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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The MadCow Moos Again!

Obviously, she doesn't watch Chris Matthews' program very often, eh?

Ridiculous Maddow Paints NewsBusters as Vehicle of ‘Right-Wing’ ‘Intimidation’

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow “apologized” on Friday for her false report the previous night that conservative public relations executive Craig Shirley was somehow behind a Web site that hosted incendiary anti-Obama video, a site funded by a group called Grassfire.org. “I apologize for saying that they [Shirley & Banister Public Affairs] were still currently involved in representing Grassfire. They are not,” she admitted.

Undeterred, Maddow then ludicrously tried to impugn Shirley & Banister by connecting them to the anti-ObamaCare protests (as if that would be a bad thing) through a convoluted set of associations. She then displayed Friday’s NewsBusters’ article on her wrong reporting as evidence that “right-wing Web sites” were using “threats and intimidation” to pressure Maddow to back off.

“I will not and we will not be intimidated out of covering the news,” Maddow pompously declared.

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