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Friday, August 07, 2009

Racism! (Redux)

The St. Louis Tea Party coalition joins in the call for apologies from Carnahan, SEIU, and President Obama. This criminal attack was inspired by DNC and BarackObama.com propaganda. Only Thursday morning, the White House promised “punch back twice as hard.” Clearly, the goons of SEIU decided to draw the first blood.

We believe that this attack was planned and intended to create a riot to discredit the American political resistence. Luckily, the patriots who attend tea parties and town halls did not take the bait. Mr. Gladney did not fight back. Mr. Gladney, like Crispus Attucks, suffered for the promise of freedom — the freedom his race was so long denied. We salute Kenneth Gladney. We are proud that he is on our side.

We all pray for Ken. May he recover quickly and fully from his injuries inflicted by leftist thugs in an attempt to subvert his First Amendment rights.

The video is here(NSFW):

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