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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The TRUE Catholic Scandal?

Why on earth is the Archdiocese of Chicago giving Father Michael Pfleger a lifetime achievement award?

He is a disastrously disobedient priest who has been a thorn in Cardinal George’s side (and an embarrassment for the Church) for years.

An AmP reader refreshes our memory:

Fr. Pfleger is the same priest who was (temporarily) suspended for joining with a crowd threatening to “snuff out” a gun shop owner. He’s a pal of race-baiter Rev. Wright (of Obama fame). He gave that (in)famous anti-Hillary tirade during the ‘08 primaries.

Michelle Malkin includes more links to Pfleger’s outrageous activities. I don’t share her anti-bishop/Church sentiments, but I do share her disgust with Pfleger’s antics – which demean his priestly ministry – and believe we should take action.

I chronicled Pfleger’s most visible dust-up which occurred in June of 2008, and also did research at the time into Pfleger’s “long habit of rebellion.” My link and Malkin’s should be more than enough to see why Pfleger’s doesn’t deserve any honors, let alone honors from a Catholic archdiocese.

I observed back in 2008 about Pfleger: “If you want an example of the damage caused when problem priests are allowed to persist, you’ve got a classic case right here…”

Now it has only gotten worse.

Please call the Archdiocese of Chicago at 312-534-8200 and demand that Father Pfleger’s award be withdrawn. (His name is pronounced “FLEGER”, I believe – the P is silent).

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