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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time For Us All to Stand Together With Our Friends

Gentle readers,
The events of the past few weeks should be a reminder that, occasionally, the forces of nature (spelled G-O-D) act to remind us of our place in this universe.

As Christchurch and Tokyo struggle to contain the damage and rebuild, we shouldn't be spending time whining over how much Japan dislikes America (the Brits, French, Germans, etc all "say" the same thing - get over it) or salivate over how the rebuild will spur the global economy through trade and sales of goods.

Instead, we Americans should do what we do best: offer up prayers to whatever belief system we hold to ourselves for the souls of the departed and for the strength of the survivors to pick up and move forward and, as Americans, once again pull on our workboots, pick up a shovel, and go about putting things right with the world!


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