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Monday, October 20, 2008

Inside the Mind of Obama Supporters,....

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy at Work! And you thought the DailyKrud was a raging loon,..

From regional kommisar Daniel UA and his Young Socialists of Philadelphia:

Brian Tierney Uses the Inquirer to Spread Right-Wing Talking Points, and Settle Old Scores
Submitted by Dan U-A on Mon, 10/20/2008 - 8:38am.

Yesterday, the Inquirer endorsed Barack Obama. Not a shock, right? The endorsement was nice and well thought out. But then, there was something strange... The paper also published a 'dissenting opinion,' hid under anonymity. Seems pretty weird, and it is not something I have ever seen. But when you actually read it, the implications are pretty clear: Brian Tierney, the former communications guy for local Republicans, appears to be doing exactly what he said he would not do: using his newspaper to push his own agenda.

And why does Brian Tierney the dissenting opinion want McCain?

Perhaps, my friends, you have heard of Joe the Plumber?

There are other reasons Tierney the dissenter is for McCain too- and they are pretty standard. He was a POW, national security, he is a Mavericky Maverick who will get all Maverick-like when the times call for a Maverick of Maverickian proportions.

But then, Brian Tierney the dissenter had to mention why he was against Obama. And in doing so, he gave us the dumbest, stupidest recitation of right-wing talking points that you will find in a major newspaper. It could literally be pulled off of a far-right website:

Ask people to describe McCain and the first response often is, "He's honest." What you see is what you get. There are no mysterious associations to dance around. No 20-year attendance of a church whose pastor preached anti-American sermons. No serving on an education reform panel with a domestic terrorist. No financial support from a convicted felon. No ties to a group currently under investigation for possible voter-registration fraud.

Even for Tierney the dissenter, that is a stupid paragraph and shows that while he dutifully gets his right-wing talking points in the mail, he doesn't pay attention much beyond them. Lets take that felon line, for example. If Tierney the dissenter had watched as John McCain was interviewed by that hard hitting journalist David Letterman, he would have known that not only did McCain get financial support (including donations, a fundraiser, etc) from a convicted felon- the oh-so-wonderful G. Gordon Liddy- but that he was proud of it.

The whole thing seems like it is straight from an pitch man who got used to spouting off some unchallenged talking points on ABC's Inside Story. I wonder why?

The TrekMedic finally stops being doubled over with laughter to point out:

OK, Danny,..we've always thought your perception of reality was a little off, but,..jeez,...Shrillary couldn't have written a more paranoid talking point piece on HuffPo or Vanity Fair if she tried!

Where do I start? Oh, yeah,..you're ASSUMING it was Brian Tierney that posted the dissenting opinion. No name written,..did you hack his computer and verify the IP address? Maybe it WAS Kevin Ferris?

And this would be the same Brian Tierney who's liberal-press papers have been kissing the ass of the Obamessiah so much that they'er having troubles paying the bills over at the Inky and that other paper?

Hell, even one of your own, the level-headed "Zorro" who posted this:

A few observations:

* It's Tierney's paper; he has the right to say what he wants, + we have the right to choose to buy it or not.

* Tierney could easily have forced the Editorial Board to either refrain from any endorsement or to endorse McCain; the fact that he did not, + 'merely' wrote his own 'dissenting opinion' actually speaks well for him when compared to what he easily could have done. In other words, he chose to speak his own mind, rather than blatantly interfere w/editorial decisions.

* The David Axlerod reference was extremely juvenile, and completely irrelevant.


was verbally castrated by your zombie-like followers!

Really, Danny, march yourself back to high school and start over. Leave the politics to the grown-ups from now on,...

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