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Monday, December 14, 2009

Wither the ACLU?

The Revs (Jesse and Al) also silent on this one:

More than 100 people rallied yesterday in support of Asian students beaten at South Philadelphia High School earlier this month.

Students and community members of all races gathered at the Arch Street United Methodist Church to tell the roughly 30 Asian students attacked during and after school that they applauded their bravery.

The event was held by Asian Americans United to "show the students they are not alone and that there is a broad community of people who care about them and all of the students at the school," according to organizers.

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At 10:39 AM, Blogger Realist said...

Thank you B.A. for posting this hate crime. It appears that it is a one way street when it comes to racism. There is no national coverage, no NAACP, no ACLU, no Jesse Jackson, no AL Sharpton, little or no action by the mayor or school district, and no threat of a Civil Rights suit yet.

The incidents have already cost the school district for the installation of 65 CCTV to watch the animals and when the Federal Civil Rights Suit comes all of PA taxpayers will be paying to settle it.


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