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Saturday, December 05, 2009

My Kind of Game!!

PITTSBURGH (AP) -- Tony Pike's 29-yard touchdown pass to Armon Binns with 33 seconds left finished No. 5 Cincinnati's comeback from a 21-point deficit, and the Bearcats beat No. 14 Pittsburgh 45-44 on Saturday to secure a BCS berth and their second straight Big East title.

Mind you, I didn't have any skin in this game. I don't really have any favorites at the college level.

But this was just good, old-fashioned college football: two working-class teams duke-ing it out in the cold, muddy, snow. The end was gut-wrenching! Hopes were dashing and elevated simultaneously in one swift kick.

And it involved two teams that aren't part of the self-important appointed elite of the Division 1-A (yeah,..gotta love that well-played Texas-Nebraska game! I thought Fat Andy Reid had clock management issues!)

Oh, well,..now we get inundated with a seemingly endless parade of "bowl" games full of 6-6 wannabees! You know, once upon a time, 6-6 got you a pat on the back and a "better luck next year!" WTF? But that's a rant for another upcoming day!

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