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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sticks and Stones May Break Our Bones,...

But World Championship rings make everything feel better,...

More Left Coast whining over last night's emasculating of the Dodgers:


I thought we were past this, but now we've got the Choking Dogs showing us a new trick, rolling over and playing dead.

The Phillies have the momentum, the home-field advantage for the clincher, last year's World Series MVP Cole Hamels on the mound, and Cliff Lee ready to go next if needed.

OK, so things are looking a bit bleak.

"They'll show up," Manager Joe Torre countered, and if he's talking about George Sherrill and Jonathan Broxton, forget it, the Dodgers are goners.

The Dodgers had only one chance to win this series, get the most from their second-rate starters, stay close and then mow down the Phillies in the late innings with Sherrill and Broxton.


Halloween, as well as the two days that follow, would have been World Series Games 3, 4 and 5 played in Dodger Stadium.

You get this far with the best record in the National League, the home-field advantage and now everyone in the country has good reason to be ticked.

As you know, Fox will be broadcasting the World Series and it likes to put the camera on the face of every single fan sitting in the stands, these fans as ugly as any in the country.

Nowhere in America are people more angry than those living here. During Game 3 they had their humorless furry mascot put on boxing gloves and take on someone who was supposed to be an L.A. fan, sunglasses, cellphone and all.

The furry mascot punched him out, much to the delight of the folks here who love a dash of violence with their sports entertainment.

During Game 4 the furry mascot took a small Dodgers blue helmet, placed it on the ground and then pulverized it, much to the delight of the locals. Same tired skits, by the way, they employed a year ago. (And we beat your sorry, granola-fed asses a year ago, too!)

But this is considered entertainment here, the only bright spot if they draw the Yankees now, getting a look in the mirror at fans who might remind them of themselves.


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