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Thursday, April 22, 2010

So Stupid, a Liberal,....um,...a Caveman Could Do It.

A voice-over actor — best known for telling viewers they can save 15 percent or more on car insurance — says he lost his gig doing Geico commercials after leaving a voicemail with a group that organizes Tea Party events to ask how many of its employees are “mentally retarded.”

Los Angeles actor D.C. Douglas in a press release said he was dropped from the upcoming Geico “Shocking News” campaign after leaving a message with the press shop at FreedomWorks, a Washington-based organization led by former Republican leader Dick Armey that has been at the forefront of the Tea Party movement.

The Bitter American pours a steaming cup of Earl Grey into Rahm Emmanuel's lap by stating:

As the uncle of a mentally-challenged niece, I'm doubly offended by this a**hole's comments.

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