2011 - The Year We Take Back Congress and Make Obama's Life Hell!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Obessesions of Obama

As Year 1 of the Obama administration comes to a close, it is becoming increasingly apparent (at least to people who actually THINK about our country) that this administration will be characterized by two things:

1 - Obama's singled-minded pursuit of a domestic agenda, at all costs, to transform America into a European-style pseudo-socialist state (at best) or a wholly-socialist state (at worst).

2 - The administration's obsession with avoiding ANYTHING that remotely resembles actions taken by the GW Bush administration, even if it may HELP a situation.

On article 1 - you know you have a problem when your military heads all but shame you into approving a troop increase as we shift our attention away from Iraq to Afghanistan. You know you have a problem when, on the cusp of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama stood idly by while young Iranians continue to speak out and struggle against a regime that threatens to destabilize not only the Middle East, but the nuclear world as we know it. And, you know you have a problem when a terrorist nearly succeeds in taking down a plane and destroying nearly 250 lives, and you stay and play in Hawai'i and your Homeland Security Advisor goes off for s CHRISTmas ski trip!

On article 2 - Two words from Obamaville: "Blame Bush." Two words back from the populace: "Grow a set!" Ignoring anything and everything "W" did right for this country, including the complete halt of terrorist attacks on US soil, weakens us and our standing in the world. Sure, "W" entered the White House with a Republican majority in both houses. So did Obama. The big difference? Bush was previously the governor of a large state and learned the art of the deal. Obama is a self-centered snob and former community organizer, surrounded by sycophants who either follow his lie of "hope and change" or live in fear of Rahm Emmanuel's dirty tricks. He's using his veto-proof majority not to help America grow, but to ram his ideology down our throats. No deals, no art, just ugly divisiveness.

Gentle readers, November is closer than we know! Tea Partyists, Conservatives, and Republicans of every stripe have the chance to stop the insanity and right this ship we call "America" before it carreens off course for good. Our Founding Fathers put aside differences against a British tyrant, we must also do the same!!


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