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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hollyweird is Starting Already

So, the Bitter American was finally finishing yesterday's Inkwaster this morning when he came across yet another leftist-let's hold hands and sing Kum-Ba-Ya-Hollyweird diatribe.

Christopher Kelly bemoans the continued existence of racism and racists ideology in America's movies, specifically, Clint Eastwood's new "Gran Torino," in the Age of the Obamistake?

Kelly calls the movie "cringe-inducing" because Clintwood's character is "A grousing, growling racist from the Archie Bunker old school, (who) finds himself as the last white person still living on a now entirely Asian American street in a run-down neighborhood in Detroit."

Kelly then posits "In real life, of course, Walt would probably just sell his house and move. But this being a Hollywood movie, he stays put and finds moral redemption."

Well, guess what, Mr. Kelly? The Bitter American lives in a neighborhood that 10 years ago was mostly working-class Irish- and Italian-Catholic butted against a working-class Jewish neighborhood.

Today, its 99.44% black, and I'm the last white guy on my block. Why haven't I just pulled up stakes and moved? Well, in Mr. Kelly's distorted world, it must be really easy. For me, I've had to drop close to $10K over the past two years to repair and replace and repaint. I've taken a second job (albeit one for which I am well-compensated) and, hopefully, I'll be outta here in the late spring because I'll have finally saved enough to put down 20%. I'm funny that way,..I don't ask for charity or a loophole-filled, fingers-crossed mortgage! I want to be able to pay off my mortgage in a timely fashion and actually own my home someday.

But back to that mean, racist guy, Walt: Kelly goes on to state "Obnoxious and idiotic in equal measure, Gran Torino normally wouldn't be a worth a second thought. But it arrives in theaters seven weeks after President-elect Barack Obama instantly rewrote the narrative of race relations in the United States."

And thus is the crux of the Bitter American's bile blogging: The Obamistake DIDN'T rewrite the narrative of race relations. The MSM did it for him! Doesn't that just send a tingle up your leg?

No,...if America was ready to elect a person based on character and not color, Michael Steele would be a gentleman Senator from Maryland. But no one heard his platform because the NAACP was too busy throwing Oreo cookies at him.

So, this isn't a new era in race relationships in America, folks! Its the second coming of the Socialist Clintonian Utopia (SCU): where fighting and evil thoughts are illegal and where the leaders of our country will confront our enemies and talk themselves into a corner from which 9/11's spring forth.

And in order to get the American Everyman onboard with this philosophy, the MSM finds itself tasked with eliminating the expression of any ideology not in line with the SCU (and they bitched about Bush killing the First Amendment?)

Drama derives from conflict and if that means having a racist character at its center, so be it. If not, we are doomed to a world imagined in Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron," where "All men are not created equal. It is the purpose of the Government to make them so."

I'm still bitter and the phone lines are open!

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