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Sunday, November 15, 2009

How Did THIS Get Past the MSM Censors??

Who needs Glenn Beck? Score a victory for the media-infiltrating right:

There's a lot to love about ABC's remake of "V," from the re-emergence of everyone's favorite "Firefly" companion (Morena Baccarin) to the amped-up special effects, but the show's political underpinnings seem designed to appeal to a pretty specific crowd.

Like its "Beastmaster"-aided predecessor, this "V" also contains heavy doses of political allegory, but in the original, the villains were analogous to the Nazis. Although ABC downplays the connections, in this update, the alien visitors share a lot in common with the Obama administration. Many town hall protesters might ask what the difference is.

Check out the parallels between the new "V" series and a right-wing fever dream, and see an extended preview of the first episode.

1. The aliens come to Earth using Obama-campaign watchwords hope and change, and offer the most literal form of universal health care. Aided by a complicit news media, they assuage rabid protesters through a sweet-talking figurehead. Skeptics try to warn everyone of the impending danger, but nobody listens.

2. Of course, the most striking comparison is that, while many Obama opponents are sure he's concealing an alien birth certificate, the seemingly benevolent V's are pretending to be just like us, but (spoiler alert) are hiding lizardy evidence that they just aren't.

3. The whole thing could have been lifted from the minds of Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs.

Of course, the flip side to this is the possibility that, in macro, this is actually a satire of the anti-Obama hysteria that's filling Fox News' coffers. Either way, the new "V" is a great way to start a good argument while watching some cool sci-fi action.

UPDATE: The White House reacts to allegations of right-wing agenda in "V."

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At 8:18 AM, Blogger TRESTIN MEACHAM said...

I've been wanting to see this but we do not get it in Korea. Another good example is the last Batman movie. A lot of people have noticed a parallel. Batman having to take drastic actions is like George Bush. The Joker who can not be reasoned with is like Al-Qeada

At 9:53 PM, Blogger Lisa Mossie said...

I read on Big Hollywood last week that the right wing parallels are completely unintentional; that the show was written back in early 2007 by a guy who is a bleeding lefty in love now with Obama. So all that hopey changey stuff that is supposed to be so ominous OMPLETELY UNINTENTIONALLY resembles the Obama campaign. I'm not sure which scenario is more delicious, an intentional Obama dis, or an accidental Obama dis by a true believer. Nah, never mind. It's the second scenario.

I'm digging V so far, regardless. How bout you, Ed?


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