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Monday, May 10, 2010

On the Swiftboat to Unemployment?

And how much begging and pleading will Smerconish do for his reach-around??

PHILADELPHIA - A detailed look at new Rasmussen poll data shows Sen. Arlen Specter trails in the Democratic primary because his campaign offended liberals and conservatives.

In particular, younger voters, conservatives and liberals have swung to Rep. Joe Sestak in a big way after weeks of Specter campaign ads that attacked Sestak’s military record as an Admiral and his payment of campaign workers.

In the latest Rasmussen polling data taken last Friday, Sestak has 47 percent of the primary vote among Democrats, while Specter has 42 percent. About 8 percent of likely Democrat voters are still undecided.

About 35 percent of likely voters had a negative opinion of Specter’s campaign, including attack ads about Sestak’s military record.

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