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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Typically Obama-like, America Finds Itself Saying "Oops, Sorry" Again!

Egyptian protesters got a chance to speak directly to Hillary Clinton for the first time, and they weren't exactly overcome with gratitude. Sample questions she fielded online via an Egyptian site:

* "Does America really support democracy? If yes indeed, why the US was late in its support for the Egyptian revolution?"
* "The attitude of the US during the Egyptian revolution was to support the Egyptian regime first. Then, when the revolution turned successful, the US switched sides and supported the Egyptian youth. . . . Why?"

As the Washington Post notes, Clinton stuck to the company line: The US did the best it could in a complicated situation with an old ally. "I think that we were walking a balance, because we wanted to be sure our message did not push anyone into doing something that we disagreed with, namely violence, which we tried to, in every way possible, prevent," she responded, as recounted by Fox News. "This is a new world we're all in together," she added.

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