2011 - The Year We Take Back Congress and Make Obama's Life Hell!

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Blog List 2010

Because someone has to tie up the loose ends!

BitterAmerican + iPod + Jagermeister =
1 - Heavy - How You Like me Now?
2 - Killers - Jenny Was a Friend
3 - Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks
4 - Metric - Black Sheep
5 - Carlos Santana - Can You Hear Me Knockin'?
6 - Silversun Pickups - Growing Old is Getting Old
7 - Kate Nash - Foundations
8 - Thompson Twins - The Gap
9 - Against Me - Swing Life Away
10 - Two-Door Cinema Club - Something Good
11 - Brandi-Carlile - The Story
12 - Kings of Leon - Radioactive

While I'm at it: if you REALLY wnat to torture some ragheads in GITMO, play "Tell Him" by the Sleigh Bells and "Sleepytime" by Passion Pit in a never-ending loop.  If that doesn't drive them bat-s**t crazy, nothing will!

Experts agree:

Really Hot:

Verr-rr-ry Hot:

Pretty Hot,.....

Hot? Not?

Blogs Most Frequently Invaded by the BitterAmerican:

1 - AlexC's Pa WaterCooler
2 - Bill Shaw's Writemarsh!
3 - BobC's Sweet Spirits of Ammonia
4 - Captain America's First In!
5 - Doug Gibb's Political Pistachio
6 - Lisa Mossie's Bluftooni
7 - Mike Mancini's Arbiter of Common Sense
8 - Skye's Midnight Blue
9 - Tony Phyrillas' Eponyomous Blog
10 - Wyatt's Support Your Local Gunfighter

You Have Entered the Land of Broken Dreams and Shattered Hopes:

His Party is in tatters but, yeah, we're stuck with him for another 2 years,...

But, HEY! The AFL is back in town!

Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?

Elizabeth Edwards (I hope she haunts that prick of an ex-husband, too)
Peter Graves
Don Meredith
Leslie Neilsen
Blake Edwards
Steve Landesberg
Dennis Hopper
Dino DeLaurentiis
Fess Parker
JD Salinger
George Steinbrenner
Robert Culp
Tony Curtis
Lynn Redgrave

Things that aren't there anymore:

That World Series Trophy

Objective Journalism

Democrats in Congress

The Philadelphia Phantoms

The Spectrum

My residence in Philly!!

Competitive Sports Teams in NYC!

Skank You Very Much!

Nancy Pelosi
The View's Baba Wawa and Joy Behar
Katie Couric
Campbell Brown
Barbara "That's SENATOR to You" Boxer
Ariana Huffiington
Janet Napolitano

PWE (Penii with Ears, Pronounced "Pee-Wee") Awards:

Harry Reid
Rahm Emanuel
George Soros
Chris Matthews
Keith Olbermann
Fat Eddie Rendell
Michael Vick
Ex-Sen Arlen "Re-E-lected" Specter


The Chilean miners and,...
Everyone associated with the Tea Party movement!

Random Thoughts:

Think of the fun knowing EVERY baseball broadcaster will STILL have to say "National League East Champion Phillies" for another WHOLE year!

The NL East will have a "rebuilding" year, while the Phillies just replace the worn out parts!
In DC, they'll be asking "Was he "Werth" it?
In Da Bronx, they'll pass that $50mil in unspent Cliff Lee salary along to the season ticket holders!  (Sorry, Jim Beam made me say that!)

How soon before Philadelphia gets called "East Detroit" Mayor Squidward?

The Republicans pwned Barry.  How soon before he becomes Bill Clinton (preferably WITH the impeachment)

The NFL will soon start calling long touchdowns "DeSean Jacksons!"

A come-from-behind win will be called a "Vicktory!"

When the BitterAmerican rules the universe:

No Right Turn on Red will become mandatory. Violators will be fined $1,000. Obnoxious BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Land Rover, Audi and Lexus operators will also have their vehicles impounded for 60 days, just for the hell of it. Doing it in (S)Lower Merion will double the fine, just because I said so!
If I rear-end you again because you stopped short to avoid missing another $tarbuck$ and your $8, 10-ounce fix, you deserved it! 5 minutes away from your grande latte and a little acquaintance with some white compound, Maguire's Carnauba and elbow grease will save you a phone call to your insurance company.
35 mph will be the minimum speed on four-lane roads. No liberal, small-town excuses.
The responsibilities of local governments will be as follows: Safety (police, fire, EMS), sanitation, providing utilities, maintaining local roads, and zoning development. Everything else, including education and the feeding, housing and clothing of "the poor," shall be the responsibility of private enterprises and faith-based organizations.
Absent my realtor and a few politicos, my IQ is greater than the sum total of the population of my new town!

Well,...365 days and just over 7500 hits later,....and still more to blog about in 2011! Oh, goodie! Obama gets to sit out the last two years of his junta,...I mean, adminstration!

2011: The Year We Undo the Obamessiah's F-ups!



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