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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A "Silent Mouth" Indeed,...

And the Obama "Insult Our Allies" Tour comes home,...

Vice President Biden added to his lengthy list of gaffes Wednesday when he took a moment to honor the memory of the Irish prime minister's mother -- a woman who's very much alive.

"God rest her soul," Biden said as he introduced Brian Cowen and President Obama at a St. Patrick's Day celebration at the White House Wednesday.

The vice president was quick to correct the mistake, noting that it's Cowen's father who is no longer living.

"Wait ... your mom’s still, your mom is still alive. It was your Dad (who) passed. God bless her soul. I gotta get this straight," Biden said.

After citing the Irish proverb that "a silent mouth is sweet to hear," he then yielded the podium to Obama.

And a few more reasons to remain silent, Slow Joe (courtesy of last night's laugh riot in front of the TV and Radio Correspondents Dinner):

Biden on his trip to Israel:
• It's great to be back at a place where a boom in housing construction is actually a good thing.

• Trying to negotiate a lasting peace between the Palestinians and Israelis is tough, but it's a hell of a nice break from health care.

Biden on Liz Cheney & the "Al-Qaida 7":
• I understand Liz Cheney is in the house... Liz has been on a tear lately. Now, she's questioning if Tom Brady is a real Patriot.

Biden on Fox News:
• You all know Saint Patrick was credited with banishing snakes from Ireland. But you guys all know the truth -- sometimes -- there were never any snakes in Ireland. Saint Patrick just made that up. Which for the first time explains, I realized, why he's the patron saint of Fox News.

Biden on GOP complaints that the health care bill is too long:
• Put yourself in their spot. Just ask Sarah, that's a hell of a lot to write on the palm of your hand.

Biden on the Recovery Act:
• Republicans say it hasn't created one job. Well, tell that to Scott Brown.

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