2011 - The Year We Take Back Congress and Make Obama's Life Hell!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Its My Blogoversary, but,...

Gentle readers,
I started this blog 7 years ago on a lark and it helped me connect to a lot of great, right-minded people.

I've seen the re-election of "W" and the slow undoing of our glorious Republic; I've seen the Phillies phinally make it to the Big Show, the Flyers, Wings, Soul and even the Beagles put Philadelphia on the map.

But this year, too many personal issues have taken their toll and I find myself just not having the heart to invest the time and energy to put together post after post railing against the injustices of the world.

Its been a great ride, but now I have to walk away. I'll still be shooting my mouth off on Facebook, if you're interested.

I'd like to thank some of the great people who've shared my journey, among them:

Denny a/k/a Captain America

Wyatt Earp

Bill Shaw

Lisa Corleto

Alex Charyna

The entire gang at PAWaterCooler

and many others who've gone by the wayside.

Fare Thee Well!



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All the best!


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