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Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Show, Mr. Blair!

Tony Blair, who took Britain to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, is donating millions in earnings from his forthcoming memoir to a charity for injured troops.

The Royal British Legion said Monday that the former prime minister has agreed to give all proceeds from "A Journey" to its Battle Back Challenge Center. The center opens in 2012 and will provide state of the art sports facilities and rehabilitation services for seriously wounded personnel.

Publisher Random House paid an estimated $7.5 million for Blair's personal account of his time in power, due to be published next month.

Blair spokesman Matthew Doyle said Monday that Blair's donation includes the advance and all royalties.

Chris Simpkins, director-general of the Royal British Legion, said the organization "is delighted to accept this very generous donation."

Regardless of his politics, Blair took a lot of kicks to his privates for being one of the very few Euro "allies" to stand with the US against Islamofascism!

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