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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Random Thoughts for the Day

Just the usual muttering from my brain:

  • OK,..Da Iggles got their asses handed to them by the Cowp*****s, and the season is already over???
  • 500,000+ fewer people in the stands and the Phillies' Dave Montgomery finally figured it out and changed GMs. 5000 fewer subscriptions to The Inkwaster and maybe we can get them to go a little more mainstream?
  • "Commander in Chief" is reportedly being used by Hollyweird to soften us up to the possibility of a female president (presumably Hillary Clinton). Any resemblance between the two went out the window in last night's episode. On TV, President "Mac" is in a stable marriage and is actually raising her children. Hillary is married to a redneck who can't keep his pants zipped and would prefer to have her Utopian "Village" raise a generation of village idiots.
  • Some wurds (with apologies to George Carlin): In New Jersey, Democrat Jon Corzine is running against Republican Doug Forrester for governor. In a recent Corzine ad, a Forrester quote from a speech is used against him. What caught my attention was this: the group Forrester addressed was labeled "anti-choice!" Anti-choice?? Are the Democrats so afraid of their own constituency that they can't even get the phrase "pro-life" to come out of their mouths???


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