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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Asking for Prayers

NO! Not for the reasons you might think, but I'll get this request in before "The Obamessiah" bans religion on the internet!

Anyway, this weekend brought about an abundeance of bad health news in the Trek Family.

First, Friend O' Trek Cpl Dave Toms, USMC - his father was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. The good news was that it hadn't spread. The bad news was he underwent significant abdominal surgery, including the removal of his spleen and most of his stomach.

If that wasn't enough, last week, Dave's mother was driving his father to the hospital for a follow up due to an on-going infection. While driving to the hospital, some asshat blew a FOUR-WAY stop sign and T-boned the Toms-mobile! Mrs. Toms is in a trauma center with bilateral hip fractures, rib fractures and a concussion. She's looking at a LONG recovery road. Mr.Toms in back in the ICU and the outlook is not too encouraging.

Next, you'll remember the Trek-partner, Medic Mike (formerly of Orbs of Confusion before going to the darkside of MySpace). His father-in-law received a new heart today and is in critical condition. Mrs. Mike says he was thumbs-up after the surgery.

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