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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sambo Redux

It wasn't enough that black Democrats harrassed black Republicans, now comes this horror story:

Posted on Thu, Nov. 03, 2005

Residents say beating fits widespread pattern

By Robert Moran, Gaiutra Bahadur and Susan Snyder
Inquirer Staff Writers

The vicious beating of a 13-year-old Liberian boy in Southwest Philadelphia this week has exposed a larger problem of animosity between African Americans and African immigrants, according to community members and school officials.

Police reported no arrests yesterday in the beating of Jacob Gray and were reluctant to label the incident a hate crime, but members of a Liberian community that has grown along Woodland Avenue say the attack fits a widespread pattern.


Kamara said some African Americans perceive the growing African-born community as a threat.

(snip) TrekMedic opines: And that would force the existing "black community" to face the reality that they are puppets to professional protesters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Orabella Richards, a Liberian businesswoman who instructs African American health-care workers on how to deal with African immigrants, said there is often friction between the two groups.

"There's anger about African immigrants coming here and doing so well," she said. "You see them fixing up their houses, buying cars."

Dixon Koffa Daye, 40, who opened a restaurant on Woodland recently, said he sometimes senses the resentment. "We came here to seek refuge," he said. "Us being here, some people take it as an insult."

The tensions escalate when children become involved, Richards said.


"The worst of all is if you're good in class," said Varney Kanneh, 47, a host on WSKR-FM (97.7) from Liberia, who alleged that some of his children had been harassed and attacked in Philadelphia public schools.

"The immigrants make some of the African American students look bad," Kanneh said, "and they don't want to look bad."


"The kids talk about being called African chimps, African monkeys, sometimes being told to go back to Africa,"


Many families have pulled their children out of the Philadelphia school system as a result of the animosity, said Sam Slewion, a city social worker and a leader of the Liberian Association of Pennsylvania.

TrekMedic's Musings:

I see a trend here that I've been posting about recently (HERE) and (HERE).

Imagine, if you can, roving bands of white children beating black children to within an inch of their lives, calling them names, and generally harrasing them?

How long would that continue before cries of "racism!" echoed across Philadelphia?

How long before the ACLU and the federal government stepped in?

What makes this any different? What makes the idiocy of what happened in Maryland any different?

The phone lines are open,.....

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