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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I Have All the Answers,....

You know, people, you could've submitted some answers!!

1) - Name at least three Philadelphia-based "big box" stores no longer in business
Lit Bros, Wanamakers, Strawbridge and Clothier, Gimbels

1A) - Target used one of these stores as their business model. Which store was it?
Strawbridge and Clothier's Clover stores

2) - Got a problem? Call,....(MUST include the phone number)
for Action! GReenwood 7-5312!

3) - What brothers were Mayor and Fire Commissioner during the same administration?
Frank Rizzo was Mayor.  His brother Joe was the Fire Commisioner

4) - Before becoming Mayor, Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo became nationally famous for sporting what in his tuxedo's cumberbund?
He sported a nightstick in his cumberbund when he responded from a black-tie event to a riot in North Philly!

5) - What was unique about the traffic patterns of the East and West River Drives?
They were one-way inbound during the morning rush and one way outbound in the afternoon.  All other times, they were two-way roads.

6) - Name the other Philadelphia professional baseball team:
The Philadelphia Athletics, who moved to Kansas City, then on to Oakland, CA.

7) - Name at least two of the other Philadelphia professional football teams:
The Frankford Yellowjackets, the Philadelphia Bell of the WFL, the Philadelphia Stars of the USFL, and the Philadelphia Soul of the AFL.

8) - Why was Philadelphia picked to host the Army-Navy football game?
Philadelphia was roughly equidistant to both Annapolis, MD and West Point, NY

9) - With the aid of the Philadelphia Fire Department, who made the annual climb to the top of one of downtown Philadelphia's superstores on Thanksgiving Day?
Santa Claus climbed to the top of Strawbridges to place the star on the CHRISTmas Tree.

10) - Trick question - If Mayor Squidward closes a firehouse do the surrounding properties become fire proof? Fire Commissioner Ayers says "yes," so it MUST be true (/snark)

11) - Another trick question - Genos? Pats? Jims? D'Allesandros?
All were acceptable but Pat's

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