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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What Planet is LA On??

The LA Times helps draw the line in the sand between liberals and conservatives:

Rice is a liberal multilateralist, and Bolton, who spent a tumultuous year at the U.N. before resigning when it became clear that he wouldn't be confirmed by the Senate in 2006, is a conservative unilateralist. She would be warmly welcomed in New York if confirmed, and would be in a strong position to rebuild the bridges burned by Bolton, which current Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad has had a tough time doing, given that he represents a deeply discredited, lame-duck administration.

Bolton's appointment was President Bush's way of thumbing his nose at the U.N. The ambassador's bullying, arrogant approach rendered him ineffective as a diplomat, but it did please a conservative wing of the Republican Party that has long despised the U.N. in the same way, and for many of the same reasons, it despises big government: It's bureaucratic, slow and rarely gets much done. Yet it's also utterly indispensable. Warts and all, it is the world's only meaningful bulwark against nuclear proliferation, human-rights violations, genocide and wars of conquest .

The TrekMedic is ROFLHAO:

What genocides has the Untied Nations stopped recently? Srebrenica,Bosnia?

Rwanda? Darfur??

"Wars of conquest?" Yeah, I seem to remember soemthing about those faggotty-blue helmets getting between the Russians and the Georgians earlier this year,...oh, wait,..that was all the Jagermeister I drank one night and the result of the ensuing hallucinations the drink causes!

Hmmmph! And the MSM paints conservatives as "out of touch" with reality?


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