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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pin Me! (A Permalink)

OK,..everybody,..let me know where you're from!

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Monday, February 27, 2006

And Leftycrats Want HER to be President??

Can you say "Delusional?"

Then again,..this is coming from the woman who coined the term "vast right-wing conspiracy!"

Sen. Clinton Says Rove Obesses About Her

AP Political Writer

ALBANY, N.Y. - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that President Bush's chief political strategist Karl Rove ``spends a lot of time obsessing about me.''

The former first lady and potential presidential contender was reacting during a radio interview to a new book quoting Karl Rove as saying she will be the 2008 Democratic nominee for president,

``He spends more time thinking about my political future than I do,'' Clinton said, noting that Rove and other White House aides have met regularly with her possible opponents in November's 2006 Senate race.

The junior Senator from New York said she believed Rove, Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman and other Republicans are focusing on her to divert attention from Republican problems as the 2006 congressional elections approach.

Another Quick Thought on the Dubai-cle

HT to Pennsylvanian in Exile for this gem:

More Thoughts on the Dubai Debacle

As more debate rages over the selling of US ports to a Dubai-based operating company, I'd like to get a few more of my 2 cents in:

  • First, YES! I am aware that other ports in the US are owned by foreign interests. Most notably, the ports in the Los Angeles area are owned by companies like Norinco, which is a front for Communist China. This deal went down during Slick Willie's watch and I wasn't thrilled about it back then, either.
  • I am also well aware that the current owners of the 6 ports is P&O, which is a British-based company. The last time the British tried something stupid with us was back in the early 19th Century and we've been tight allies since WWII.
  • Despite the objections of groups like CAIR, opposing the UAE/ports deal is not anti-Arab! I would have no objections if a company based in, or owned by, nations like Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, or Bahrain. These Arab countries are Western-looking and have been either friends or anti-terror allies to the US for years. If "W" is looking to reward our friends in the Arab world, he should've started here.
  • If I remember correctly, AFTER 9/11 (Mata,...?), President Bush laid down the hammer and said countries were either with us or against us in the war on terror. The UAE is trying to play both sides of the fence with us. They supported the Taliban to get back at rival Iran and now, while giving lip service to the US, they still covertly fund groups like Hamas and still deny Israel's right to exist. If ever their was a litmus test for the "for us/against us" rule, Israel's sovereignty is the key!
So,...if the UAE wants to have our ports, play by our rules. If not, f**k off and let someone else get the rewards!

They Come in Threes,.....

First, the world loses Don Knotts,...

Then, Darren McGavin passes,..

Now, today, Dennis Weaver has died.

Spooky, ain't it?

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Quickie Post

I would be remiss to not post a hearty congrats to my friend, Scott, a/k/a PokerMeister, on getting accepted to med school this week!

Dr. PokerMeister will graduate in 2010!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Then Again,...

You are MedicMan.
(Your alter-ego is TrekMedic251)

Your super-hero ability:

Fly by using your extreme flatulence as a jetpack

'What is your superhero ability?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Hit the Nail on the Head!

HT to Charlie on the Turnpike:

TrekMedic251 --


Extremely extreme!

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Thursday, February 23, 2006


A new form of birth control???

Weighing in on the Dubai Port Debacle

While "W" is working hard to allay our fears about Dubai taking over several key Northeastern and Southern ports, here's something else to ponder about our "friends" in the United Arab Emirates:

HT to Michael Smerconish for this one:

The Desert Camp, February 1999
Early in 1999, the CIA received reporting that Bin Ladin was spending much of his time at one of several camps in the Afghan desert south of Kandahar. At the beginning of February, Bin Ladin was reportedly located in the vicinity of the Sheikh Ali camp, a desert hunting camp being used by visitors from a Gulf state. Public sources have stated that these visitors were from the United Arab Emirates.151

Reporting from the CIA's assets provided a detailed description of the hunting camp, including its size, location, resources, and security, as well as of Bin Ladin's smaller, adjacent camp.152 Because this was not in an urban area, missiles launched against it would have less risk of causing collateral damage. On February 8, the military began to ready itself for a possible strike.153 The next day, national technical intelligence confirmed the location and description of the larger camp and showed the nearby presence of an official aircraft of the United Arab Emirates. But the location of Bin Ladin's quarters could not be pinned down so precisely.154 The CIA did its best to answer a host of questions about the larger camp and its residents and about Bin Ladin's daily schedule and routines to support military contingency planning. According to reporting from the tribals, Bin Ladin regularly went from his adjacent camp to the larger camp where he visited the Emiratis; the tribals expected him to be at the hunting camp for such a visit at least until midmorning on February 11.155 Clarke wrote to Berger's deputy on February 10 that the military was then doing targeting work to hit the main camp with cruise missiles and should be in position to strike the following morning.156 Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert appears to have been briefed on the situation.157

No strike was launched. By February 12 Bin Ladin had apparently moved on, and the immediate strike plans became moot.158 According to CIA and Defense officials, policymakers were concerned about the danger that a strike would kill an Emirati prince or other senior officials who might be with Bin Ladin or close by. Clarke told us the strike was called off after consultations with Director Tenet because the intelligence was dubious, and it seemed to Clarke as if the CIA was presenting an option to attack America's best counterterrorism ally in the Gulf. The lead CIA official in the field, Gary Schroen, felt that the intelligence reporting in this case was very reliable; the Bin Ladin unit chief, "Mike," agreed. Schroen believes today that this was a lost opportunity to kill Bin Ladin before 9/11.159

Even after Bin Ladin's departure from the area, CIA officers hoped he might return, seeing the camp as a magnet that could draw him for as long as it was still set up. The military maintained readiness for another strike opportunity.160 On March 7, 1999, Clarke called a UAE official to express his concerns about possible associations between Emirati officials and Bin Ladin. Clarke later wrote in a memorandum of this conversation that the call had been approved at an interagency meeting and cleared with the CIA.161 When the former Bin Ladin unit chief found out about Clarke's call, he questioned CIA officials, who denied having given such a clearance.162 Imagery confirmed that less than a week after Clarke's phone call the camp was hurriedly dismantled, and the site was deserted.163 CIA officers, including Deputy Director for Operations Pavitt, were irate. "Mike" thought the dismantling of the camp erased a possible site for targeting Bin Ladin.164

The United Arab Emirates was becoming both a valued counterterrorism ally of the United States and a persistent counterterrorism problem. From 1999 through early 2001, the United States, and President Clinton personally, pressed the UAE, one of the Taliban's only travel and financial outlets to the outside world, to break off its ties and enforce sanctions, especially those relating to flights to and from Afghanistan.165 These efforts achieved little before 9/11.

In July 1999, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hamdan bin Zayid threatened to break relations with the Taliban over Bin Ladin.166 The Taliban did not take him seriously, however. Bin Zayid later told an American diplomat that the UAE valued its relations with the Taliban because the Afghan radicals offered a counterbalance to "Iranian dangers" in the region, but he also noted that the UAE did not want to upset the United States.167

Some Phillies-ness, too!

Say it ain't so, Harry! Say it ain't so!

Posted on Tue, Feb. 21, 2006
Kalas outta here?
This could be his last season in booth


CLEARWATER, Fla. - As any manager knows, sometimes making a lineup change can be simple. Other times, it can set off a chain reaction. Look at what happened in the past when it was suggested to Bobby Abreu that he could help the Phillies most by leading off.

When Tom McCarthy left to join the Mets broadcast team in December, the Phils had some decisions to make. One was who would replace him. That was settled with the recent announcement that Scott Franzke will join the crew.

The team also had to figure out how he would be utilized. And that's when things started to get interesting.

The tentative plan is to pair Hall of Famer Harry Kalas and Chris Wheeler in the first three and last three innings on television, with Wheeler and Scott Graham working the middle three. Larry Andersen will move to radio exclusively.

All indications are that this arrangement didn't make any of the holdovers particularly happy, although all apparently stand ready to carry out whatever duties they're assigned.

The added twist is that Kalas turns 70 next month. He's in the last year of his contract. And he figuratively shrugged recently when asked what his plans beyond 2006 might be.

"I haven't really thought about it, no," he said from his Delaware County home. "We'll see how it goes. I still enjoy it, and as long as I enjoy it, I'll probably want to continue."

The key phrase appears to be "as long as I enjoy it."

Because when asked whether the partners he ends up working with could impact his enjoyment and, by extension, his decision, he replied: "It might. I'm certainly going to miss working with L.A."

And, with that, team president Dave Montgomery found himself riding a unicycle across a tightrope while trying to balance a valuable antique vase in one hand and a dozen eggs in the other.

TrekMedic muses: Let's see,...it's well-documented that Harry the K and Chris Wheeler hate each other. Now,..the Phillies management finally got the balls to get rid of Ed "Cheapskate" Wade, let's see what kind of deal they make to keep Harry around. Personally, I'd rather hear the melifluous voice of Harry the K over the simpering whining of Chris Wheeler any day! Hell, I'd rather have root canal without Novocaine than hear Wheeler on the radio (take that James Frey!)

Monday, February 20, 2006

12 Questions Meme

Curses,..tagged by Kitty (again):

1. Black and White, or color? How do you prefer your movies?
If a movie was originally shot in B&W, I want it to stay that way. Colorization ruins the effect of a great classic B&W film. However... I prefer "modern" movies in color.
I agree. To that I'll add that the Three Stooges Colorized shorts are light-years ahead of what Ted Turner tried to do years ago.

2. What is the one single subject that bores you to near-death?
The Leftycrats got robbed in 2000 and 2004.

3. MP3's, CD's, Cassettes, or Vinyl?

4. If you were handed a first class plane ticket to anywhere in the world and ten million dollars and told all of it could be yours- IF you leave and don't tell anyone where you are going- ever. This includes family, friends- everyone. Forever. Would you do it?
Shrimp on the barbie, mate?

5. What do you consider the world's most pressing issue now?
Too much media,...too fast,...not enough time to find out if a story is true, just get the ratings and apologize later.

6. How would you rectify the world's most pressing issue?
Buffer satellite transmissions so that same said news is delayed a few hrs.

7. You are given the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, what would it be?
Get my degree earlier.

8. You are given the chance to go back and change one event in world history, what would it be?
I believe in Chaos Theory. Going back in time would change too much of our present and then you'd have to start over again.

9. Opera, or Grand Ole' Opry?
Opera. At least the Barber of Seville didn't lose his house, wife, Chevy truck and dog! (hehehe)

10. What is the one great unsolved crime of all time you'd like to solve?
Who Killed Cock Robin?

11. What famous author would you like to have over for dinner. What would you serve?
John Grissom. Something homemade.

12. You discover that John Lennon was right, and there's no hell below us, and above us there is only sky. What's the first immoral thing you would do to celebrate this fact?
Hmm,.....go back to my Blog List of 2005 post and read about that "legal" stuff!


The Truest Political Cartoon This Week

HT to Glenn McCoy at the Belleville News-Democrat:

Sunday, February 19, 2006

More on this so-called "Religion of Peace!"

Muslims Target U.S. Embassy in Indonesia
Sunday, February 19, 2006

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Hundreds of Muslims protesting caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad tried to storm the U.S. Embassy on Sunday, smashing the windows of a guard post but failing to push through the gates. Several people were injured.

Pakistani security forces, meanwhile, sealed off the capital of Islamabad to block a planned mass demonstration and fired tear gas and gunshots to chase off protesters. In Turkey, tens of thousands gathered in Istanbul chanting slogans against Denmark, Israel and the United States.

Protests over the cartoons, which first appeared in a Danish newspaper in September and have been republished in other European publications and elsewhere, have swept across the Muslim world, growing into mass outlets for rage against the West in general, and Israel and the United States in particular.

Christians also have become targets. Pakistani Muslims protesting in the southern city of Sukkur ransacked and burned a church Sunday after hearing accusations that a Christian man had burned pages of the Koran, Islam's holy book.

That incident came a day after Muslims protesting in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri attacked Christians and burned 15 churches in a three-hour rampage that killed at least 15 people. Some 30 other people have died during protests over the cartoons that erupted about three weeks ago.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Difference Between a Democrat and a Republican? (Redux)

With all the recent finger-pointing going on, let's set a few thing to right here:
  • A Democratic president allowed Islamic extremists to overtake a US Embassy (sovereign US soil, BTW) and hold this nation hostage for 444 days.
  • A Republican president brought down an ideologic empire
  • A Democratic president lied through his teeth, brought down this country's morals, and looked the other way while more Islamic fundamentalists struck at US targets
  • A Republican president is stiking back at these terrorists, trying to bring down yet another ideological empire, and restoring moral values to the US!
  • A Democrat got drunk, drove his car off a bridge and left someone to die. And he never apolgized for it.
  • A Republican shot a hunt in the wrong place and time. He apologized for it.
Now,..wasn't that easy?

Red in '06! Red in '08!!

A Convergence of Random Thoughts

So, as I'm reading the Katrina Report, a few things leaped from the pages and into my mind (that happens to me a lot, especially after a night of Yuengling):

Late decisions by New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco to issue mandatory evacuations in the New Orleans area led to deaths and prolonged suffering.

So,..it WASN'T all Bush's fault? And it wasn't a cabal of Republican racists out to eliminate New Orleans? It was a pair of incompetent Democrats??

Interesting as well, but conveniently missing from most MSM web outlets, were criticisms laid against the media for disseminating gossip and rumors as factual reports (thousands dead and floating in the water!!) from the disaster area and increasing the confusion about what was happening.

And it didn't stop there, of course: what about the Sago Mine disaster? One misunderstood communique lead 12 families to believe their loved ones had been rescued, when the exact opposite had happened!

Makes you wonder why VP Cheney waited so long before notifying the media! Can you imagine, in today's "be first, then be right" MSM world, what the shooting report would have been like:

Dateline: Deepindaharta, TX - Today, Vice President Cheney, in a drunken rage, simultaneously fired an AR-15 and a Tec-9 into a crowd of nature walkers in a public park. It is believed the Vice President was "dazed and confused" as one unidentified witness stated, most likely as a result of combining alcohol and the numerous medications the Vice President takes for his heart conditions!

Finally,..a copy of the full Katrina report can be found here.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

More Philliness (PFD related)

This one comes straight from ALa at Blonde Sagacity:

Black on White Hate Crime in the Philly Fire Department
Ok, before I even start here: In the interest of full disclosure, I am closely tied to the Philadelphia Fire Department through various family members and friends (as most of you already know).

That being said, I have blogged numerous times on the fairly new anti-hiring quota organization CAFFA --and my unabashed, full support for what they are doing.


*Fair Hiring and Promotional Practices for ALL Firefighters & Paramedics
*The Elimination of Race Based Quotas in the Fire Service.
*Rank Order Hiring and Promoting.
*Reduce the Weight or Eliminate Oral Examinations Altogether.

Lt. Joseph Montague, a Lieutenant in the PFD and the Vice President of CAFFA-Philadelphia (and incidentally a Caucasian man), was recently transferred to a station in a mostly (all)-black neighborhood (a random assignment?). When he got into work on Friday he was greeted with a white hood hanging on his locker that read "KKKaffa".

"I was scared," Montague said. "I was very scared. I kind of took it as a threat and a warning. The threat being we know who you are, where you work and we're watching you. Unfortunately, some people perceive that as a race issue," Montague said. "Anytime race is involved and you're a white person, I guess you're automatically included in the Ku Klux Klan." (source)

To the credit of the Philadelphia Police Department, this is being investigated by the hate crimes unit and I have it on good authority that the pillow case hood has been sent to a lab for DNA testing...

Being anti-quota does not mean anti-EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. CAFFA is currently holding the city to the (unconstitutional) 12% percent of each class at the Fire Academy for African-American applicants. (For years and years it has well exceeded this percentage). CAFFA is not opposed to affirmative-action hiring, but wants neutral testing so that department applicants can compete for positions, regardless of their race. (source)

Though my brother recently scored an excellent 99% on the exam, I don't believe he would have made it into this next class without the "watchdog" CAFFA...

Quick and Painless Meme?

OK,..blame Kitty for this one:

the Asserter
Test finished!
you chose AY - your Enneagram type is EIGHT.

"I must be strong"

Asserters are direct, self-reliant, self-confident, and protective.

How to Get Along with Me

  • Stand up for yourself... and me.

  • Be confident, strong, and direct.

  • Don't gossip about me or betray my trust.

  • Be vulnerable and share your feelings. See and acknowledge my tender,
    vulnerable side.

  • Give me space to be alone.

  • Acknowledge the contributions I make, but don't flatter me.

  • I often speak in an assertive way. Don't automatically assume it's
    a personal attack.

  • When I scream, curse, and stomp around, try to remember that's just
    the way I am.

What I Like About Being a Eight

  • being independent and self-reliant

  • being able to take charge and meet challenges head on

  • being courageous, straightforward, and honest

  • getting all the enjoyment I can out of life

  • supporting, empowering, and protecting those close to me

  • upholding just causes

What's Hard About Being a Eight

  • overwhelming people with my bluntness; scaring them away when I don't
    intend to

  • being restless and impatient with others' incompetence

  • sticking my neck out for people and receiving no appreciation for it

  • never forgetting injuries or injustices

  • putting too much pressure on myself

  • getting high blood pressure when people don't obey the rules or when
    things don't go right

Eights as Children Often

  • are independent; have an inner strength and a fighting spirit

  • are sometimes loners

  • seize control so they won't be controlled

  • fugure out others' weaknesses

  • attack verbally or physically when provoked

  • take charge in the family because they perceive themselves as the strongest,
    or grow up in difficult or abusive surroundings

Eights as Parents

  • are often loyal, caring, involved, and devoted

  • are sometimes overprotective

  • can be demanding, controlling, and rigid

Renee Baron & Elizabeth Wagele

The Enneagram Made Easy

Discover the 9 Types of People

HarperSanFrancisco, 1994, 161 pages

You are not completely happy with the result?!

You chose AY

Would you rather have chosen:

  • BY (FOUR)
  • CY (SIX)
  • AX (SEVEN)
  • AZ (THREE)

  • My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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    You scored higher than 77% on ABC
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    You scored higher than 55% on XYZ
    Link: The Quick and Painless ENNEAGRAM Test written by felk on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

    Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    Hillary Clinton's Valentine's Gifts - Exposed!

    Big HT to Bob at Either Orr for this ROFLMAO funny:

    The cracked research team at either orr has uncovered a double-triple-secret list of Valentine's Day gifts prepared and acquired by Hillary herself to give to those who would deny her her coronation at the 2008 Democratic National Convention:

    Howard Dean: A lifetime supply of sedatives.
    John Kerry: A faulty pair of skis to use at Davos.
    Al Gore: Amphetamines disguised as chocolate candy.
    Russ Feingold: Nothing (he's not big enough to challenge her).
    Bill Clinton: A permanent case of laryngitis and impotence.
    Mark Warner: A hunting trip with Dick Cheney.

    Random Thoughts for the Day (2/14/06)

    OK,..first - revisiting the Snow Job of '06: Can someone explain to me how a storm that hit on a Saturday night and into Sunday afternoon STILL managed to f**k up my Monday morning commute? 2 1/2 hrs to go 15 miles?? I can't understand how two of the arguably wealthiest towns in PA (sLower Merion and Radnor) couldn't manage to clear four lanes of a major highway by 7:30! I've never given (s)Lower Merion high marks for their snow removal techniques, but I was left speechless over Radnor's handling. Normally, you can eat off the asphalt when Radnor clears a road. Unfortunately, it looks like they made one half-hearted pass over Lancaster Avenue, then allowed to local merchants and apartment complexes dump all of THEIR snow back onto Lancaster and never came back to clean up the mess!

    Second,...OK,...so your car's stuck in the deep snow and/or underlying ice. You've gunned the accelerator to 7000 rpms and you're still stuck. What makes you think revving it up to 9000 ear-splitting rpms (at 6 in the morning, no less!) is going to work any better??

    Third,...stop revving your engines in the wee small hours of the morning! You're scaring poor City Katt! (pics coming as soon as she comes out in the daylight)

    Fourth,..the last time I looked, the Philadelphia city ordinance says you're supposed to clear a path across the whole of your sidewalk, not just the width of your shovel. Lazy bastards! I have a bad back and a torn rotator cuff and I still managed to get all of that AND helped my neighbor shovel the elderly lady next door to him!

    Fifth,..how long before Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Leftocrats try to pass legislation banning the use of bird shot? For God's sake people, it was an ACCIDENT! I can't wait until the MSM tried to spin the latest turn (click here) in this story! I guess Cheney was actually aiming for Harry Whittington,..it was all a cover-up,...Whittington was going to switch parties,...etc,..BS,..BS,..BS,...

    And finally,...('cause I'm getting writer's cramp!),..who's going to take a crack at Iran first? US or Israel? Read Ahmadinejad's latest rants here!

    Sunday, February 12, 2006

    Snow Job! February 12, 2006!

    Well,..after Mother Nature having a hot flash, we've finally started to look like winter around here!

    Here's yesterday at 3:30 p.m. :

    And This morning at 8:00 a.m.:

    Official TrekMedic totals: about 15"

    Thursday, February 09, 2006

    Announcing - The Trekkie Awards!

    Since its that crazy season when Leftywood decides to pat itself in the back, over and over, ad nauseum, I've decided on a little counter-programming of my own:

    With AMPAS doling out Oscars for ruining every American icon in the book, all the while pushing its socialist agenda, as well as the SAG Awards and the Foreign Press' Golden Globes (personally, the only Golden Globes the TrekMedic was interested in belonged to Scarlett Johannsen!) we can have:

    The Trekkie Award for Movie of the Year goes to:
    • Cinderella Man
    The Trekkie Award for Movie Totally Devoid of Any Leftist Drivel goes to:
    • The Chronicles of Narnia

    And, of course, NARAS doled out a bunch of awards to a group of knuckle-dragging urban thugs for making even more mindless, forgettable noise. So,...

    The Trekkie Award for Album of the Year:
    • U2's "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" (Because God is a Cath-o-lic!)
    The Trekkie First Amendment Award:
    • Green Day's "American Idiot" (It was an unabashedly anti-Bush album, but unlike most third-world banana republics, we Americans don't ban music or censor artists, even when they offer an opposing view)
    The Trekkie Award for Best New Artist:
    • Death Cab for Cutie and M.I.A (tie)
    The Trekkie AC/DC "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" Award for Longevity:
    • The Rolling Stones - "A Bigger Bang"

    Happy Birthday Stop the ACLU!!

    Today I turn 29 years old, and Stop the ACLU turns one. We started out on blogsnot. Here is our first post. Enough about that...on with the blogburst.

    Top Ten Myths of the ACLU:

    10. The ACLU is non-partisan:

    The Truth: Not only were they founded on Communism, they are about as liberal an organization in existence. The public saw first hand in 1988 how the ACLU was involved in politics. "The portrayal of the ACLU as a radical liberal lobby reached its climax in the 1988 presidential campaign when George Bush used ACLU membership as a black mark against his opponent Michael Dukakis. The perception had taken root that the ACLU of 1988 has about as much to do with civil liberties as the AT&T of 1988 has to do with telegraphs."

    "Social reform, in a liberal direction, is the sine qua non of the ACLU. Its record, far from showing a momentary wavering from impartiality, is replete with attempts to reform American society according to the wisdom of liberalism. The truth of the matter is that the ACLU has always been a highly politicized organization."William Donahue

    They may take a token case here and there for the other side to bolster its non-partisan claims, but those cases are far outweighed by their numerous other cases that are clearly intended to further its partisan agenda. They even keep scorecards on Congressmen and Representatives. Their claim of non-partisanship is what gives them their tax-exempt status, and nothing is further from the truth. They have split their organization into two in order to lobby their causes to the legislative branch.

    9. The ACLU Cares About Your Privacy Rights:

    The Truth: Despite all the rhetoric over the current NSA program, where the ACLU opposes the U.S. listening to traitor's having conversations with terrorists, the ACLU has no room to talk when it comes to violating privacy.

    The American Civil Liberties Union is using sophisticated technology to collect a wide variety of information about its members and donors in a fund-raising effort that has ignited a bitter debate over its leaders' commitment to privacy rights.

    Some board members say the extensive data collection makes a mockery of the organization's frequent criticism of banks, corporations and government agencies for their practice of accumulating data on people for marketing and other purposes.

    Daniel S. Lowman, vice president for analytical services at Grenzebach Glier & Associates, the data firm hired by the A.C.L.U., said the software the organization is using, Prospect Explorer, combs a broad range of publicly available data to compile a file with information like an individual's wealth, holdings in public corporations, other assets and philanthropic interests.

    The issue has attracted the attention of the New York attorney general, who is looking into whether the group violated its promises to protect the privacy of its donors and members. NY Times

    8. It is a patriotic thing to support the ACLU.

    The Truth: If you think the ACLU represents the average American values, then you are sadly misguided. Their absolutist views of liberty go far beyond what most people could ever support. They support the legalization of child porn distribution , and un-regulated prostitution. They are far from the traditional thoughts of patriotism, constantly defending Americas enemies, and fighting efforts of military recruiters.

    7. The ACLU Defends The Bill of Rights.

    The Truth: The ACLU defends the parts of the Bill of Rights that are in line with its agenda. What about the second, ninth, and tenth amendment?

    ACLU POLICY "The ACLU believes that the individual's right to bear arms applies only to the preservation or efficiency of a well-regulated militia. Except for lawful police and military purposes, the possession of weapons by individuals is not constitutionally protected. Therefore, there is no constitutional impediment to the regulation of firearms."ACLU

    And they certainly don't believe in States rights, constantly attempting to override the will of the people via the judicial branch.

    6. The ACLU Defends Religious Liberty

    The Truth: The ACLU claims to be the great defender of liberty, but the truth is that their definition of liberty is limited to what alligns within their agenda. As a matter of fact, the ACLU is the foremost religious censor in America. Despite the fact that this nation was founded upon the ideals of religious freedom, the ACLU has succeeded in manipulating the very founding principles through the corrupted judicial branch to repress the religious expression of America, and continues to work daily at erasing our National religious heritage from the pages of history.details

    5. The ACLU's Slogan of "Keep America Safe and Free":

    The Truth: What a joke! When 9-11 occurred what measures did the ACLU take to ensure our safety? None, zip, nada. This organization has done nothing to ensure our safety, in fact it has chosen to sue our government on behalf of terrorists outside of their legal jurisdiction while they were located in prisons on foreign soil.

    They have since then demanded that the government release and make public top secret security information regarding not only the activities of our military, but also that of our intelligence forces. They have also initiated one lawsuit after another against the government to stop the searching of individuals for security purposes in mass transit situations, to stop what they call profiling (we will never see a Protestant white middle-aged woman as a terrorist working with an extremist Islamic organization) by race, sex and religion, and to stop the government from detaining and questioning or interrogating individuals who have ties or contact with known terrorist individuals and organizations.

    They say they are for a safe and free America. Yet their actions speak very loudly the opposite of the lip service they give in this banner for a safe America.

    4. They Defend the Oppressed and Helpless:

    The Truth: If you count terrorists, child molesters, and murderers as oppressed and helpless, then you may think this one is true. The truly defensless are the very children being harmed by these perverts the ACLU defend. The ACLU don't believe children have any rights, unless it is to murder their own children without their parents ever knowing.

    3. The word "American" in their name truly reflects what they are:

    They are constantly stepping outside the bounds of America, reaching out to help the very enemy. They fight every effort by our government to protect us, and sue them every chance we get. For the ACLU, the mighty checkbook takes precendence over America's security, and many think they are rooting for the enemy. It isn't hard to believe when theytry to get admitted terrorists off the hook.

    2. The ACLU Was Founded On Noble Intentions:

    The Truth: One of the great myths of the 20th - and now 21st - century is the belief that the American Civil Liberties Union was an organization that had a noble beginning, but somehow strayed off course.

    That myth is untrue. The ACLU set a course to destroy America – her freedom and her values - right from the start.

    From its very beginning, the ACLU had strong socialist and communist ties. As early as 1931, the U.S. Congress was alarmed by the ACLU's devotion to communism. A report by the Special House Committee to Investigate Communist Activities stated

    The American Civil Liberties Union is closely affiliated with the communist movement in the United States, and fully 90 percent of its efforts are on behalf of communists who have come into conflict with the law. It claims to stand for free speech, free press and free assembly, but it is quite apparent that the main function of the ACLU is an attempt to protect the communists.

    Roger Baldwin and Crystal Eastman founded the ACLU in 1920 along with three other organizations dedicated to the most leftist of causes. The histories of these two individuals belie their claims of patriotism and respect for the Constitution.

    Baldwin openly sought the utter destruction of American society. Fifteen years after the founding of the ACLU, Baldwin wrote:

    I am for Socialism, disarmament and ultimately, for the abolishing of the State itself … I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.

    1. The ACLU Does Not Collect Taxpayer's Funds:

    The Truth: The Civil Rights Act, intended to help poor people who could not afford to defend their rights, grants judges the right to award attorney's fees in civil rights cases. The ACLU have turned this on its head, often using it to threaten small schools and local governments that can not afford to defend themselves from the ACLU.

    Take it from a former ACLU Lawyer, Reese Llyod:

    Stated Lloyd: "The ACLU has perverted, distorted and exploited the Civil Rights Act … to turn it into a lawyer-enrichment act."

    Lloyd says the American people are "oblivious" to how many millions of dollars in taxpayer funds are going to the ACLU each year.

    The attorney pointed out many attorneys in cases brought by the ACLU are volunteers, so the fees the group is awarded normally do not go to reimburse an attorney but rather directly into the organization's coffers.

    This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay at Jay@stoptheaclu.com or Gribbit at GribbitR@gmail.com. You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 150 blogs already on-board

    Tuesday, February 07, 2006

    Now is the Time to Come to Denmark's Defense!

    The Kingdom of Denmark has long been a friend and supporter of the United States and now, in its right to exercise its freedom of speech, the country has become the latest target of the insanity that we call Islam!

    This today from the AP:

    COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Its embassies are ablaze, its boycotted industries are losing millions of dollars a day - and Denmark is reeling with dismay.

    A nation that prides itself on extensive humanitarian work, and usually gets only cursory media attention, suddenly finds itself denounced as evil. In the furor over publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, Danes are groping for ways to cool the anger and are reassessing their self-image.


    Denmark is proud of its free-speech laws. The last slander conviction was in 1938, when a group of Danes were found guilty of agitating against Jews.

    The TrekMedic Muses:

    Denmark, along with several smaller continental European countries, has stood by the side of the United States throughout our campaign against terror and in spite of strident opposition from some of its lazier neighbors.


    Addendum from Reuters (HT to Charlie on the Turnpike)

    COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Denmark said on Tuesday that Muslim protests over a Danish newspaper's cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad raised concerns for the safety of its troops in Iraq and Afghanistan but that it had no plans to withdraw them.

    Monday, February 06, 2006

    This is the Religion of Peace??

    Protests Over Muhammad Caricatures Continue; Four Killed
    Monday, February 06, 2006

    KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan troops opened fire on demonstrators Monday, leaving at least four people dead, while Iranian police used tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters hurling stones and firebombs at the Danish Embassy in Tehran as anger mounted over the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

    The TrekMedic muses:

    Personally, I'm glad I live in a country founded on Judeo-Christian (not Muslim) beliefs, such as the freedom of expression and freedom of religion.

    If it weren't for all of the oil, these knuckle-dragging sand-monkeys would still be back in the Stone Age!

    Oh, and a quiet "thank you" to Lebanon for apologizing. I guess that, too, comes from having a significant Christian population, huh?

    Random Thoughts on Super Bowl XL

    First, congrats to the Steelers for coming back from being the Number 6 seed and winning the big dance!

    Second, a handshake, pat on the back and fare-thee-well to Jerome "The Bus" Bettis. 10 years in a long time for an NFL player, especially a running back. Getting the big prize in front of your hometown was icing on the cake.

    Third, the Eagles are backed by Governor Ed Rendell. They didn't make it to the big dance. The Steelers spawned Lynn Swann, now a candidate for governor. They Steelers won. Coincidence?

    Finally, who cares about the game! We all watch for the commercials!

    Here's the SpotBowl Top 3:
    1. FedEx - Cave Man
    2. Budweiser - Hidden Fridge
    3. Budweiser - Grizzly Bear
    Now, for those who read my blog regularly, you know that it's only MY opinions that count, so here are my Top 3:
    1. Ameriquest - Doctors Kill Fly, Not Patient
    2. Budweiser - Amber Light Touch Football Game
    3. FedEx - Cave Man
    And finally (no, really,..finally):


    Saturday, February 04, 2006

    Define Freedom of Speech in the Muslim World

    HT to BobG at Sweet Spirits of Ammonia for this:

    "And, so it goes on and on. This, however, illustrates the fundamental differences between the cultures that cannot be bridged.

    In Pakistan, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam said she hopes the Danish government will "try to resolve this issue because you cannot hurt the sentiments of billions of Muslims in the name of freedom of press."

    But, of course, it is perfectly fine for Muslims to insult Jews, Hindus and Christians. Where is the Muslim violent reaction to those acts?"

    To that the TrekMedic adds:

    Friday, February 03, 2006

    Bad Habits by Zodiac Signs

    Bad Habits by Sign
    by Stephanie Dempsey

    Nobody's perfect - all signs have their vices. Fortunately, astrology provides valuable clues for breaking bad habits. Ending these patterns will help you realize your full potential. Here are some tips for conquering those negative behaviors that get in the way of your ultimate happiness.

    And this shouldn't surprise anybody:

    • Brutally Honest Sagittarius

    Archers have a bad habit of telling the truth. And while these folks have the best intentions, that doesn't take the sting out of comments like, "Gee, those pants make you look fat!" or "Were you drunk when you wrote this report?" The best way for Archers to cultivate tact is through prodigious study. Etiquette books will definitely help!

    Thursday, February 02, 2006


    (No! They haven't cloned Hillary, yet!)

    So today, I'm driving home from work and I see a car in front of me with the previously-mentioned rolling library of bumper stickers.

    Across an older Kerry-Edwards sticker was one saying "51% in NOT a Mandate!"

    Jeez, people, get over yourselves! While I shouldn't be amazed anymore, I am still dumbfounded that the DNC would continue to spend a fortune complaining about an election the lost two years ago!

    Get over it! You lost! Try again in 2008!

    An Anti-ACLU Rant for 2/2/06

    This has been a very disappointing period of time for the ACLU. Two strict constructionists appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States. One of which reviews Supreme Court appeals from the 9th Circus, Justice Alito. I have a feeling that there will be a lot of cases from the 9th making it to the Supreme Court as well as an increase in the number of reversals nation wide.

    Just yesterday, the ACLU released 8 press releases in between their meals of sour grapes and Koolaid. They can't get their politicians elected at the ballot box. Some of those which they have gotten elected are proving impotent due to their lack of any real power in Congress. But now, the federal judiciary has been taken back by those who actually read what the Constitution says and not trying to look for some hidden meaning. I don't believe in the Davinci Code nor do I believe the Constitution says anything other that what is printed in it.


    The ACLU usually prefers to stay in the shadows. They lurk there like criminals waiting to roll some drunk for what little money that he may have. They send out "advisory letters" which advises that the city or town either comply with their wishes, or they will tie them up in very costly legal proceedings. And it isn't so much the fight for what's right that is important to the ACLU. No, it's that big payoff of legal fees reimbursements that will be ordered by the judge. Taxpayers money going into the hands of this Anti American institution.

    I received a letter from my Congressman a few months back in which he tried to assure me that the ACLU does not receive taxpayers money. Well, my Congressman is wrong.

    There exists a little law where the option of requiring the losing party to reimburse the legal fees of the winning party in civil rights cases. So if the respondent in a civil rights case is the federal government and the government loses, who's paying the ACLU? We are, John/Jane Q. Taxpayer is footing that bill. The same is true on the state and local level.

    So the ACLU uses this as a tool to intimidate cash-strapped cities and states to advance their agenda. For instance, the debate over public celebrations of Christmas. Every time it's been actually challenged in court, the ACLU loses. But yet, if your town puts up a nativity scene in your local park, the ACLU will send an "advisory letter." So your town will take it down and bow to the will of the mighty ACLU.

    The ACLU is a terrorist organization. They are more powerful than Al Qaeda. Why do I say that? Because they use our own laws against us. They are destroying us from within. And this is why they are concerned about the NSA eavesdropping program. Because they know, if we can listen in on Al Qaeda, we can listen in on anyone who is a threat to our way of life. And that means them too. That is using their twisted logic anyway.

    This is why they are pushing the domestic spying falsehood. If the NSA were listening in on your conversation with Aunt Mildred getting her cookie recipe, that would be domestic spying. In this program, on end of the conversation must be either known or suspected Al Qaeda. And at least one of the parties has to be outside of the United States. This being true, it cannot be labeled domestic can it?

    This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay at Jay@stoptheaclu.com or Gribbit at GribbitR@gmail.com. You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 150 blogs already on-board.

    Wednesday, February 01, 2006

    My First Meme Tag of '06!

    Gads,..tagged by klkk over at My Army Life and Times!

    4 Jobs You Have Had In Your Life

    1. Delivery boy at local pharmacy
    2. Sales clerk at Sears
    3. Compliance Inspector for a mortgage company
    4. Paramedic...

    4 Movies You Would Watch Over and Over

    1. Stalag 17
    2. Great Escape
    3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    4. Spaceballs

    4 Places You Have Lived

    1. Philadelphia,..Philadelphia,...get it...??

    4 TV Shows You Love to Watch

    1. Lost
    2. Invasion
    3. Sc-Fi FRiday
    4. Monarch of the Glen

    4 Places You Have Been On Vacation

    1. London
    2. Edingburgh
    3. Toronto
    4. Montreal

    4 Websites You Visit Daily

    1. Attytood
    2. Blonde Sagacity
    3. Weapons of Mass Discussion
    4. Star Yecch!

    4 Favorite Foods

    1. Pizza Steaks
    2. Pizza
    3. Szechuan dumplings
    4. Italian

    4 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now

    1. In bed with someone other than my hand ;)
    2. New Hampsha
    3. Sydney Australia
    4. The White House

    4 People to Tag

    I'm going to take Kitty's high road and not tag anyone else!