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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Verily, There's Something Rotten in the State of Rugby

I guess there's a certain perverse reasoning behind the fact that in this day and age, when our "hopefully changing" leader bows, kneels, and supplicates before our subordinates and enemies in equal measure, I should find the sponsor for the US Rugby Eagles to be:

That's right, folks. Let's have our all-American team sponsored by an airline from the heart of Islamo-terrorism!! What? Budweiser (or a REAL beer like Yuengling or Sam Adams) wasn't available? How about Ford? You know, the ONE car manufacturer that DIDN'T need the government to help them make a profit again!!

But, wait! It GETS WORSE! Below is the jersey of Paris-based union rugby club Stade Francais!

Don't adjust the colors on your monitor!! It REALLY IS PINK!! And this paid, professional sports team plays in the Heineken Cup against teams with names like the Saracens, Falcons, Tigers and Wasps??

OMFG! WTF? If I had a mind to do it, I'd drag my 47-year old, bad back, busted knees, overweight body to England, just so I could join a team and kick these pansy-colored fools into back into the stone age!!! Mon Dieu! No wonder we had to come over and win the war for these people!

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