2011 - The Year We Take Back Congress and Make Obama's Life Hell!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Morning After,...

OK,...we all know what happened last night. Despite the punditry, history was made last night and we should all feel better about it. Now, if only America can start looking at the likes of people like Michael Steele, JC Watts and Thomas Showells the same way,...

And a congratulations to President-elect Obama for being a gentleman enough to acknowledge Senator McCain's lengthy record of service to his country and his status as both a veteran and war hero.

So,..what next? The obvious answer is beat Obama at his own game. Organize grassroots better. Fund the process better. Get the message out better. AND STAY ON POINT!

Where does it start? For us Pennsylvanians, its starts at the local levels, as always. 2010 is already on the horizon and the opportunity to eject the likes of Fast Eddie Rendell and his ilk is ours to lose.

While we're at it, RINO Senator Specter MUST GO!

And how to go about this? Start at the top in Pennsylvania: PA Republican Chairman Robert A. Gleason, Jr MUST GO! In an election where Pennsylvanians were labelled racist, bible-clutching, gun-toting, xenophobic rednecks by a man who's platform would obliterate the burgeoning resurgence of our coal industry to answer to The Cult of Algore, how could Obama possibly have won in such a landslide?? The standard excuse of Philly- and Pittsburgh-area liberals dominating the election doesn't account for all of it. Someone dropped the ball and that someone is Gleason!

The clock has been rewound and we're already running out of time! More on this later, but visit my friends Lisa "Bluftooni" Blossie, Bill "Writemarsh" Shaw and the rest of us for more ideas!

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