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Thursday, October 20, 2005

More Philliness

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Drama Unfolds Atop Philadelphia City Hall

Todd Quinones

(CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA Drama unfolded Thursday evening from atop City Hall where Philadelphia Councilman Rick Mariano was refusing to come down.

Police say the councilman had climbed to the top of the North Tower just before 5:30 p.m. and had apparently threatened to commit suicide.

Mayor Street, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Johnson and several other city representatives went up to the tower to reason with the Councilman.

CBS 3 spoke with Local 98 President John Dougherty who was also in the tower with Mariano and Mayor Street. Dougherty said the situation was under control and they had successfully talked down Mariano.


CBS 3 had spoken with Councilman Mariano earlier in the day Thursday and Mariano had said he expected to be indicted on federal corruption charges sometime next week.

Where's does the "Philliness" play into this?
Well,...it would be unfair of me to directly point to Councilman Mariano at this time. Anyone who contemplates taking their own life is in pretty dire straits, so I'll give him some breathing room. Here's the Philliness:
  1. Mariano's actions and upcoming indictment are yet another symptom of Philly's "Pay-to-Play" corruption.
  2. All things considered, people like his majesty,..er,..I mean, Mayor John Street and IBEW chief (scumbag) John "Johnny Doc" Dougherty are going to come up as heroes for talking Mariano down.
  3. The media will have a field day with this, thus taking attention away from the P2P source, the mayor himself.


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