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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Another Dose of Philliness

In the City of Brothers,...I mean, Brotherly Love, where does one begin?

Dose 1 - In Philly, we can't properly define ethnic violence. It appears that African-Americans aren't capable of such crimes, yet they exist -


A 13-YEAR-OLD Liberian boy walking home from school is jumped by thugs and beaten nearly to death. A 16-year-old from Guinea is stabbed in the chest and left permanently impaired.

And a Baptist church that's home to West African immigrants is riddled with gunfire.

These cases, all in Southwest Philadelphia, were among the evidence considered yesterday by the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission of a pattern of violence against immigrants here.

J. Whyatt Mondesire, head of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP and a member of the Human Relations Commission, said he thought the attack was part of a pattern of harassment against African immigrants in Southwest Philadelphia.

The TrekMedic opines:
If someone like me, a right-minded Caucasian, and a few of my buddies decided to beat an African immigrant about the head until his IQ dropped to Mayor Street's level, simply because his accent and mannerisms were odd, there would be no Human Relations hearings! Instead, a bunch of knuckle-dragging baboons who declare themselves the self-appointed "leaders of the community" would recreate the scene from Frankenstein where the villagers pillaged the castle!

Dose 2 - Philadelphians are murdering each other at a record pace! As I write this, 371 people have been murdered in the City. Ronnie Polanezcky at the Daily Fishwrapper wonders why here:

SO WHAT'S causing the spike in the city's murder rate this year?

I could ask the experts for you. But I doubt their answers would be any more insightful than the heaping of truth served up yesterday at the VIP Salon on North Broad Street.

I stopped by to get reaction to the fact that another three bodies had been carted off to the morgue after another night of deadly mayhem in Philadelphia.

Usually, you get this many alpha females in one room, there's bound to be disagreements. But the women at VIP were interrupting each other to agree. And to add nuance to the argument.

"You've got kids having kids, and they've got nothing to teach them," said assistant stylist Shaquanda Carter. "They don't know how to teach their children to settle arguments. They settle fights with guns."

The head bobbing that ensued created more wind than a Conair blow-dryer.

TrekMedic opines again:
The highlighted comment leadds to Dose #3.

Dose 3 -
Susan Snyder of the Inkwaster makes this excellent point about our City's school system:

When he saw two female students ignoring a school police officer's command to stop, South Philadelphia High School principal Kevin King took off in fast pursuit.

"If she asks you to stop, you stop!" King admonished when he caught up with the girls, both 15, a couple floors below.

He directed the girls to a nearby classroom, where they joined others nabbed in a midday crackdown on what seems to be the course of choice for some students: "hall-walking."

Educators say that hall-walking - avoiding class and wandering around the building - is disrupting education at the city's largest schools, eating away at morale, and leading to a deterioration in student behavior.

The TrekMedic bloviates:
A bit of disclosure about the TrekMedic: I am the product of 16 years of private, Catholic school education. Whether it was the Sisters of St. Joseph or the Christian Brothers, if I sassed off a school official like those two idiots did, the principal would have back-handed me, knocking out half of my teeth. Then, I would have been sent home to my parents with a letter explaining the dental work, thus allowing them (parents - plural!) to finish the job!

As Philadelphia charges towards a record-setting murder rate, the problem rests squarely on the desk of Mayor Street's ineffectual lapdog, Police Commisioner Sylvester Johnson. The problem, commish, isn't guns, so stop reciting - verbatim - the DNC's anti-gun talking points! That argument is bulls**t and you know it!

Crime is rampant because there's no one to start cracking down and start cracking skulls in this City! Someone needs to start enforcing some discipline with these animals and since the families, or lack thereof, won't do it, let the police set the example! (Forget a lack of a nuclear family, that's an argument for another day, and just points out the DNC's lack of any commitment to bringing stability to the inner city (not unlike the DNC's plan for Iraq, but I digress).

And furthermore, commish, the plan needs to be city-wide, not some half-assed program like "Operation Safe Streets." All that did was make life safer in Kensington, K&A and Frankford and push these animals to set up shop elsewhere.

And all along, the murder rate continues,....


At 11:22 AM, Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Corporal punishment works ... Screw Dr Spock.

At 6:29 PM, Blogger kateykakes said...

I know this is mean, but if the druggies want to off themselves and up the body count, that's one less crack-addicted/heroin-hooked freak on the street.


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