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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Yes, readers, I'm creating a new word today to describe the political climate (silliness) in the City of Philadelphia. (Kinda like that 'sniglet' nonsense a few years back, but I digress...)

This week's Philliness pertains to my favorite target, Mayor John Street.

The Mayor, out of the kindness of his pockets,..I mean, heart,...recently accepted dozens of New Orleans evacuees after Hurricane Katrina.

They were "temporarily" placed in an old Philadelphia grade school that was hastily-converted to a shelter.

They are still living there.

Now, out in the Philly suburbs, at least 13 housing units are being donated by landlords to house these people.

Why aren't they in these apartments yet??

Officially, the Street Department of BS and Bunk is calling it a 'miscommunication.' Apparently, the city isn't 'prepared' to handle such a mass movement. I say 'bulls**t!' The city had no problem years ago relocating hundreds of people when they imploded our "towers of terror" housing projects and replacing them with townhomes, so why can't you move a few dozen evacuees out of a temporary shelter??

The TrekMedic begs to muse differently:

1) Why would Mayor Street place these people out of the city and, therefore, out of the reach of the city's 4.25% wage tax?

2) The available living units probably aren't run by the Department of Street (that's John, his son Sharif, and brother Milton, BTW) and, therefore, they (nor their cronies) can't make money of the deal.

More Philliness will follow on a non-regular basis.



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