade school. Here's the basis of my vitriol today:

The Clara Muhammad School took down the statues of the Virgin Mary and other saints and forced the St. Tommy alumni to NEGOTIATE with these "Muslims" for their return.

And the headmistress is going away for hard time. Ain't payback a bitch?

OK,..I'm done for the day.

BTW - E-A-G-L-E-S!!!

7-0 by tomorrow afternoon, baby!

Taking the Iggles and the over, natch!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Another Day,..Another,...

Once again,...a riot broke out in a Philadelphia public high school! Its getting to be a near-daily event. This time, the two groups were, according to news sources, from rival housing projects.

I mean, for God's sake, we have to feed these animals twice a day because their parent can't be bothered. Now, we can't even get them in the same room together? Paul Vallas is trying to get tough with these disruptive elements, but where are you going to put them? You can't make them go to "reform school" anymore! The bleeding-heart liberals forced them by the wayside a long time ago. The streets? No, thanks,..there are enough criminals out there now. Maybe something a friend of mine once said is coming true: a some point, we just have to write off a generation and start over.

On to lighter news: Its all over! With a mighty swish of my pen, my car loan is gone! Yippee!

Tomorrow - Saving the fine people of Spring City, PA (yee-ee-ee)!

More Random Thoughts for October 28

Hi, Mike! Happy Birthday!
(Mike and his wife Denise are in the Bahamas for a few days)

My greatest fear in this election is that all of these ^^@%#%@ Democrats who believe in the "Anybody but Bush" philosophy are going to vote for Kerry without even looking at his platform (that's his PLATFORM, not his "but I'm better than Bush schpiel).

Why? Because if Kerry f**ks it up in two years, these same knee-jerks will be the first ones crying to their congressman to have his ass impeached!

People - listen to what the candidates are saying about themselves, not all of the mud-slinging! Then VOTE! Vote or shut up!

Speaking of getting out the vote,.....Sean Combs brought his traveling freak show to Philly (Temple University) yesterday. Of course, to the press, he's just trying to get people to go and vote, but his "Vote or Die" campaign makes it clear he's pushing for Kerry.

After energizing the crowd,..he and his rap cronies all pushed the "Vote or,...." mantra,...filling in the rest with the Kerry mud (Vote or Bush will do this,..Vote or Bush will do that...). The implication, of course, is that if you DON'T VOTE, Bush will win. So you MUST VOTE for Kerry.


No,..there's no liberal bias in the entertainment industry, is there?

Thursday, October 28, 2004


OK,..this is my first post, so let me tell you a few things about this blog:

1) It is dedicated to perpetuating the truth that the world TRULY does revolve around me

2) If you aren't going to vote for George W. Bush next week, leave now!

3) If you don't like what I post, blame my parents! They made me this way!

(OK,..that's a lie,...alcohol and pharmaceuticals did that for me,..too much LDS back in Berkley)

WARNING: Star Trek reference!