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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reflections on "W:" An American Hero

Today, at 12:00 noon, power once again passed peacefully to another administration, as it has for more than 200 years.

He graciously worked WITH the incoming administration to ease the transition, unlike his predecessor, who vandalized everything in sight on the way out.

In 8 years, George W. Bush had to fight a three-front war that he never asked for. Less than a year into his administration, the country was suckered-punched in a terrorist attack that belittled the scope of Pearl Harbor. He vowed that it wouldn't happen again on his watch, and it didn't. But that didn't stop the media, both here and abroad, from hounding and belittling him at every opportunity.

Like Barack Obama, he inherited a weak economy, then blamed on the so-called "dot-com bubble." However, the weak economy being inherited by Obama is being laid squarely at the feet of Bush.

He never lost his faith and injected into his administration as often as the law allowed. He was a human being, brought to tears by every American death in this War on Terror; yet, he grabbed a bullhorn at Ground Zero and shouted into the face of our enemy that we would not let this go unavenged.

Today, the press will most likely portray him as leaving the White House with his shoulders slumped in dejection.

But that's not it,...he's just bowing his head in prayer again for this country.



Charlie on the Turnpike and Tony Phyrillas have excellent, and differing, editorials on W"s administration.

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At 7:45 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

It makes you wonder what the general reaction would be if the Bushes removed all of the "O's" from the keyboards -- all in good fun, of course.


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