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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Anti-ACLU Rant of the Week 3/31/05 - Part 2

Giving blog time over to Jay 777 and the Stop the ACLU! Blog:

This week's topic is euthanasia.

Given the events of the past weeks involving the Terri Schiavo case (and others), the wishes of a person for self-control over their own affairs (advanced directives, a/k/a, "living wills") has clashed with this country's social and moral conscious.

For a perspective on the ACLU's opinion, click here.

On reading this brief, several things leapt out at me. In a nutshell, euthanasia/assisted suicide, is NOT the same thing as an advanced directive. Not does it give over any right to medical personal to propagate the advanced directive; that is to say, the medical personal hastens death through withdrawal of treatment.

But the ACLU doesn't see it that way:

From the above brief: "B. The Equal Protection Argument Set Out in the “Brief of Amici Curiae National Right to Life Committee & Oregon Right to Life” Is Without Merit."

The ACLU is attempting to blur the lines between a person's right to control their own fate and their misguided legal arguments giving government the right to end a person's life without respect to that person's wishes.

This flies in the face of the very foundation of our government; that is, the guarantee of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

I end with a quote from Thomas Jefferson: "the chief purpose of government is to protect life, Abandon that, and you have abandoned all."

As always, the anti-ACLU gang is:

Anti-ACLU Rant of the Week 3/31/05 - Part 1

With Respect to Jay777 and the Stop the ACLU Blog, I want to post this one first:

I recently received this e-mail from James Gilchrist over at The Minuteman Project. James Gilchrist is a true patriot and the ACLU is up to its usual anti-American tactics.

With his permission, I am reprinting that e-mail:

The following correspondence was mailed via U.S. Postal Service today to the FBI to request help to preserve the civil rights of MMP volunteers and prospective volunteers:

PHOENIX, AZ. 85012


March 25, 2005

Dear FBI,

I am one of the coordinators of the Minuteman Project, a grassroots organization of Americans who will assemble under the First Amendment in Cochise County, Arizona from April 1 through 30 to conduct a political protest and rally in support of the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws. We will also spend much of that 30 day period observing, and reporting to the appropriate law enforcement agency, any suspected illegal activity where crossing over the U.S. international border into the United States is part of that illegal activity.

I am writing to complain that the ACLU has consistently attempted to interfere with the rights of the volunteers of the Minuteman Project to peaceably assemble in Arizona. Also, the ACLU has repeatedly used libelous and slanderous rhetoric to thwart the ability of U.S. citizens to assemble under the First Amendment, effectively dissuading some U.S. citizens from exercising their civil rights.

With the express purpose of depriving U.S. citizens of the rights to assemble and speak under
the First Amendment, I feel that the ACLU has maliciously engaged in consanguinity (a/k/a "McCarthyism") by its pejorative references to volunteers for the Minuteman Project as "vigilantes" and as persons who are "taking the law into their own hands."

The ACLU's witch-hunt mentality has seriously eroded the ability of me, and several thousand
other prospective participants, to freely assemble in Arizona under the First Amendment of the Constitution of The United States of America.

Through malicious harassment and intimidation, against U.S. citizens seeking to exercise their
rights to freely assemble, including threats of arrest and law suits (for alleged acts that no one
had committed, or intended to commit) the ACLU has effectively and illegally suppressed the
civil rights of fellow citizens.

I am requesting that all legal remedies and protections available to preserve the civil rights under The Constitution of the United States of America to myself and those participating, or anticipating participation in, the Minuteman Project political rally and assembly, be provided.

Sincerely Yours,

James W. Gilchrist - The Minuteman Project [ Web site URL: www.minutemanproject.com ]

cc: Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano

Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain

Arizona U.S. Senator Jon Kyl

California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer

California U.S. Representative Christopher Cox

United States Department of Justice

The Minuteman Project helps shore up our porous southern border. Stop the insanity NOW! Support the MMP!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Medic's Musings on the Schiavo Matter

I haven't posted much on this because it ventures into personal beliefs that, well, I'd rather keep personal.

In all of the recent debates raging about Terri Schiavo, one of the latest emotional appeals involves her "being starved/dehydrated to death."

Now, removing all emotion from this argument, I offer the following hypothetical:

Let's say Terri had the forethought to make out an enforceable living will. Now, Michael Schiavo carries out the intent of the advanced directives and Terri is denied a feeding tube when her brain damage becomes severe enough to warrant one.

Would there be this much hue and cry from the pro-life forums over her treatment?

The phones lines are open.....

Repeating the Islamic "Peaceful Religion" Lie

In yesterday's Evening Bulletin, Daniel Pipes posted the following commentary:

What Are Islamic Schools Teaching?
by Daniel Pipes
New York Sun
March 29, 2005

A few snippets,...

"Shocked" is how Aisha Sherazi, principal of the Abraar Islamic School in Ottawa, described the reaction of the school's administration and board on learning last week that two of its teachers had incited hatred of Jews.

Los Angeles: The Omar Ibn Khattab Foundations donated 300 Korans (titled The Meaning of the Holy Quran) to the city school district in 2001. (snip) One footnote reads: "The Jews in their arrogance claimed that all wisdom and all knowledge of Allah was enclosed in their hearts...Their claim was not only arrogance but blasphemy."

A textbook used at the Islamic Saudi Academy of Alexandria, Virginia, in 2004, authored and published by the Saudi Ministry of Education, teaches first graders that "all religions, other than Islam, are false, including that of the Jews [and] Christians. An ISA class valedictorian, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, was recently indicted for plotting to assassinate President Bush.

Mr. Pipes concludes with: "So long as Muslim leaders simply declare themselves, in the spirit of Capt. Renault in the movie Casablanca "shocked, shocked" whenever news of Islamist supremacism leaks out, this cancer will continue unabated.

Medic's Musing: 'Nuff said, Mr. Pipes.

Some Words in a PC World

OK,..just venting here,..the REAL posts will follow:

I'm posting this to get something off my chest. In as many weeks, I've now been labeled a "racist" for making some non-PC comments.

The first time occurred when I used the term "knuckle-dragging urban thugs" on another Philly-related blog to describe the people committing the recent spate of homicides in Philly.

Then, this week, I made any anti-RAP posting on a county firefighting board. Again, just because I don't like RAP, I'm a racist??

This is getting ridiculous!

BTW - The first accuser was one of those cowardly "anonymous" posters and the second one just backed down, pointing the finger at someone else and saying "it was all a misunderstanding."


Monday, March 28, 2005

Twilight Zoning

OK,..first I did the numerology/birthday personality thingy, and IT WAS RIGHT ON THE MONEY!

Now comes this:

• Brutally Honest Sagittarius

Archers have a bad habit of telling the truth. And while these folks have the best intentions, that doesn't take the sting out of comments like, "Gee, those pants make you look fat!" or "Were you drunk when you wrote this report?" The best way for Archers to cultivate tact is through prodigious study. Etiquette books will definitely help!

"Brutally Honest?"

Well,...I've been told by several old friends that, at times, I have all the personality of a Sherman Tank.

Twilight Zoning

OK,..first, I did the numerology thing with my birthday and personality and it hit RIGHT ON THE NUMBERS!

Now comes this from Netscape:

• Brutally Honest Sagittarius

Archers have a bad habit of telling the truth. And while these folks have the best intentions, that doesn't take the sting out of comments like, "Gee, those pants make you look fat!" or "Were you drunk when you wrote this report?" The best way for Archers to cultivate tact is through prodigious study. Etiquette books will definitely help!

"Brutally Honest?" Moi?
Mais, non!

Yeah, OK,....

Sunday, March 27, 2005

This is Cool!


So, yesterday, I'm out food shopping (yes, I'm male and can shop - got a problem with that??)

Anyway, as I'm inching up the check-out line, I'm looking at some of the weekly/monthly magazines.

I spotted Mariah Carey on the cover of Essence magazine.

This doesn't surprise me, since Mariah has a new CD coming out and I'm sure her handlers will have her,..um,..face plastered all over the media. What did catch my eye was this:


America's Most Misunderstood Black Woman

Um,.....let me see if I remember her bio:

Mariah Carey's mom was of Irish descent.
Her dad was half-Venezuelan, half-black.

That makes her 1/4 black!

Yup,...that would make her seriously misunderstood. (to some people)

Side note,..today's CBS Sunday Morning had a puff piece on Carol Channing. In her autobiography, she revealed her father was "of mixed race," too. Funny, she never tried to pass herself off as anything but white.

Happy Easter

Actually, Alia and Mata over at Sea2Sea have an interesting view on this Holy Day (notice how that sounds like "holiday?") and the Schiavo case.

Other than that, enjoy the chocolate bunnies and baked ham!

Yeah, 40 days are up,..time to drink again!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sick, Stupid, but Funny!

The UN Strikes Again!

Never let it be said that the UNtied Nations ever got between a dictatorship and a democratic revolution,...

U.N. Calls for Probe Into Hariri's Assassination

UNITED NATIONS — A U.N. report Thursday into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri (search) concludes that an independent, international investigation is needed.

(Medic's Musing - No, S**t,....Thank you, Captain Obvious - a/k/a Kofi Annan)

Not to be outdone:

Lebanon Rejects U.N. Hariri Assassination Report

I think Publius Pundit sums it up the best:

USMC_Vet has a complete, thorough analysis of the document and the reactions to it. In fact, let me give you some Cliff Notes:
1. Document released detailing Syrian and Lebanese government coverup.
2. They deny it.
3. Call for international probe.
4. …
5. Back where we started.

There is, of course, some good news this weekend:

Calm Returns to Kyrgyzstan

Massive Protests in Taiwan

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I'm a 4

Sent from the non-Luddite brother. I came up a 4. Go figure!

Birth Test:

Let the sender know your number. Once you have discovered your
Birth Number,
forward this email to the rest of your friends, including the one
who sent
this to you. Put your "number" in the subject line! Have fun!

Your birth date describes who we are, what we are good at and what
inborn abilities are. It also points to what we have to learn and
challenges we are facing.

To figure out your Birth Number, add all the numbers in the birth
together, like in the example, until there is only one digit. A
Birth Number
does not prevent you from being anything you want to be: it will
just color
your choice differently and give you a little insight.

Example March 20, 1950
3 + 20 + 1950 = 1973
1 + 9 + 7 + 3 = 20
2 + 0 = 2
Keep going until you end up with a single digit number. 2 is the
Number to read for the birth date in the example.



1's are originals. Coming up with new ideas and executing them is
Having things their own way is another trait that gets them as
stubborn and arrogant. 1's are extremely honest and do well to
learn some
diplomacy skills. They like to take the initiative and are often
leaders or
bosses, as they like to be the best. Being self-employed is
helpful for them. Lesson to learn Others' ideas might be just as
good or
better and to stay open minded.

Famous 1's: Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Hulk Hogan, Carol Burnett,
Judd, Nancy Reagan, Raquel Welch.


2's are the born diplomats. They are aware of others' needs and
moods and
often think of others before themselves. Naturally analytical and
intuitive they don't like to be alone. Friendship and companionship
is very
important and can lead them to be successful in life, but on the
other hand
they'd rather be alone than in an uncomfortable relationship. Being
naturally shy they should learn to boost their self-esteem and
themselves freely and seize the moment and not put things off.

Famous 2's: President Bill Clinton, Madonna, Whoopee Goldberg,
Edison, Wolfgang Amadeus, Mozart.


3's are idealists. They are very creative, social, charming,
romantic, and
easygoing. They start many things, but don't always see them
through. They
like others to be happy and go to great lengths to achieve it. They
are very
popular and idealistic. They should learn to see the world from a
realistic point of view.

Famous 3's Alan Alder, Ann Landers, Bill Cosby, Melanie Griffith,
Dali, Jodi Foster


4's are sensible and traditional. They like order and routine. They
only act
when they fully understand what they are expected to do. They like
their hands dirty and working hard. They are attracted to the
outdoors and
feel an affinity with nature. They are prepared to wait and can be
and persistent. They should learn to be more flexible and to be
nice to

Famous 4's: Neil Diamond, Margaret Thatcher, Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Turner, Paul Hogan, Oprah Winfrey


5's are the explorers. Their natural curiosity, risk taking, and
often land them in hot water. They need diversity, and don't like
to be
stuck in a rut. The whole world is their school and they see a
possibility in every situation. The questions never stop. They are
advised to look before they take action and make sure they have all
facts before jumping to conclusions.

Famous 5's: Abraham Lincoln, Charlotte Bronte, Jessica Walter,
Vincent Van
Gogh, Bette Midler, Helen Keller and Mark Hail.


6's are idealistic and need to feel useful to be happy. A strong
connection is important to them. Their actions influence their
They have a strong urge to take care of others and to help. They
are very
loyal and make great teachers. They like art or music. They make
friends who take the friendship seriously. 6's should learn to
between what they can change and what they cannot.

Famous 6's: Albert Einstein, Jane Seymour, John Denver, Meryl
Christopher Columbus, Goldie Hawn


7's are the searchers. Always probing for hidden information, they
find it
difficult to accept things at face value. Emotions don't sway their
decisions. Questioning everything in life, they don't like to be
themselves. They're never off to a fast start, and their motto is
slow and
steady wins the race. They come across as philosophers and being
knowledgeable, and sometimes as loners. They are technically
inclined and
make great researchers uncovering information. They like secrets.
They live
in their own world and should learn what is acceptable and what not
in the
world at large.

Famous 7's William Shakespeare, Lucille Ball, Michael Jackson, Joan
Princess Diana


8's are the problem solvers. They are professional, blunt and to
the point,
have good judgment and are decisive. They have grand plans and like
to live
the good life. They take charge of people. They view people
They let you know in no uncertain terms that they are the boss.
They should
learn to exude their decisions on their own needs rather than on
what others

Famous 8's Edgar Cayce, Barbra Streisand, George Harrison, Jane
Fonda, Pablo
Picasso, Aretha Franklin, Nostrodamus, and Ron Connolly


9's are natural entertainers. They are very caring and generous,
giving away
their last dollar to help. With their charm, they have no problem
friends and nobody is a stranger to them. They have so many
personalities that people around them have a hard time
understanding them.
They are like chameleons, ever changing and blending in. They have
tremendous luck, but also can suffer from extremes in fortune and
mood. To
be successful, they need to build a loving foundation.

Famous 9's Albert Schweitzer, Shirley MacLaine, Harrison Ford,
Jimmy Carter,
Elvis Presley

Anti-ACLU Rant of the Week 3/24/05

Giving Time to Jay777 over at Stop the ACLU:

ACLU activists and many allies on the left and right have been making waves across the country by passing resolutions opposing sections of the USA PATRIOT Act that violate fundamental rights and liberties. Many parts of the controversial law - passed just 45 days after the September 11, 2001 attacks, with virtually no debate - take away checks on law enforcement and threaten the very rights and freedoms that we are struggling to protect. For example, without a warrant and without probable cause, the FBI now has the power to access your most private medical records, your library records, and your student records... and can prevent anyone from telling you it was done.

You can take a stand to preserve civil liberties by lobbying in favor or resolutions that show politicians at all levels that it is possible to be both safe and free. These resolutions lay out certain actions required by local officials and government employees and they also raise awareness about the issues facing communities.

This is why our border to the South is as tight as a piece of Swiss cheese.

And now, apparently, the ACLU wants to remake the Patriot Act in its own image:

WASHINGTON -The American Civil Liberties Union said today that it has joined forces with the several conservative organizations to fix the most extreme provisions of the Patriot Act, some of which are scheduled to "sunset," or expire, at the end of the year. Former Congressman Bob Barr, a Republican from Georgia, will chair the new group, "Patriots to Restore Checks and Balances," which includes Americans for Tax Reform, the American Conservative Union and others.

There's a reason why Bob Barr is a "former" congressman.

This needs to stop and it needs to stop, NOW!

The Anti-ACLU Gang consists of:

Click Below To See Our Store!

Paging Captain Clueless!

So, I bought this week's issue of Time Magazine. It had Teri Hatcher on the cover (but nowhere inside, grrrr....)

Anyway, on page 34, Perry Bacon, Jr writes a piece called "The Eternal Optimist." Its a piece on John Kerry who, according to Mr. Bacon "is on the road again, listing excuses for losing 2004 and looking like a 2008 campaigner."

What sticks out in my mind is this statement "Kerry has blamed his strategists for many of the mistakes of his campaign."


Yes, John,....because we all know, had it not been for your sparkling personality, waffling campaign platform, dubious war service record, and psychotic wife,...you'd be the 44th President of the United States.

Quick Funny

With apologies to Larry the Cable Guy,...

So, recently, I bought a new, voive-activated radio for my car. All I have to do is say what type of music I want to listen to, and the radio scans the dial for the station playing that music. So, here in Philly, if I say "Jazz," the radio will go to WJJZ-106.1. If I say "Rock," it will find WMMR-93.3.

So, the other night, I'm driving home from work, when this 5-FOOT TALL, BLONDE SOCCER MOM DRIVING HER HUBBY'S FULL-SIZED HUMMER cuts me off at an intersection. So I yelled out "Yo, a**hole!"

And the radio locked onto the first Radio-One station it could find!

Yes, it's been a month since Radio-One stole the only really good rock station from us in Philly and replaced it with another RAP station!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Multiple Posts - All-in-one

Killing a couple birds with one stone tonight:

Once again, the US is 200 years ahead of the rest of the world:

Parker Bowles in Line to Become Queen

LONDON (AP) - Camilla Parker Bowles can become queen after all, despite earlier statements by Prince Charles that she will take a lesser title after marrying him, the government said Monday.
(snip) legislation would be required to deny Parker Bowles the title of queen. Similar legislation apparently would be required in more than a dozen countries - such as Australia, Jamaica and Canada - in which the British sovereign is the head of state. (Medic's note to Australia, Jamaica and Canada - July 4, 1776)

You Can Thank Bill Clinton for this, too!

Study: Abstinence Pledgers May Risk STDs

The latest study, published in the April issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health, found that teens pledging virginity until marriage are more likely to have oral and anal sex than other teens who have not had intercourse.

Shades of the Future?:
Asians, Iraqis Get Hi-Tech, Recycled Water

WASHINGTON (AP) - There are plenty of wells in Iraq, but the dead animals dumped there when Saddam Hussein was in power have contaminated them. There are plenty of streams in southeast Asia, but the recent tsunami polluted them with salt from the ocean.

The Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., has been testing a device intended for the space station that would recycle astronauts' sweat, respiration and even urine into drinking water purer than any found in a tap.

Kinda sounds like the stillsuits in the movie "Dune!"

I'm sure somewhere, al-Qaeda will find a way to 'demonize' yet ANOTHER American effort to help the world.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Nature vs Nurture?

Hey! See that punk in the cartoon? Yeah, the one in the middle,..he's about 5 posts below this one.

Wanna know one way of how he got that way?

Here's a start!

Schools under assault from parents

By Susan Snyder
Inquirer Staff Writer


Lamberton School principal Marla Travis Jones was assaulted on the job this month.


As of Feb. 28, 57 such assaults by parents or other adults were reported in the 185,000-student Philadelphia School District this school year, about the same number as last year, officials said.


In addition, there were nearly 200 cases in which adults - mostly family members - were accused of threatening staff and students, verbally abusing them, vandalizing property, or causing other disruptions in and near schools. These events are detailed in a summary of school police reports by the state's Safe Schools Advocate.


In Philadelphia, family members have entered classes without permission to berate or assault teachers, reports show. Some threatened to "cut up," "kill" or otherwise harm staff. Others incited children to fight and join in. In November, a mother, 39, entered a melee at Benjamin Franklin High School. This month, outside Daroff School in Cobbs Creek, an uncle, 28, was charged with choking a girl, 14, whom he had dared to fight his niece.

Some educators say increases in the numbers of young, inexperienced parents and the spread of drug culture may be fueling combative behavior.

BTW - Lamberton School (formerly a High School) is about 1 mile from my house!

I better quit now,...who knows,..some girl from Toronto might file sexual assault charges against me, too, if I keep pointing out the truth in "urban" society!

UN Tries Its Hand at World Peace Again!

From Instapundit:

March 20, 2005


The UN says Ethiopia has moved over 30,0000 troops up to the Eritrean border, most of them near the disputed town of Badme. This breaks down to approximately six new divisions. Ethiopian infantry divisions have roughly 5000 troops. Ethiopia now has 90,000 troops in the area. This UN report follows a series of reports from mid-December 2004 that Ethiopia was reinforcing units on its side of the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ) created by UNMEE (United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea). Other sources indicate Ethiopia is also sending new military units the Somali-Ethiopian border. Ethiopia has indicated it will offer troops to any new Somalia peacekeeping effort , either under the auspices of the UN or the African Union. Many Somali clans, however, have long-standing disputes with Ethiopia and claim that Ethiopia has been meddling in Somali affairs. This could get interesting.

Eritrea is mobilizing, too.

Medic Musing:
Once again,..the UN steps in to stop what is probably nothing more than a border squabble (although I admit I don't know much about Ethiopian/Eritrean politics) and it is now escalating into a full-on skirmish. Let's see,..the Untied Nations will debate it,..set up refugee camps in neighboring countries that aren't equipped to handle the job,....pass referenda ad nauseum,...and thousands of innocent people will die. Nice going Kofi!

Proof of Life?

Wow,.....conservative Canadians DO exist!


Sorry,...I had a something pithier to say, but waiting 20 mins for blogger.com to boot this page up and it all went out of my head! Nice going, a**holes!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Anudder Funny!

My brother, of all people, sent me this e-mail:

This test only has one question, but it's a very important one.

By giving an honest answer, you will discover where you stand morally.

The test features an unlikely, completely fictional situation in which
you will have to make a decision.
Remember that your answer needs to be honest, yet spontaneous.

Please scroll down slowly and give due consideration to each line.

You are in Florida, Miami to be specific. There is chaos all around you
caused by a hurricane with severe flooding. This is a flood of Biblical
proportions. You are a photojournalist working for a major newspaper,
and you're caught in the middle of this epic disaster.

The situation is nearly hopeless. You're trying to shoot career-making
photos. There are houses and people swirling around you, some
disappearing under the water. Nature is unleashing all of its
destructive fury.

Suddenly you see a woman in the water. She is fighting for her life,
trying not to be taken down with the debris. You move closer somehow the
woman looks familiar. You suddenly realize who it is. It's Hillary

At the same time you notice that the raging waters are about to take her
under . . . forever. You have two options--you can save the life of
Hillary Clinton, or you can shoot a dramatic Pulitzer Prize winning
photo, documenting the death of one of the world's most powerful women.

Think seriously and carefully. Here's the question, and please give an
honest answer.

Would you select high contrast color film, or would you go with
the classic simplicity of black and white?

Priorities in Philly Politics?

Council to vote on slavery bill

Would force firms to tell of old profits



I see,..we can't vote on ethics legislation, we can't convict our corrupt a**hole mayor, but THIS is a major deal? Yup, "the brothers and sisters" REALLY are in charge in Philly!

22 Dead in Philly and Here's Why!

Forget Mayor Street begging former mayor (and now PA Governor) Ed Rendell for help.

Here's the truest reason why crime is running rampant in my fair city:

I rarely agree with Signe Wilkinson, but she hit it right on the head today.

This story here is why the little punk in the middle is that way.

Rapper Lil' Kim Convicted of Perjury

NEW YORK (AP) - Rap diva Lil' Kim was convicted Thursday of lying to a federal grand jury to protect friends who were involved in a shootout outside a radio station.

Funny Joke

Blatantly stole this from Michael_the_Archangel (with a twist of my own):

Sleeping Beauty, Tom Thumb, and Quasimodo were all talking one day.

Sleeping Beauty said, "I believe myself to be the most beautiful girl in
the world." Tom Thumb said, "I must be the smallest person in the world."
Quasimodo said, "I absolutely have to be the ugliest person in the World."

They decided to go to the Guinness Book of World Records to have their
claims verified. Sleeping Beauty went first and came out looking
deliriously happy. "It's official, I AM the most beautiful girl in the

Tom Thumb went next and emerged triumphant, "I am officially the smallest
person in the world."

Sometime later, Quasimodo came out looking confused and simply stated,
"Who's this 'Hillary Clinton'?"

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Who Knew?

The Lebanese and Scottish have something is common!

BTW - There's a movie joke in this. Let's see who catches it!

More Pressure from DC

WASHINGTON — President Bush on Tuesday left open the possibility that the militant Shiite Muslim group Hezbollah (search) could be part of the political mainstream in Lebanon despite its terrorist past.

Medic Musing (1):
Someone ought to change the name from the "Bush Doctrine (link)(link)" to the "Domino Doctrine."

Medic Musing (2):
If diplomacy doesn't work,..there's always this option:

FROM JOSEPH FARAH'S G2 BULLETIN Israel to attack Iran? German magazine reports plan to target nukes

Monday, March 14, 2005

Some Wurds (with apologies to Mr. Carlin)

Found this at Vryce's blog:

The Washington Post’s Mensa Invitational once again asked readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a new definition.

Here are this year’s winners:

1. Intaxication: Euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with.

2. Reintarnation: Coming back to life as a hillbilly

3. Bozone (n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future.

4. Foreploy: Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid.

5. Cashtration (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period.

6. Giraffiti: Vandalism spray-painted very, very high.

7. Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn’t get it.

8. Inoculatte: To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.

9. Hipatitis: Terminal coolness.

10. Osteopornosis: A degenerate disease. (This one got extra credit.)

11. Karmageddon: It’s like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth explodes and it’s like, a serious bummer.

12. Decafalon (n.): The grueling event of getting through the day consuming only things that are good for you.

13. Glibido: All talk and no action.

14. Dopeler effect: The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

15. Arachnoleptic fit (n.): The frantic dance performed just after you’ve accidentally walked through a spider web.

16. Beelzebug (n.): Satan in the form of a mosquito, that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out.

17. Caterpallor (n.): The color you turn after finding half a worm in the fruit you’re eating.

And the pick of the literature:

18. Ignoranus: A person who’s both stupid and an asshole.

Hey,...Wannabee,..sound like someone we know??

Can't We All Get Along?

Catholics to Continue Outreach to Jews


NEW YORK (AP) - With Pope John Paul II more frail than ever, Roman Catholic cardinals and bishops from around the world told a conference of Jewish leaders Monday that the Vatican's unprecedented outreach to Jews over the last several decades will continue.

Medic Musing:

Makes you wonder if the Muslims will ever get in on this, too?

The ACLU is Starting Early

(link attached to title)

Took this from Davidson's Law:

WND ACLU threat drives
Scouts out of schools
BSA drops charters with thousands
of public campuses to avoid lawsuits

This should come as no surprise. The BSA are the antithesis of the ACLU. The BSA instills in our youth the qualities of God and a moral, ethical background. From WND:

"The ACLU specifically takes issue with the Scouts' pledge of allegiance to God and country and the organization's prohibition of homosexuals as scout masters."

Saturday, March 12, 2005

What Part of NO Don't You Understand??

Picture, if you will, the latest Discover Card advert campaign. The shots are in B&W. People sit on a stool and talk candidly about themselves.

Here's how my advert would go:

A balding, hefty guy with a moderately-deranged look in his eyes sits on the ubiquitous stool.
  • Um,..I'm 41 and I'm a paramedic.
  • I'm single
  • I work for an idiot who was pushing Matchbox ambulances on his living room floor when I started in this business.
  • I like to travel, go to movies, and dine out with friends
Yes,...and it gets worse!

When I called to cancel my card because of the aforementioned calling, the conversation went something like this:

DISC: Discover Card services, how may I help you?
TM: I'd like to cancel my card.
DISC: I'm sorry to hear that. Why are you canceling it?
TM: Because you people keep calling me, five times a day, every day.
DISC: Well, Mr. Medic, I can put you on our "do not call" list.
TM: I already did that before Christmas. You're still calling me. Cancel my card!
DISC: Well, Mr. Medic, I'm authorized to give your account at 2.9% APR, locked for 30 months.
TM: That's nice, but you'll still be calling me. I want me card cancelled.
DISC: Well, then I'll put you on our "do not call" list.
TM: Are you listening to me?? I want me account cancelled! If you cancel it, you won't be calling me anymore!
DISC: Well,..I can still remove you from the list and give you the 2.9% APR.
TM: No,..you can cancel my account and stop harassing me every day. Five times a day, every day is harassment!
DISC: (mumbling) So you say,..
TM: I'm sorry,..wanna get some balls and say that again loud enough for the people monitoring this to hear it??
DISC: Excuse me?
TM: Tell you what,...put your manager on, or at least someone who speaks English.
DISC: I am speaking English, sir.
TM: Then,..what part of "CANCEL MY ACCOUNT" didn't you understand??
DISC: Hold on, sir,...

This went on for the better part of 30+ minutes. Each manager offered me the same two things: a better rate and an offer to stop calling me. The finally hung up on me when I started lobbing F-bombs at them! If you think I should have taken the offer, read on:

I sent a certified letter to them the same night, requesting the account be closed and requesting an apology for my treatment as a customer.

Now, as of today, I have received TWO letters from Discover, both acknowledging that my account has been closed. One is dated the night of the infamous phone call/f-bombing. The other acknowledges my cancellation letter.

I have since also received my monthly bill. It states my available credit limit is $0.00 (That means "closed," right?)

As of last night,..the 5 for 5 is still going on!!!

Now,..if there's one thing I learned earning my degree in Health Care Management, its this:
For every 1 person that hears of good service, 16 people hear about bad service.

Since my blog averages about 17 hits/day,..I'd say we're even!

Remember readers,..friends don't let friends use the Discover Card!

Is This Justice?

Found this at Rescue Mike's blog:

A Phenix City convenience store owner shot and killed a man Tuesday during an apparent robbery attempt, police said.
Kintae Omar James, 27, of Phenix City, was shot in the chest inside Don's Fine Foods, 2206 Fourth Ave., by the store's owner, Don Ford, 73, Phenix City Police Capt. Jim Hart said.
James was transported to The Medical Center in Columbus but died of the gunshot wound, Russell County Coroner Linda Key said.
No charges have been filed, but the case is still under investigation, Hart said. He said weapons were recovered at the scene but decline to described those weapons or to say whether James was armed.

Now,..apparently, Mr. Ford is being charged with MURDER!

This isn't fair! Show your opinion here!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Rather Blather,...

Found this cartoon at Davidson's Law:

Enjoy,..I'm off to sodomize Wannebee-Medic Mike's wallet, playing Texas Hold 'Em!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Radio One Changed Y100 for This?

March 2, 2005 -- Cops fear a new war has broken out in the trigger-happy world of hip-hop after gunmen sprayed 50 Cent's offices with gunfire and shot a rival rapper's sidekick outside a radio station.

Two unidentified shooters fired at least eight times into the West 25th Street building housing 50 Cent's Violator Management company around midnight Monday, law-enforcement sources said. No one was injured.

"The assumption is that they went there to leave a message," a source said. "That message is: 'It's not over.' "


In his radio interview, "Fitty" said it was over for The Game as far as G-Unit goes because he had refused to side with him in battles with other rappers.

At the building that houses the trouble-plagued radio station, workers said the latest violence has renewed fears after two earlier rap-related shootings.

Medic Musing:
Yeah, we (in Philly) need s**t like this like we need another corrupt mayor!

Related story (cannot find article in Philly MSM papers):
Leann Rimes had to reschedule an interview at WXTU - Philly's country station - because another RAP station (Wired 96.5) is in the same building and one of these knuckle-dragging losers was scheduled to be interviewed (at 96.5) as well. Rimes' people feared for her safety.

Yeah,..that's a nice "Welcome to Philly" for you!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Can Somebody Give "W" a Break?

Today, I purchased the March 14, 2005 edition of Newsweek magazine.

On page 22, there's a story by Fareed Zakaria entitled "What Bush Got Right."

The subtitle was "Freedom's March: The president has been right on some big questions. Now, if he can get the little stuff right, he'll change the world."

What "little stuff??" The democracy genie has been let loose from the bottle. The Arab Street has a taste for freedom and self-determination for the first time (see pages 24-25 for a view of the state of Arabian politics)

The Bush Doctrine will prevail in the long run,..bank on it.

Sewing Up the Holes in Our Borders

James W. Gilchrist is a true American!

His group, the Minuteman Project, is a watchdog for our Swiss-cheese border with Mexico.

He, and his group, need our support!

Points to consider:

Educate the Public. Please add to your emails:

"Government must defend us against INVASION by others"
-U.S. Constitution, Article IV, Section 4.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing."
-Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

"It is a sad day in America when the law-makers side with the law-breakers against the law-abiding citizens."
-Ezola Foster

"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a brave and scarce man, hated and scorned. When the cause succeeds, however, the timid join him...for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." -Mark Twain

"While we slept, the United States was stolen." - author unknown

" Let's Roll !"- Todd Beamer -Deceased Hero of Flight 93, September 11, 2001.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Are YOU a Good Liberal?

Found this at PlasticNipple:

To be a GOOD Liberal you believe the following:

1. You have to believe the AIDS virus is spread by the lack of Federal funding.

2. You have to believe that the same teacher who can't teach 4th graders how to read is somehow qualified to teach the same kids about sex.

3. You have to believe that guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans are more of a threat than U.S. nuclear weapons technology in the hands of Chinese communists.

4. You have to believe that there was no art before Federal funding.

5. You have to believe that global temperatures are less affected by cyclical, documented changes in the earth's climate, and more affected by yuppies driving SUV's.

6. You have to believe that gender roles are artificial but being homosexual is natural.

7. You have to be against capital punishment but support abortion on demand.

8. You have to believe that businesses create oppression and governments create prosperity.

9. You have to believe that hunters don't care about nature, but looney activists who've never been outside Seattle do.

10. You have to believe that self-esteem is more important than actually doing something to earn it.

11. You have to believe that the military, not corrupt politicians, start wars.

12. You have to believe the NRA is bad because it supports certain parts of the Constitution, while the ACLU is good, because it supports certain parts of the Constitution.

13. You have to believe that taxes are too low, but ATM fees are too high.

14. You have to believe that Margaret Sanger and Gloria Steinem are more important to American history than Thomas Jefferson, General Robert E. Lee, or Thomas Edison.

15. You have to believe that standardized tests are racist, but racial quotas and set-asides aren't.

16. You have to believe Hillary Clinton is really a lady.

17. You have to believe that the only reason socialism hasn't worked anywhere it's been tried is because the right people haven't been in charge.

18. You have to believe conservatives telling the truth belong in jail, but a liar and a sex offender belongs in the White House.

19. You have to believe that homosexual parades displaying drag, transvestites and bestiality should be Constitutionally protected and manger scenes at Christmas should be illegal.

20. You have to believe that illegal Democratic party funding by the Chinese is somehow in the best interest of the United States.

21. You have to believe that anyone who beats you in an intellectual arguments is a bigot.

22. You have to believe that it's better for a woman to be raped and murdered than for a rapist to be shot.


MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Hunter Mark Smith welcomes wild birds on to his property, but if he sees a cat, he thinks the ``invasive'' animal should be considered fair game.

Oh, yeah???



Just remember,...there's a place for all of God's creatures,..right next to the mashed potatoes!


Sgrena said Calipari died shielding her, and that it was possible they were targeted deliberately because America opposes Italy's policy of negotiating with kidnappers.

However, she has offered no evidence to support her claim, and in an interview published in Monday's edition of the daily Corriere della Sera, she said she doesn't know what caused the attack.


Sgrena has rejected the U.S. military's account of the shooting, claiming instead that American soldiers gave no warning before they opened fire.


One Italian Cabinet member urged Sgrena to tone down her remarks.

Thank God,....

From FOX:

U.S.: Italian Hostage Claim 'Absurd'
Monday, March 07, 2005

WASHINGTON — The White House on Monday said it was "absurd" for a former hostage in Iraq (search) to charge that U.S. military forces may have deliberately targeted her car as she was being rushed to freedom.

Medic Musing:

Giuliana Sgrena is a journalist for a communist-leaning newspaper in Italy with a known ax to grind against our actions in Iraq. I don't give her story much credence.

Live Long & Prosper?

Will Spike revive ''Star Trek: Enterprise''?

Gary Susman

The imminent demise of UPN's Star Trek: Enterprise, whose last episode is scheduled for May, will mark the first time in 18 years that there hasn't been a current Trek series on the air, but there are still two dim hopes of rescue from a Trek-free future. One is the federation of fans who have gathered at TrekUnited.com to cough up the costs of producing another season of Enterprise. The other is Spike TV, already home to Trek reruns, where a future season of Enterprise could still find a first-run home.

Wannabee-Medic Mike is popping a chub right now. He's been saying this is the way to go since UPN announced the cancellation of ST: Enterprise.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Rocky??? Adrienne???

So, I went to a fight last night, and a lacrosse game kept breaking out!

Bread and Circuses, anyone?

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Interesting View on Blogging

(article link attached to title)

I got this article via Pajama Jihad:

The coming crackdown on blogging
March 3, 2005, 4:00 AM PT
By Declan McCullagh
Staff Writer, CNET News.com

Makes for interesing reading, especially if your blog is very political.


Thursday, March 03, 2005

What's The Sexiest Job?

(link attached to title)

From Salary.com:

What's the sexiest job?
"These brave, uniformed public servants lit it up over other high paying jobs like doctor, lawyer, and Chief Executive Officer. "

Firefighter Ranked #1

It turns out that making a lot of money doesn't necessarily make you sexy. In a recent poll conducted by Salary.com, firefighter hosed down the competition and won the title of "sexiest job" with 16% of the nearly 5,000 votes. These brave, uniformed public servants lit it up over other high paying jobs like doctor, lawyer, and Chief Executive Officer. Take it from the wife of a firefighter: "How could you not find it sexy when a person is willing to risk his life for another's; literally walk through fire? You can't put a price tag on that. It is not just a job to them, but a way of life. It is who they are.

I Have a Camera and I'm Not Afraid to Use It!

Take one slightly-demented paramedic, add a digital camera, simmer for eight hours a day in the presence of another slightly-demented EMS professional (NOT an "ambulance driver") and this is what you get:

OOPS! Took this pic today. One of the local hospitals is rebuilding their ER:

Makes you wonder if they can treat a myocardial infarction, let alone spell it! ;-)

And this one, too! Living proof that MICU 83-1 (see link on the right) actually gets calls during the light of day:

Hey, West End,..we ain't dead, yet!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Thought for the Day!

So, this morning, I'm listening to Michael Smerconish interview Ted Nugent. Uncle Ted made a comment about society that really stuck with me.

As the day progressed, I let that idea percolate through the Aricept- and Mountain Dew-addled grey matter that I call my brain and came up with this thought:

"The truth is like a crowbar that you take to the MSM pinata hung at this political party we call America! Hit it hard enough and the little bits of reality will spill out!"

Nice, huh?

How Long Will You Live?

Take the LifeLine Calculator!

According to this test, I'll live to be 90!

Hahaha! Torturing people until my late senile years!


Tuesday, March 01, 2005


(link attached to title)

Rice Pressures Syria Over Lebanon Presence


LONDON (AP) - The United States called for an immediate end to Syrian military and political dominion over neighboring Lebanon on Tuesday, applying its strongest pressure to date.

Rice said there was gathering international resolve that Syria must pull out of Lebanon and allow the Lebanese to choose their own political future. That choice must be independent of ``contaminating influences,'' she said, underscoring a joint U.S.-French statement on Tuesday and a United Nations resolution last fall.

Medic Musing:

OK,..you can tell this came from CNN,..it mentions the U.S. agreeing with France and the Untied Nations,..urrghh!

Addendum for March 2, 2005:

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush increased pressure on Syria Wednesday, demanding it withdraw its troops from Lebanon, while Iran and its nuclear weapons program drew fresh U.S. criticism.

Overall, the American rhetoric toward Damascus and Tehran was combative, reminiscent in some ways of the tough talk that preceded the U.S. invasion of Iraq two years ago.

Say It Ain't So!

(link attached to title)

Supreme Court Rules Death Penalty for Youths Unconstitutional

NEW YORK — The U.S. Supreme Court (search) on Tuesday ended the option of the death penalty for 16- and 17-year-olds, stating that persons of that age cannot "be classified among the worst offenders."


Are you kidding me??

In big cities like Philadelphia, urban juvenile deliquents as young as 12 and 13 are killing each other over video games, sneakers, and which housing project is better! I say, if you are old enough to comprehend death and know the means to deliver it to your enemies, you are old enough to suffer the consequences of your actions! Live by the sword, die by the sword, dammit!!!!