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Monday, August 30, 2010

Why Governor Christie SHOULD Eliminate NJN,...

Two words: Equal Time.

It is well-known that the umbrella of publicly-operated and/or state-run television channels known as PBS is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party and, absent such benign fare as cooking and travelogue shows, broadcasts with a definitive leftist slant.

Which begs the question: where's the publicly-funded media with a conservative point-of-view? That's right, gentle readers, it DOESN'T exist.  And FOX doesn't count!

In a country hell-bent on spreading our American ideals, such as equality and fair play, our own government turns a blind eye when it comes to doling out money to support "public television;" that is, television that doesn't rely on commercial revenue, but rather donations from viewers for financial support.

And who stands to lose the most from Christie's plan? Yup, unions. Unions, as we know, are the very backbone of today's Democratic-cum-Socialist Party.

Howard Blumenthal, paid $154,000 a year to head New Jersey Network and its nonprofit foundation, will return full-time to MiND TV, a non-commercial Philadelphia station, according to a press release from NJN.

He was hired last year after he outlined a plan to turn the network from a drain on taxpayers to a privately run, non-profit standout in public broadcasting. But his vision did not sit well with the stations' unionized employees, who said the plan would cost them their jobs and put potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer assets under private control.

 So I say "YES" to Governor Christie's plan to privatize NJN.  Let the big-business types have a piece of it!  Maybe they'll finally get a chance to rebut the never-ending stream of tree-hugging, corporation-bashing that comes with your annual PBS subscription!


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