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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Calculate Social Security

Hat tip to Patrick Ruffini and the guys at Weapons of Mass Discussion for this one:

Monday, May 30, 2005

Today's FOX "Tongue-Tied"

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These stories were just too good to pass up!

Stairway to Nowhere, No Whites Allowed
Monday, May 30, 2005
By Scott Norvell

A high school student who painted an image that kinda sorta looks like a stairway to heaven had to change it after some folks complained about the religious imagery, reports the Napa Valley Register.

The student, who carries a Bible and has earned the nickname Pastor K., said he didn't want to offend anyone and immediately changed the image on a painting outside the Napa High School art room.

Stairs previously leading to a castle in the sky now lead to a sunspot in the sky, and the castle is moored to the ground instead of planted in clouds. "I don't want to cause anyone to get upset," said the student, Kyle Trudelle.

Some observant students wonder, however, why no one has complained about a nearby mural depicting the Virgin Mary. It was explained that that painting is about Hispanic heritage, so it's OK.


KGET-TV in California reports that a white social worker who wanted to attend a meeting of the National Association of Black Social Workers was told he was not welcome because of his skin pigment.

Bakersfield, Calif., social worker Brain Parnell wanted to attend the New Orleans meeting along with five of his colleagues because he often works with minority children. When he tried to enter, however, he was turned away

"I approached the registration table and was greeted by a very friendly fellow who looked me in the eye and said, 'Are you black?'" said Parnell. "I told him that I'm not and he told me that the conference was only for people who were black and so I wasn't able to register to attend the conference."

"I was shocked," said Parnell. "I was surprised that in 2005, I could be singled out because of the color of my skin."

Bad Girl!

An 8-year-old girl who wanted to sing a song that mentioned God at her elementary school talent show was told the content was too religious for a school function and denied that right, according to The Associated Press.

Olivia Turton wanted to sing the Rich Mullins song "Awesome God" for the show at Frenchtown Elementary School in New Jersey, but school officials stopped her. Lyrics like "Our God is an awesome God/He reigns from heaven above/with wisdom, pow'r and love/Our God is an awesome God" apparently scared them.

The girl's parents have now sued the school, claiming it violated her First Amendment rights.

Stop the Presses

A Dallas-area parent is demanding that her child's preschool change its logo because it features only a Caucasian child, reports WFAA-TV.

Leslie Moore, a teacher in McKinney, Texas, whose child is in the preschool program, says the logo is racist.

"It sends the wrong message," she said. "It's telling me that every other ethnic race other than Caucasian is inferior to the Caucasian race."

Even though T-shirts and bags are already being printed, along with letterhead, school officials have stopped everything and will meet with Moore to discuss trading the offensive image for another logo that depicts the gorgeous mosaic of ethnicities that is the McKinney school district.

What Part of Illegal ...?

A New Hampshire police chief is under attack from immigrant-rights activists for charging illegal aliens with criminal trespass after federal authorities refused to enforce the law, according to The Associated Press.

Members of the AFL-CIO and some 30 other protesters gathered outside the New Ipswich police department to complain about Police Chief Garrett Chamberlain's efforts to curb illegal immigration. Theo Amani of a group called Africa Initiative said illegal immigrants should feel safe when they need or meet a police officer.

He and others, carrying signs reading, "You Can't Trespass on Public Property" and "No Human Is Illegal," said Chamberlain's efforts could lead to racial profiling. But Chamberlain — who charged an illegal immigrant under a state statute after federal authorities refused to take him into custody — says race has nothing to do with it. "Please do not try to portray this as a race issue," he said. "It is not; it's legal versus illegal."

Your Tax Money at Work

A school district in North Carolina is spending nearly $50,000 a year to have its teachers berated as racists in the name of diversity and anti-racism training, reports the Greensboro News Record.

Officials in Guilford County are requiring some 300 teachers in the district to sit through seminars by Chicago's Crossroads Ministry. Participants, according to the paper, "are taught that history is written from the perspective of whites and that laws and policies benefit whites while putting minorities at an immediate disadvantage."

The paper provided no details about the seminars.

The Crossroads Ministry makes no bones about its belief that "U.S. racial and cultural imperialism abroad are fundamentally based on white supremacy at home, founded on the belief that only White Europeans and White Euro-Americans should set the world's agenda and control and distribute the world's resources."

The ministry also insists that whites are like alcoholics who are unaware of their racism and how they "benefit from and even depend on the sufferings of others for their happiness." Coincidentally — we're sure — one of the Guildford County school board members trying to make sure there is plenty set aside in next year's half-a-million dollar training budget for Crossroads is Deena Hayes, who the paper describes as a trainer in institutional racism for the People's Institute which frequently partners with Crossroads.

Memorial Day - The REAL Way

Ok,...summer "kicks off" today,...people make a mass exodus to Da Shore,...we BBQ,..we watch fireworks,...we watch classic WWII movies on TCM or AMC,....but to really appreciate the sacrifices made so that we could do all of this things, click here:


By the way,..take time out today to visit a VA Hospital and thank a vet or two, OK?

Friday, May 27, 2005

Well,..its About Time!

From today's Philly Inkwaster:

Posted on Fri, May. 27, 2005
Bone up on Constitution: It's the law
On Sept. 17, schools and colleges that accept federal funds must teach what "We the People" is all about.

By Ben Feller
Associated Press

WASHINGTON - The Education Department outlined this week how it plans to enforce a little-known provision Congress passed in 2004: Every school and college that receives federal money must teach about the Constitution on Sept. 17, the day the document was adopted in 1787.

Schools may determine what kind of educational program they want, but they must hold one every year on what is now named "Constitution Day and Citizenship Day." And if Sept. 17 falls on a weekend or holiday, schools must schedule a program immediately before or after that date.

Historically, the federal government has avoided dictating what must be taught or when, because those powers rest with the states under the 10th Amendment. The Education Department's Web site even underlines that point, saying that matters such as curricula and course requirements fall outside federal authority.

Congress stepped in when it came to the nation's foundational document. Sen. Robert C. Byrd (D., W.Va.) - who keeps a copy of the Constitution in his pocket and is frustrated by what he called a huge ignorance on the part of many Americans about history - inserted the Constitution lesson mandate into a spending bill in 2004.

Medic musing: Maybe Sen. Byrd oughta take it out of his pocket and look at it every now and then!


National surveys and test scores in recent years have shown that many students do not know much about history. A study of high school students' attitudes this year showed that most take the First Amendment to the Constitution for granted. More than one in three students said the First Amendment went too far in guaranteeing freedom of religion, speech and the press.

Yet some education groups say Congress has no business dictating what schools and universities must do on a certain day.

Medic Musing: Why not? The ACLU gets away with it every day!!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

You Put the Lime in the Coke, You Nut,...

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Hat Tip to ALa at Blonde Sagacity for the story and pic,...

Up in Arms Over Nooyi's "Finger"
BW Online readers sound off about the controversial speech by PepsiCo's CFO -- and on the blogstorm that followed

When PepsiCo President and CFO Indra Nooyi compared the U.S. to the middle finger on a hand during a recent speech to Columbia MBA graduates, the analogy set off a firestorm in cyberspace. Conservative bloggers quickly condemned what they perceived as the apparent anti-American implications of her remarks, forcing PepsiCo (PEP) to run a prominent apology from the senior executive on the home page of its Web site.

Yet another reason why I drink Coke....always have, always will.

Anti-ACLU Rant of the Week 5/26/05

Giving time over to Jay777 at Stop the ACLU!

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it

The right to express unpopular opinions, advocate despised ideas(NAMBLA) and display graphic images is something the ACLU has steadfastly defended for all of its history. Exception: in the case for pro-lifers.

The ACLU's Reproductive Rights Project has a lot to do with why the ACLU is so reluctnat to defend the rights of anti-abortion protesters.

"With a $2 million dollar budget and a staff of 17 employees, Janet Benshoof was the Union's most devoted activist for abortion rights.....she became so overextended in her approach that she advocated mob pressure on the judiciary; she pushed for "pro-choice" activists to march on court rooms where abortion cases were being heard."Twilight of Liberty
To the ACLU, anti-abortion protesters are not seen in the same light as civil rights demonstrators in the 60's, but as lunatic fascists out to destroy freedom.

"Hence, the reluctance of the ACLU to defend principle, that is, the excersize of First Ammendment rights by anti-abortion activists. Ironically, real facists-like the American Nazis and Klansmen-have had thier rights protected more often and with greater vigor by the ACLU than anti-abortion demonstrators.Twilight of Liberty
Of course there are loonies in the anti-abortion movement, but that was true of the civil rights movement, the anti-war movement of the 60's, and even today in the "pro-choice" demonstrators. Every movement has it's fringe element. But while the ACLU was right on top in defending any violations of the law for all of these movements, when it comes to the opponents of abortion having their First Amendment rights violated by the authorities, the ACLU is completely absent.

Not even having the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act(RICO) thrown at anti-abortion protesters moved the ACLU into action.

The ACLU is nominally opposed to the RICO statute, and there are some senior members, like Washington official Antonio Califa, who are truly opposed to the invocation of RICO against any protesters, including opponents of abortion. However, due largely to the influence of Benshoof, the ACLU's record is grievously stained in this area.Twilight of Liberty

It was actually her suggestion in a booklet titled, "Preserving the Right to Choose: How to Cope with Violence and Disruption at Abortion Clinics." The ACLU would not tolerate the use of RICO against nuclear weapons dissedents, but in the case of anti-abortion protesters the matter is quite different. In fact, the ACLU has actually used the RICO against them. When pro-life demonstrators were sued under RICO in Philadelphia, the local chapter of the ACLU filed an amicus brief on behalf of the plaintiffs, the Northeast Women's Center.

The ACLU missed another opportunity to defend civil liberties in 1989 in West Harford, Connecticut. It was on June 17 that 261 persons were arrested, and then physically abused by police, for staging a sit-in.

The police used "come-a-long" holds, or "pain compliance holds", with a result that many claimed permanent nerve damage. Some were denied medical care, and others were not allowed phone calls for over two days. One woman had to have surgery after the police damaged her uterus. The ACLU did nothing.

When John Spear, a publisher of a small New York newspaper, wrote an editorial against police brutality, he too was slapped with a RICO suit. He was charged with extortion. The ACLU did nothing.

"Why do they still call it a civil liberties union?" commented ACLU member and nemesis Nat Hentoff. When pressed about cases like the West Hartford one, the ACLU typically responds that it can't get involved with the defense of antiabortion protesters because it is already committed ot the ise of the abortion clinics. When John Leo asked Alan Dershowitz, "Can it be that the affiliates sometimes deliberately involve themselves early on one side so they will have an excuse not to help victims on the other?" the Harvard Law professor replied, "Absolutely. They go to the pro-choice people and say, "Get us in right away, "thereby giving them the excuse of conflict of interest in the event they are contacted by the anti-abortion side. And what does the ACLU say when asked specifically about its duplicity regarding RICO? Lynn Paltrow, who worked for Benshoof, explained the Union's attitude: "Its ACLU policy to oppose application of RICO, but there are those on staff who feel that as long as RICO exists, this kind of behavior (Operation Rescue tactics) does fit." "In other words," as John Leo puts it, "RICO is totally bad, but sort of useful."Twilight of Liberty,
It looks pretty clear to me. In the eyes of the ACLU you the First Amendment protects child molesters, perverts, and facists, but not Pro-lifers! Quite hypocritical in my opinion.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What Military Aircraft Are You?

What military aircraft are you?

F/A-22 Raptor

You are an F/A-22. You are technologically inclined, and though you've never been tested in combat, your very name is feared. You like noise, but prefer not to pollute any more than you have to. And you can move with the best.

Personality Test Results

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Pics from Harrisburg

Proving that not all firetrucks come in Red and White,...


This ambulance had the names of all 343 FFs who died on 9/11 on the white stripes!

Lawrenceville, NJ Tele-Squirt 23

Monday, May 23, 2005

More News on Our Southern Border!

(link inserted into title)

Hat Tip to Bob G over at Sweet Spirits of Ammonia for this one:

Congressional Report Praises Minuteman Project
What are we waiting for? This should happen immediately, if not sooner. Thanks again, Minutemen, for all you do.

The deployment of 36,000 National Guard troops or state militia on the U.S.-Mexico border would stop the illegal flow of foreigners into America, says a congressional report that credits the Minuteman Project with proving that additional manpower could "dramatically reduce if not virtually eliminate" illegal immigration.
The 33-page report, written by investigators for the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, said the Minutemen — who shut down a 23-mile stretch of the Arizona border last month — served as a model for a government effort to reclaim the southern border of the United States.
"The tide of illegal crossings on the borders of the United States is beyond unsatisfactory; it is catastrophic. It does not ebb and flow — it only grows. It is rising without measure and eroding the very fiber of our safety, life and culture," the report said.
"As we wage the war on terror in foreign lands, we have all our doors and windows open at home. ... The insanity of such a policy, or silent toleration of such a policy is almost criminal in itself," it said. "The Minuteman Project demonstrated that illegal immigration on America's southern border can be dramatically reduced to manageable levels."
The report, to be released today, also said the U.S. Border Patrol failed "through no fault of its rank-and-file enforcement officers" to protect the United States from an influx of illegals.
It said the agency's uniformed leadership should be pointed in a "new direction" as it is in "total denial of the magnitude of the disaster" and — as currently organized, staffed and supported — "cannot be relied upon" to remedy the situation soon.
"The Border Patrol needs new direction from the Department of Homeland Security if it is to shake off the lethargy from years of undermanned frustration," the report said. "The patrol needs to empower its outstanding field officers to act as necessary to accomplish the patrol's mission ... to energize its leadership to think outside the box."
The report said Congress and the states could sustain the success of the Minuteman Project — whose members were lightly armed, had no arrest powers, were not paid and traveled to Arizona at their own expense — with the deployment of National Guard troops or state militia working in coordination with the Border Patrol.
The report said that sufficient reinforcements exist in current National Guard units and could be put on the border by governors and the secretary of defense within one month, if the political will exists.
As an alternative to using existing powers and forces, the report said, a $2.5 billion annual initiative coordinated through the states for the issuance of Homeland Security grants could authorize and fund state militia, or state defense forces, to assist the Border Patrol.
State militia units already exist in 22 states, including Maryland and Virginia. Militia units also are located in the border states of California, New Mexico and Texas.
The report also called on Republican Govs. Rick Perry of Texas and Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and Democratic Govs. Janet Napolitano of Arizona and Bill Richardson of New Mexico to immediately request federal funding from Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld for the mobilization of 36,000 National Guard troops within 30 days.
"The primary impetus to stimulate the Minuteman Project is a border out of control; not for months, not for years, not just since September 11, but for many, many years," the report said. "Social and legal costs and cultural cohesion far outweigh supposed economic benefit. At a time of terror threat, the cost of irresponsibly unsecured borders can be horrific."
The report also noted that Border Patrol supervisors said the Minutemen had little or no effect on illegal immigration, attributing apparent decreases during the vigil to increased enforcement efforts by the agency, along with the increased presence of Mexican military and police south of the border.
"However, nearly every individual Border Patrol officer who spoke off-the-record in the field to the Caucus team said that illegal immigration virtually stopped in the sector patrolled by the Minutemen as a direct result of Minutemen activity and publicity," the report said.
"The individual officers were highly appreciative of the impact the Minutemen made in the area, had good working relations with the project unofficially and felt the project had made a valuable contribution to the cause of the rank-and-file officer — protecting the border against impossible logistical challenges," it said.
Despite contrary claims by the supervisors, the report said, illegal immigration dropped significantly in the areas east and west of Naco, Ariz., targeted by the Minutemen. It said the decline "put to rest the historic immigration reform myth that it is impossible to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border with any reasonable amount of additional manpower."
"The Minuteman Project demonstrated that illegal immigration on America's southern border can be dramatically reduced to manageable levels," the report said. "What is missing is not the means to control; it is the will. With a will, there is a way."
The 71-member caucus led by Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican, sent investigators to the Minuteman vigil with instructions to interview "any and all sources both on and off the record" and report their findings to Congress.
The report was written by Col. Frederick A. Peterson III, a retired U.S. Marine who serves as senior homeland defense adviser for Mr. Tancredo, and John E. Stone II, a captain in the Virginia Defense Force and deputy chief of staff for the House Education and the Workforce workforce protections subcommittee chaired by Rep. Charlie Norwood, Georgia Republican.

From The Washington Times.

What is the National/International news?

Is it Mary Kay Letourneau marrying her child,..I mean, childhood sweetheart?

Or more illegals climbing over our Sourthern border?

And the murders they commit?

Or what our government is doing about them?

Is it Michael Jackson's child molestation trial?

Or Saudis burning Bibles?

Is it Mrs. Bush being harassed in Israel?

Do you like to be lulled into a false sense of reality by the MSM?

Or pay attention to what's really going on in the world?

The phone lines are open, folks!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Pancakes Anyone?

Ok,..I've promised to publish this for awhile now and frequent readers have been bugging me about it, so,...since I'm in a good mood today, here it is:

1 cup prepared pancake mix, like Aunt Jemima or Hungry Jack (But DON'T use Krusteaz!)
1 tsp cinnamon sugar (I have a secret spice mix version)
3/4 cup milk
1 egg

First, blend the mix and sugar together. Microwave the milk for about 30 secs. DON'T boil it, just get it warm. Add the egg and milk at the same time. Whisk together, but don't beat it to death, just blend until smooth. Let stand for about 2 minutes.

Cook on whatever grill or pan you normally use to make pancakes.

If you use a 1/4 cup scoop, you'll get 12-15 pancakes.


If you add blueberries, cut the milk down to 2/3 cup and microwave the berries for about 1 minute before adding.

If you add chocolate chips, keep the recipe the same, but cut back on the sugar mix

If you add apples, shred them on a grater and drain a little before adding. Increase the cinnamon sugar to taste.

I've also tried adding instant oatmeal, just add more milk and definitely let it boil before adding to the mix to cook the oats (unless you actually LIKE to grind away at your pancakes for 5 minutes!)

NewMax - Hillary in Hot Water?

(link inserted into title)

Friday, May 20, 2005 9:53 a.m. EDT

Hillary Fund-raiser Tapes Spur New Probes

Secretly recorded audiotapes that helped drive the prosecution of Hillary Clinton's one-time finance director David Rosen have prompted investigations into the fund-raising activities of other top Democratic figures, a newspaper familiar with the contents of those tapes reported on Friday.

Ted Kennedy brother-in-law Raymond Reggie agreed to wear a wire for the FBI in 2002 while facing bank fraud and conspiracy charges in another case. It was Reggie's tapes that captured Rosen making incriminating statements about his role in an August 2000 gala fund-raiser for Mrs. Clinton.


Both prosecutor Peter Zeidenberg and presiding judge A. Howard Matz have agreed to keep Reggie's tapes out of Rosen's trial. That's good news for Democrats, at least for the time being.


A transcript of the tape, the Times-Picayune said, "shows that while some parts could have helped bolster the government's case [against Rosen], others contained potentially embarrassing details about the fast-and-loose practices of top Democratic fund raisers and party officials."

OK,...what's Hillary and her whipping boy, Howard Scream,..uh,..Dean, hiding now?

Friday, May 20, 2005

EMS Week - Day 5

On Day 5 of EMS Week, the loyal troops were served hoagies!

As for me, I took the day off and went to Harrisburg for the PA Fire Expo.

Pics will be posted this week!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

God Strikes Out!

Well,..the other shoe has fallen off. CBS has cancelled "Joan of Arcadia."

That's two good, moral shows down the s**tter in favor of more pre-mixed pablum for the 18-34 y/o eMpTyV addicts.


EMS Week - Day 4

Management Feeds the Employees!

Burgers and Hot Dogs were the order of the day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

EMS Week - Day 3

Management Washed All of the Employees' Cars!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Does This Sound Peaceful to You??

Taken from LGF:

We have ruled the world before, and by Allah, the day will come when we will rule the entire world again. The day will come when we will rule America. The day will come when we will rule Britain and the entire world – except for the Jews. The Jews will not enjoy a life of tranquility under our rule, because they are treacherous by nature, as they have been throughout history. The day will come when everything will be relived of the Jews - even the stones and trees which were harmed by them. Listen to the Prophet Muhammad, who tells you about the evil end that awaits Jews. The stones and trees will want the Muslims to finish off every Jew.

The full text is available here.

What Hath the MSM Wrought NOW?

(link inserted into title)

Newsweek Apologizes
Inaccurate Report on Koran Led to Riots

By Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, May 16, 2005; A01

Newsweek apologized yesterday for an inaccurate report on the treatment of detainees that triggered several days of rioting in Afghanistan and other countries in which at least 15 people died.

Editor Mark Whitaker expressed regret over the item in the magazine's "Periscope" section, saying it was based on a confidential source -- a "senior U.S. government official" -- who now says he is not sure whether the story is true.


The deadly consequences of the May 1 report, and its reliance on the unnamed source, have sparked considerable anger at the Pentagon. Spokesman Bryan Whitman called Newsweek's report "irresponsible" and "demonstrably false," saying the magazine "hid behind anonymous sources which by their own admission do not withstand scrutiny. Unfortunately, they cannot retract the damage that they have done to this nation or those who were viciously attacked by those false allegations."

Expressing regret isn't going to bring back all of the dead, nor repair the damaged structures brought about by yet another inaccurate MSM story! For God's sake, are these people TRYING to get the Islamic world to attack us again? If Newsweak were a right-leaning rag, you know the Untied Nations would be putting Whitaker's feet to the fire over all of this!

BTW - Cox and Forkum have a great cartoon related to this.
See it here!

EMS Week - Day 2

Soft Pretzels were to order of the day today,..

And a visit from the Boss!

(CEO Matt Harrison flanked by TCA Main Line Staff)

Monday, May 16, 2005

EMS Week - Day 1


Welcome to Homer Simpson heaven!

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Lifted from Dr. Sanity,...

Imagine That! (sung to the tune of Lennon's "Imagine")

Imagine there's no Jihad
It's easy if you try
No more suicide bombers
Who plan for you to die
Imagine every nation
with all their people free...

Imagine no Osama,
It isn't hard to do,
And no Zarqawi
(He discovered he's a Jew!)
Imagine all those mullahs,
buried under ground...

Imagine Mr. Castro,
like many Cubans try,
locked inside his own jail,
It makes me want to cry
Just thinking of that image,
Sweet and just and true...

Imagine Kim Jong Il,
I wonder if you can,
Losing all his marbles,
in a nuclear weapon ban,
Imagine North Koreans
Finally having food...

You may say Im a dreamer,
But it's easy don't you see,
To imagine life in freedom
And the end to tyranny.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

One for the Good Guys!

(link inserted into title)

Court: 'In God We Trust' OK on Building

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - The inscription ``In God We Trust'' on the facade of a government building in North Carolina does not violate the U.S. Constitution's guidelines on the separation of church and state, a federal appeals court ruled Friday.

I hope the Anti-Christian Liberals Union is paying close attention to this one!

This Means WAR!

Taken from Matt Hurley at Weapons of Mass Discussion:

Imagine if the ACLU got to stop the Minuteman Project! This would happen more frequently!

Border Patrol Takes Fire From Across Border
Thursday, May 12, 2005 Updated:3:23:16 PM CDT

Would anybody like to wager the MS-13 had something to do with this??

Generalized Rantings for 5/14/05

Amazing what happens when you have a weekend off,...

If only this story were true,...

America Wakes Up - Rap Is Dead

Philly Rantings - Part I -

OK,..woke up this morning to hear about another fire-related tragedy in Kensington. Three children were killed in a house fire. Apparently, the house didn't have smoke detectors. Of course, the local MSM is all over the front of the house, and there it is - the ubiquitous "make-shift memorial" of stuffed toys for the dead. Now, I have to wonder, if you have the money to go out and buy a bunch of stuffed toys for these children, why didn't you spend that money on a smoke detector and some batteries???

Philly Rantings - Part II -

OK,..so the Phillies managed to actually win a game last night, 12-2, against the Reds. They're still 16-21 and sitting in the NL East basement. Ed Wade, General mangler,...er,..Manager of the Phillies was quoted in the local rags stating he doesn't think his job is in jeopardy. Of course, it isn't!! So long as you put out a mildly-competitive team that makes a profit for the owners, who cares about wins, losses and championships! A**hole! Not that its all Ed Wade's fault, though,....let's see if I get these facts right:
  • The Phils like (really, really like) playing for Charlie Manuel,
  • Larry Bowa was Adolf Hilter reincarnated,
  • Charlie's boys are 16-21 and never let a nice lead stand in the way of another loss.
  • Bowa's boys went THREE STRAIGHT years of above-.500 ball and contended for the better part of each season,
Hmmm,...I say "Seig Heil!"

Philly Rantings - Part III -

Will somebody (anybody!) PLEASE tell PennDOT to make the signs approaching the westbound Schuylkill Expressway/US 202/US 422 interchange a LITTLE BIGGER. Obviously, those HUGE signs posted now, telling you which lane to get in for the proper road, aren't big enough! Let's see, I-76 to the PA Turnpike, stay left,..US 202 North stay far right,...US 422/US 202 South, stay a little to the left, then follow the signs on the ramp. I swear, the next a**hole that cuts across four lanes of traffic to get to the exit gets rear-ended by me! (Only because I left the grenade launcher on MICU 202!)

And while they're at it, can PennDOT make another sign at the US 422/Swedesford Road split saying "Hey, a**hole, you missed the US 202 ramp and they're isn't another crossover. Tough s**t, live with it and turn around up at US 422 and SR 23! Yes, for the second week in a row, some loser put his left turn signal on and then slammed his brakes (thus nearly getting a rear-ending from yours truly) when he realized, too late, that he can't get over from the 422 access road to US 202 South!

OK,..off to make some pancakes,....

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Think This Looks Bad?

If you think this pic looks bad:

Imagine the uproar if a REPUBLICAN was wearing the same thing!!

More Anti-Religious Silliness

(link inserted into title)

District sued over Bible ban

A student wanted it read, but a Delco school said no.

By Kathy Boccella
Inquirer Staff Writer

As part of "Me Week" at Culbertson Elementary School in Newtown Square, kindergartners get to pick a favorite book for a parent to read in class.

But when Wesley Busch, 6, picked the Bible, his mother, Donna, was told it violated separation of church and state.

The dispute is the latest in the culture wars being played out in the nation's schools, where the teaching of evolution has come under attack and some conservatives are arguing for more religious observances.

On May 3, Donna Busch sued the Marple Newtown School District, arguing that her right to religious expression was violated. Although she was not permitted to read the Bible in class, other students were allowed to express their religious viewpoints by, among other things, making Hanukkah decorations, the suit contends.

Wesley "has a right to say who he is, what he likes, and what he's about without being made to feel negative about something that's so important a part of his life," said Busch, a business consultant and artist who lives in the Delaware County community with her husband and three sons.

Medic's Musings:

I'll bet my retirement I can guess whether or not the ACLU is going to get in the middle of this argument!

Arrogance, They Name is Mayor John Street

(link inserted into title)

Thanks, Mr. Mayor, for giving Philly YET another black eye:

New drama in Northeast: The mayor & his black bag

In these days of heightened post-9/11 security, most Philadelphians have grudgingly come to accept the scanners, the security checks, the requests to open their bags.

But apparently the mayor has not.

As Mayor Street, his wife and a female police officer tried to enter the movies at the AMC Theater at Franklin Mills Mall on a Saturday afternoon last month, Joseph Hood, 35, an AMC ticket-taker and 13-year employee who has cerebral palsy, politely asked to inspect the mayor's black bag.


The matter should have ended there, but it didn't because Street had an attorney on his staff call the theater a couple of days later.

That, in turn, prompted Hood's mother to write a letter to the editor of a Northeast community newspaper, a letter that slammed Street in his political solar plexus.

Medic's Musings:

Nice use of highly-paid resources, Mr. Mayor! Instead of sic-ing one of your lawyers on a handicapped person doing his job, why don't you have him/her look to weed out more of the corruption that's going on in your office and that you so fervently deny having any involvement???

Oh, yeah, and while I'm at it, why did you have to travel all the way up to the farthest reaches of Philadelphia to see a movie? Wasn't the atmosphere down at the Riverview Plaza to your liking? You created the political and social environment that has allowed those urban knuckle-dragger to turn that place into a gang hangout! And what about Lower Main Street in Manayunk? Oh, I forgot,..they've taken over that place, too! Well,...look at the bright side: Netflix has a built-in market in this town!

Anti-ACLU Rant of the Week 5/12/05

Giving time over to Jay777 and the Stop the ACLU Blog:

"The ACLU, along with seven national organizations, participates in
Right to Vote, a national coalition to end felony disfranchisement policies.

The ACLU is also conducting an ex-felon public education and mobilization campaign with affiliates in Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina and Southern California, to educate ex-felons about their voting rights and to encourage them to vote".Per ACLU

First, let me ask you a question. Is voting a right or a privilege? If you look at the numerous rights listed in the Declaration of Independence, and the constitution itself, there is no mention of voting rights. For those who believe they have a "right to vote," here's a little history lesson.

"The American founders were well versed in the miseries of majority rule and of the historical failures of democracies.

So, they went about forming a government which would protect the rights of everyone, especially the minority, from the tyranny of mob rule (democracy).
We often forget in our time that those who created the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. government itself had been a distinct political minority for many years. They knew first hand how dangerous majority rule and democracies can be. They knew instinctively that when the mob gets rolling, the rights of individuals are of no consequence.

"Trial, we don't need no stinkin' trial! He's guilty, string him up!" They knew that in a democracy, no one's rights are secure and that sooner or later the majority would find a way to sack the treasury and bleed it dry. That's why they formed a representative republic. In a republic form of government, which we are guaranteed by the national and state constitutions, there must be a limited franchise to vote.

Voting in a republic is not a right, it is a privilege. The American founders then went one step further, and insisted that voting privileges be determined by each state legislature, not the national or federal government. It worked quite well for more than 100 years ... then came "reconstruction" after the U.S. vs. CSA conflict in the 1860s. That's when the socialist move for a "full democracy" began. It has flourished ever since, slowly but surely eroding the original guarantees of a republic form of government by planting ideas that every person has a "right to vote," simply ignoring constitutional restraints against such a notion."

The 14th Amendment permits states to deny the vote "for participation in rebellion, or other crime." In 32 states convicted felons have the "privilege" to vote. Only 13 states now forbid convicted felons from voting, with just nine of these imposing lifetime bans. Two states, Vermont and Maine, even allow felons currently doing time to vote like any other citizen. The fact is that it isn't about the felon's "rights". What it comes down to is states rights.

Ignoring the fact that the ACLU is trampling on states rights for the moment, I will defend the decision of these states as deserving applause. Felons include murderers, rapists, and child molesters. Why should those who break the law have any right to vote for those who make and enforce the law? Why should convicted criminal have any say in who becomes sheriff or judge? And why stop at the "right" to vote? Why not restore a convicted murderer the right to own a gun?

Now, the subject of criminals serving time having some "right" to vote is just ludicrous to me. But when it comes to the subject of ex-prisoner felons being able to vote, it has to be approached with much more care.

Many believe that once a felon has served their time they have paid their price to society, and with their reinstated citizenship they should be given back it's full privileges including that of voting. In many cases the person has learned their lesson, and goes back into society to contribute positively, a truly changed individual for the better. And personally, I think people like this should regain their citizenship in full with all of it's benefits, including voting. But on the other hand, many come out of prison conditioned, and hardened, only to return to a life of crime...in many cases worse than before. In my opinion every citizen has a social contract with society, that once broken has also broken the trust of society. It really comes down to rehabilitation, and being given parole is not a true gauge to measure this by. I would have no problem giving ex-prisoner felons back their full citizen privileges after a specified period of time in which they commit no other felonies, and prove their good citizenship.

I know another argument from the left which states that laws denying formerly incarcerated criminals their "right" to vote is a remnant of the "old Jim Crow laws". These people believe the laws are racially motivated. They base their argument off of the statistics showing that almost one third of convicted felons are black.

Instead of confronting the fact that a grossly disproportionate percentage of crime is committed by black men, however, they twist it around and claim it is another example of institutionalized white racism. Of course, they conveniently leave out the fact that any convicted felon, despite their race, loses the right to vote in the states that forbid it.

If you think the disproportionate amount of blacks convicted of felonies is due to a flawed judicial system, I want argue with you. I also have qualms with our judicial system.

Despite all of the arguments, it all comes down to states' rights. If a state has decides to make part of the punishment of a felony the loss of their voting privileges permanently, or bear arms, this can not be infringed upon by the federal government, or the ACLU. Those who violate the rights of others have proven that they want the benefits of society without the burden of obeying its laws. They can hardly complain when a majority of their fellow citizens deny them the right to choose who make the laws. When one is convicted of a felony, they lose many rights and privileges. I definitely don't think incarcerated felons should be able to vote, as the ACLU does. And as far as them regaining those privileges once they finish their prison term....it shouldn't be unconditional or automatic the way the ACLU thinks.

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Interesting Take on Bill Cosby's View on Race

Michael Eric Dyson has written a book called "Is Bill Cosby Right?: Or Has the Black Middle Class Losts its Mind?

Makes for interesting reading. I'll probably buy it and comment further at a later date.

Another Slap in the ACLU's Face 5/9/05

Received this e-mail from Jay777 over at Stop the ACLU!

An Indiana congressman plans to curb the ACLU's appetite for filing suits targeting religion in the public square by introducing a bill that denies plaintiff attorneys the right to collect attorneys fees in such cases.

Rep. John Hostettler, R-Ind., is expected to file his measure next week to amend the Civil Rights Attorney's Fees Act of 1976, 42 U.S.C. Section 1988, to prohibit prevailing parties from being awarded attorneys fee in religious establishment cases, but not in other civil rights filings. http://www.wnd.com/news/article?ARTICLE_ID=44155

See my post! http://stoptheaclu.blogspot.com/2005/05/bill-to-take-profit-out-of-anti.html Tell everyone to contact their reps and senators and voice their support!

And sign the petition to get the ACLU off the taxpayer's dole! http://www.grassfire.net/33/petition.asp

To which I'll add:

Well,..it's about &^#^@% time!!!

OK,..YOU Define Rape

Heard this on Hannity today:

Apparently, even after confessing to raping several under-aged girls, a boy cannot be charged with rape in California - get this - BECAUSE THE GIRL WAS UNCONSCIOUS!!!

Yes, folks, the use of sedatives before unlawful acts of intercourse apparently nullifies any charges of rape in California.

Here's the legal definition of rape in California.

If anyone can find related stories to this, please comment.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Anti-ACLU Rant of the Week 5/5/05

Because of certain aspects of this week's topic, I am recusing myself from posting for now. I will post some other anti-ACLU rant later this week.

Welcome to the 21st Century


Sunday, May 01, 2005

A "Dream" Dies,.....

Wel,..it appears eating cockroaches, stabbing contestants in the back, and being the minion of a multi-billionaire has "trumped" one of the few decent shows on TV.

Of course, why watch a show about a moral, Catholic family from the 60s (its set in Philly, which is an added plus) when you can have the 21st-Century equivalent of Rome's Bread and Circuses.

While NBC hasn't "officially" confirm this, American Dreams star Tom Verica e-mailed the local Philly papers (he's a Philly native) telling them he received word last week.

This is a link to the e-mail:


Here's a link to from the entertainment wires:


It remains to be seen if CBS will renew "Joan of Arcadia" (another show feauring a Catholic family) for another season.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words,...

Found this over at ProtestWarrior.com: