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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Yet, More Liberal Obliviousness,....

Don't you hate it when the shoe ends up on the other foot??

By Steve Volk
Posted on 10/29/10

Back in September, the Inky questioned whether Fox 29 news had begun crossing the line from reporting into editorializing, citing a story in which a reporter called Governor Rendell “an apologist” for Housing Authority boss Carl Greene. Fox 29 news director Kingsley Smith defended what he called an increase in reporterly pushback at the station. But given Fox 29’s right-leaning parent company, some — including Mayor Nutter’s then-press secretary, Doug Oliver — wondered if it was just old-fashioned bias.

 Oh, my!  Fox decides to engage in some good, old-fashioned muck-raking journalism and their prime targets (Nutter, the DRPA, City Council) happen to be knee-deep in muck?  Imagine that!  Maybe if the media in Philly and THEIR left-leaning parent companies would stop giving Democrats in the Delaware Valley a free pass, we might see some actual "change" around here!

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