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Friday, May 07, 2010

STILL Fiddling While Rome Burns??

Call me crazy, but I see a pattern here:

Though his agency was charged with coordinating the federal response to the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Department of the Interior chief of staff Tom Strickland was in the Grand Canyon with his wife last week participating in activities that included white-water rafting, ABC News has learned.

Other leaders of the Interior Department were focused on the Gulf, joined by other agencies and literally thousands of other employees. But Strickland’s participation in a trip that administration officials insisted was “work-focused” raised eyebrows among other Obama administration officials and even within even his own department, sources told ABC News.

Strickland, who also serves as Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks, was in the Grand Canyon with his wife Beth for a total of three days, including one day of rafting.

Obama’s top counterterror official kept skiing after Christmas bomb attempt

But the MSM insists this is not the Obamessiah's Katrina moment. Why? Because hundreds of poor, black Democrats aren't dying because of the actions of another dumb, black Democrat (the last time is was Mayor "Chocolate Town")!

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