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Sunday, January 18, 2009

What Defines "Diversity?"

As many of my inner circle know, the Bitter American has a Facebook page. One of the applications addresses our ethnic diversity. Currently, most are Italian, Irish or Jewish (who IS that 3% Lithuanian??)

Recently, the Bitter American sent out invitations to add the application to some newer "friends." Some added it, some chose to postpone applying it. Then I got a disturbing message from a now non-friend about it.

In it, he accused me of being a "faux Conservative" because I "embraced that 'diversity' nonsense."

Thus lies the crux of this blast of bile into the blogosphere: in the post-9/11 world, our definitions and interpretations of everyday society have become skewed along ideological lines. A liberal's truth is a conservative's lie and vice versa.

To the Bitter American, "diversity" is the epitome of our "melting pot" moniker. America was first settled by peoples who wanted to start anew or escape oppression in their native lands. We started a country based on ideals not heard of in most of Europe or Asia. And when we finally got our country on stable feet, the word got out to more and more countries. People from all over the world came to our shores, seeking that "American Dream," each bringing a different perspective on how to address and attain that dream. That is what makes us strongest. I'm fairly sure the Greek interpretation of America differs from the Russian, and from the African or Asian. (Side note - I recently read in a travelogue that in most of Southeast Asia it is better to say you don't adhere to any organized religion than to admit you are an atheist. In their minds, atheism = communism and communism = hell on Earth.)

Now, to the Bitter American, having grown up in a mostly Italian- and Irish-Catholic neighborhood, the opportunity to meet those of different ethnicities and beliefs is exciting and a part of the maturation process. It helps my intellectual growth.

Unfortunately, to others on both sides but abetted by a leftist media, "diversity" means making sure you have enough blacks, women, handicapped and gay/transgendered people (whether you need them or not) to fulfill a made-up and unachievable quota. It stunts growth and hurts our economy. Nothing good come from it and its doomed to fail from the beginning.


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At 8:57 AM, Blogger Maggie Mama said...

What bugs me about "diversity" today, in addition to your justifiable complaint, is that the "melting pot" was supposed to take away all our differences and make us ONE AMERICA. E Pluribus Unum. American citizens first and foremost.

The emphasis today is on what we don't share. I know I open myself to the racist moniker with this one, but I find it ridiculous for "African-American" women to wear African dress when they haven't even been to the continent. It says to me they would rather not "melt."

When I don't support the differences, they are shoved down my throat anyway.

Come tomorrow that will be, no doubt, the new national motto: "Eat it."

At 12:20 PM, Blogger TheBitterAmerican said...

I hear ya,...

My bigger issue is being mandated to speak Spanish to accomodate all of those illegals.

At 12:46 AM, Blogger J_G said...

I'm an American of Irish Catholic/Protestant decent. My ancestors came to America looking for a better way of life rather than starving to death in the 1840's. My ancestors became Americans and were Americans first with a rich Irish heritage. The problem today with diversity is the hyphenated Americans that put their diversity first.


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