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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Surely, You Jest, Tierney,...

So, Brian "BRINO?" Tierney buys local newspapers from nasty, out-of-town and out-of-touch Knight-Ridder and promises a fresh start for Philadelphia newspapers.

He then promptly runs the business into the ground dispensing the same DNC-flavored Kool-Aid as every other major city press.

Now he's bankrupt and trying to re-organize without selling to another "outsider," huh?

Well, BRINO, here's a few ideas on how to bring the press back to respectability in Philly:

1. Sell off that "Newspaper That Shall Not Be Named" to a competitor. I know, I know: this is Philadelphia and between the Democratic Party, trade unions and the Phillies in the National League East, we no longer grasp the concept of "competition." But you used to run a business, Brian, so you should still remember the rules of capitalism - its what made this country.

2. Fire the ENTIRE editorial board. Bring in people who understand "fair and balanced." Hell, it works for Fox News,...

3. Stick to reporting NEWS. Michael Jackson isn't news. He's entertainment. Leave his plastic, pedophilic corpse to People Magazine. Hire reporters, not puppets with a leftist agenda.

If not, then here's to the New York Post opening up a branch here in town.


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