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Monday, January 17, 2011

What to Do on MLK Day,...

By Michael Matza


Linking their Monday afternoon demonstration to the human-rights theme of Martin Luther King Day, pro-immigrant groups are protesting the pending deportation of four Cambodian men.

The four were born in Cambodia or Southeast Asian refugee camps after fleeing the depradations of the Khmer Rouge and the Pol Pot regime. They were admitted legally to the United States about 20 years ago with their parents as refugees.

As youths and young adults they committed aggravated assaults and other crimes. They were convicted, served time in prison and now face expulsion. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested them last in September.

Authorities say they are "criminal aliens" and by law must be removed. Their defenders say they are rehabilitated and deserve another chance to remain in America.

Following their detention, their supporters formed a group called the One Love Movement to Keep Families Together.

As opposed to this:

By Melissa Dribben


The main event for the 16th Annual Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service took place in the Armory at Girard College where hundreds of volunteers gathered to refurbish computers, put together training packets, and help introduce families and students to the Internet.

"The computer is your passport, not only to the future but to knowing what's going around you," said Mayor Nutter who volunteered nervously to refurbish a computer. "Whatever computer I'm working on I want to make sure someone who knows what they're doing looks at it afterward."

The Philadelphia King Day of Service is again the largest King Day event in the nation and comes on the 25th anniversary of the King federal holiday.

You see, gentle readers, Dr. King, if memory serves me right, was an ACTIVIST, not a cheap computer salesman!  Owning a computer and having internet access are no more civil rights than having cable access!  And guilting a bunch of liberal, white suburbanites to come into Philadelphia to do it does nothing to honor Dr. King's lifetime of accomplishments! 

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