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Friday, November 21, 2008

Goode Job, Wilson!

Proof of the effects of one-party rule again:

Ronald Donatucci, the register of wills, was the first city elected official yesterday to take a cue from Mayor Nutter and cut his $112,233 annual salary by 5 percent.
It's unclear how many other elected officials will follow suit. In interviews, most said they had not yet made that decision or settled on a precise amount.

"I think it would be very demoralizing if I need to cut employees or something and I don't give anything up," said Donatucci. "I think the mayor set the right example."

Nutter announced an array of grim budget cuts Thursday, from pool and library closures to a freeze in tax relief.

Nutter volunteered to give back 10 percent of his $186,044 salary - as did Chief of Staff Clay Armbrister, who is paid $198,500 - and demanded that his cabinet take at least 5 percent cuts. He also required all exempt employees to take five days of unpaid leave this year and next.

City Council President Anna C. Verna, through a spokesman, said Council would trim its budget 10 percent without cutting salaries. Donatucci said his total cuts were expected to be 6 or 7 percent.

"The City Council agreed to take a 10 percent cut, and we can do it without impacting elected officials' salaries," Verna said.

It's not clear whether Council members will follow Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr., who cut his staff salaries 5 percent. He has not yet decided about his paycheck.

Well,..it IS clear now,...

As Philadelphia City Council debates Mayor Nutter's proposed budget cuts, some council members are taking a look at their own books to find places to save money.

Council President Anna Verna says she will cut 10 percent of council's $17.8 million budget beginning January 1. She will also take a 5 percent pay cut off her $140,864 salary.

"I think it's a symbolic move," Verna said. "I think this crisis is very real."

So far, two other council members have formally notified Verna's office they will also take 5 percent pay cuts. Councilmen James Kenney and Frank DiCicco will give up $5,611 of their $112,233 salaries.

There are 17 representatives on City Council. Each member makes at least $112,233 and has access to a city-funded car. The Council President's office says only four council members currently do not use city cars: Kenney, DiCicco, Wilson Goode, Jr. and Bill Green.

It was Councilman DiCicco who first raised questions about city council's cost-saving measures Wednesday. He criticized Councilman Frank Rizzo for using a city car while asking all of his colleagues to cut $12,000 out of their individual budgets. DiCicco wanted to pool that money to pay for a study of Mayor Nutter's plan to close seven city fire companies.

DiCicco withdrew his request Thursday.

"There are some council members who don't have $12,000," DiCicco said. "They've exhausted – and they're entitled to exhaust – all their employee salary allotment."

As for taking a pay cut, DiCicco and Verna said that decision is up to each council member.

"I don't know what my other colleagues' expenses are at home. We all have different needs," DiCicco said.

"I think we should do what we can to help in this time," Councilwoman Donna Miller told CBS 3.

But Miller says she does not know if she will take a cut.

Councilman Wilson Goode, Jr. is not taking a pay cut but is cutting the salaries of his staff 5 percent.

Goode declined an on-camera comment.

The TrekMedic snarkily adds:

City Hall rumors abound that Goode's aide, Latrice Walker, commented by drawing another grammatically-incorrect remark about how much of a skinflint her boss is.

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At 1:26 PM, Blogger Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Good on Goode! He's raping the taxpayers AND his employees. What a guy.


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