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Monday, June 07, 2010

I Guess Hugh Hewitt Can Call it Quits,....

Yes, it is the year 2010, despite the fact that if you read yesterday’s New York Times you may have thought it was 1998. In the Public Editor column—where, Adrian Chen notes on Gawker, “Times overlords answer questions from normal idiot readers”—managing editor Jill Abramson took a moment to answer the question on everyone’s mind: “What exactly is a blog?” Well okay, perhaps it was just on one person’s mind.

That one person is a retired editor, who wondered, “Is a blog merely the private thoughts of the blogger? Or is a blog a short news story published online?” Abramson helpfully explained that blogs offer “important, up-to-the-minute developments,” real-time updates, and a “less formal structure,” leaving Chen to wonder what’s next for the Public Editor column. Perhaps “someone asking how airplanes stay up in the sky, or What's all this talk about women getting the vote?”

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