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Monday, May 31, 2010

On Memorial Day,.....

A few things to remember,
  • Today isn't just "the official start of the summer season"
  • It isn't just an excuse to grill burgers, hot dogs and chicken with family and friends
  • And it CERTAINLY isn't an excuse for high-school graduates to drive to Wildwood and make drunken asses of themselves!!
  • It is time to honor those who came before us, from the birth of our nation to the current global hostilities.
  • Whether they came willingly, or were chosen, given a gun and told "keep America safe!" they did it.
  • You can fly flags and place wreathes on memorials and cemeteries. But even better, go to a VA Hospital and buy a vet "a cup o' Joe." It the least you can do for for someone who did more with less and keeps you free even to this day.

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