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Sunday, September 28, 2008

5 Moves to Building the Team to Beat

The Phillies didn't become "The Team to Beat" overnight.

Let's look at some of the moves that brought the Phillies to where they are today:

  1. Jim Thome - he's not with the team anymore, but he left behind a legacy to our burgeoning infield that hard work and a team mentality wins the day. 2 League MVPs have emerged since his time with us
  2. Ryan Howard - Thome's successor at first. How do you explain a player who hits .250, strikes out all too frequently, yet gets 50 HRs and a tremendous amount of RBIs?
  3. Jason Werth. OK...I'll say it too: Werth every penny. Almost makes you miss Aaron Rowand.
  4. Brad Lidge - "Lights Out," indeed. And proof that Ed Wade still has a great eye for talent down there in Houston (/snark).
  5. Jamie Moyer - ostensibly brought in to tutor fellow change-up lefty Cole Hamels (and now J. A. Happ), he's become the true ace of a schizophrenic starting staff.

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