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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Philadelphiana Quiz

Slow going this week as I prep for a long-deserved vacation and deal with recurrent back problems,.....

1) - Name at least three Philadelphia-based "big box" stores no longer in business

1A) - Target used one of these stores as their business model. Which store was it?

2) - Got a problem? Call,....(MUST include the phone number)

3) - What brothers were Mayor and Fire Commissioner during the same administration?

4) - Before becoming Mayor, Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo became nationally famous for sporting what in his tuxedo's cumberbund?

5) - What was unique about the traffic patterns of the East and West River Drives?

6) - Name the other Philadelphia professional baseball team:

7) - Name at least two of the other Philadelphia professional football teams:

8) - Why was Philadelphia picked to host the Army-Navy football game?

9) - With the aid of the Philadelphia Fire Department, who made the annual climb to the top of one of downtown Philadelphia's superstores on Thanksgiving Day?

10) - Trick question - If Mayor Squidward closes a firehouse do the surrounding properties become fire proof?

11) - Another trick question - Genos? Pats? Jims? D'Allesandros?



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