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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


PHILADELPHIA -- They warmed themselves by sheer numbers, ignoring the clouds that formed with each frozen scream. They added to the chilly night by waving white towels.

The City of Brotherly Love waited two days longer than expected, but after a wait that had entered its 28th year, what's another few days? After a weather delay announced at "an even 46 hours," the electrified crowd began simmering with celebratory dreams as the suspended Game 5 of the 2008 World Series began.

The Phillies delivered the long-awaited goods with a 4-3 win over the Rays on a 44-degree Wednesday night, completing a five-game triumph to earn the franchise the second World Series championship in its 125-year history. It started a baseball celebration not seen since Oct. 21, 1980, when Tug McGraw struck out Kansas City's Willie Wilson and leapt into Mike Schmidt's arms.

"I always thought we could win the World Series," Phillies manager Charlie Manuel told the national television audience and the fans at Citizens Bank Park as the World Series trophy was presented to the club after the game. "I knew we could beat anybody in our league. I look at what I see in our guys, I see chemistry and our attitude and our makeup and how much we like to play and how much the Philadelphia fans back us, I know we can win the World Series.

"This is for Philadelphia. This is for our fans. Hey, I look around here and who's the world champions? I thank you."

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This was so sweet! I am celebrating like crazy! Whooo Hoooo!

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