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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Prevent College Bowl BS,....

Once again, America has been treated to the annual Bread & Circuses farce that is called the BS,..BCS Bowl. (BTW - Congrats to the TCU Horned Frogs for being the best, and undefeated, team that isn't part of the "cool colleges clique!")

Time to inject a little common sense into this system (I know, if common sense existed in our university system, little blonde Villanova co-eds wouldn't show up at Alumni Hall for a January basketball game in miniskirts, flip-flops and hooded sweatshirts, bitching to their BFFs about how cold they are and St. Joseph students wouldn't cross City Avenue against the red light AND with two SEPTA buses barrelling down at them at warp speed!) But I digress,...

First, a note to GoDaddy.Com, Emerald Almonds and the San Diego County Credit Union: if you want to sponsor a bowl game, OUTBID the big boys instead of creating some lame-ass match-up of two 6-6 wannabees! Its called CAPITALISM. I think they still teach that in our universities!!  Years ago, 6-6 got a you a pat on the back and a "do better next year" from the alumni.

Second, let's give ALL of the Division 1-A conferences a chance. With the Big Ten becoming the Big Twelve and the Big Twelve becoming,...um,...yeah, whatever,... and the "Pacific" 10 being active in Colorado and Utah ( WTF??), the NCAA needs to make it a round, even number. And if Notre Dame, Army and Navy want to continue to play, swallow your pride, suck it up (oops, sorry, Army and Navy, DADT went away) and join a conference.

Third, keep the current 12-game schedule, but allow for a bye or two so come "playoff" time, these teams haven't been idle for 30+ days. Also, mandate a 2:1 rule - no more than 2/3 of the season's games shall be played within your conference and the balance must be played against at least two other conferences (i.e. Penn State - 8 Big Ten, plus 2 MAC, plus 2 Conference USA). Conference playoffs should continue to be at the discretion of the conferences.

Fourth, go back to the old New Year's Day bowls and automatic qualifiers (Rose Bowl = PAC 10 vs Big Ten, Orange Bowl = ACC vs Big XII, Sugar Bowl = SEC vs ??, Cotton Bowl = ?? vs ??) and play them during New Year's week. Assuming 12 conferences, pick two more high-profile bowls, like Arizona's Fiesta Bowl and another on the East Coast for balance. This will leave 6 winners. Rank them by strength of schedule, record, amount of alumni bribe, whatever, but give 1 and 2 a bye and let 3-6 and 4-5 duke it out (sounds like the NFL, huh??). A few weeks later, you'll have a real champion!

Some notes of interest: Football is played on GREEN grass or artificial turf.  If you want to waste money on a Blue AstroTurf field like Boise State or bright red, like East Washington State, go start your own WWE-sponsored league.

And if your gonna b***h about competitiveness amongst the conferences, just look at how Roger Goodell is crowing about 7-9 Seattle taking out reigning Super Bowl Champs New Orleans.


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