2011 - The Year We Take Back Congress and Make Obama's Life Hell!

Friday, January 01, 2010

As A New Decade Dawns,...

I won't clog the blog with resolutions and achievement milestones - I'll complete whatever the Good Lord wants me to.

Instead, let's start this decade anew with a few pointers to steer us in the "right" direction:

1 - Stop adopting the policies of Truman/JFK-like Democrats.
It doesn't make you "centrists," and it only makes you right-wing only by default when
compared to the current batch of Socialists driving us to oblivion.
2 - While you're at it:
Rectify your issues with conservatives and Tea Partyists in time to put the brakes
on Obama's Socialist agenda. You've got less than 11 months to get your s**t together!
3 - Obama - Grow a Set!
You've been President for nearly a year now! Quit blaming everything on Bush. And admit
it already - we're at war with an ideology that hates us. Making nice-nice doesn't make it
better - large Daisy Cutters do. Remember, the last president to ignore this poking and
prodding terrorism (coincidentally, another Democrat) led this nation to the biggest knee to
the balls since Pearl Harbor!
4 - While you're asking Michelle to engage in testicular production:
STOP APOLOGIZING for being the leader of the greatest country on this planet!!! We beat
the Germans fair and square. We beat the Japanese fair and square. We stared down the
Berlin Wall by setting the better example. In fact, everywhere we've established democracy
has been at peace, not just with us but each other.

OK, America: the Bitter One has spoken! You have your marching orders! Just. Do. It!



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