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Monday, December 06, 2010

Democrats and Demagogues,....

As you can tell from yesterday's post, I've been otherwise occupied and therefore I haven't kept up with my favorite comic book, the Philadelphia Weakly, so I apparently missed another puff (-puff-pass) piece on Mayor Michael "Squidward" Nutter.

So, imagine reading the following op-ed reply from one of the PW's Mensa members: "Not voting for Nutter is pretty much a vote for the Republican. Do you think a Republican is going to do any better? (Take a look at the governor of New Jersey.)"

Yeah,...because the recent track record of the urban/Democrat/labor union gestalt is such a winner!

Let's look at that now-Republican led State of New Jersey: Under DEMOCRAT Governor Jon Corzine, the Jersey populace was taxed until stones bled! And of course REPUBLICAN Governor Chris Christie is so unpopular with the media. He dared,..DARED to flip a labor union, namely the NJSEA, the bird for turning out more McDonald's burger flippers than college-primed leaders.

And how about DEMOCRAT-led Newark, NJ? One-half of the police force laid off before CHRISTmas?? Fire companies closed or transferred to "as needed" status??

Or even better, DEMOCRAT-led Camden? Christ on a crutch, the state practically owns the city! I guess a big fish tank and a baseball team one step above amateurs doesn't generate enough revenue to pay for every citizen's meals AND keep them simultaneously safe?

While we're at it, let's go large and look across the mighty Delaware River at Philadelphia: Mayor Nutter has a city with THREE major sports franchises, all perpetually competitive and two having reached their respective "big shows" in recent years; the city has world-class hospitals and universities (and THEIR top-notch sports programs); it has, or had, pre-recession, a thriving restaurant trade; Philadelphia has a world-class art museum and science center. Yet, despite all of this tax-generating potential, we have a part-time fire department leaving citizen after citizen dead from house fires, a police force rife with corruption, a DEMOCRAT-led school district making up the rules as it goes along and the city on the verge of economic collapse; not unlike the rest of Pennsylvania under DEMOCRAT and champion free food finder Ed Rendell!

Yeah,...God forbid we NOT vote for Democrats and let the Republicans back in charge. If that happens, we might have (gasp!) something called prosperity (if you're an average graduate of an urban school district, look the word up).


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